Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 1

Episode 1
Divine protection of many Gods


Hibiki Jinno was just an average high school student. His grades were average.

Jinno suddenly felt very dizzy on his usual way home. In one moment he felt so dizzy that he closed his eyes momentarily, but when he opened them he was in an unfamiliar world. With just a glance he knew immediately that this is a different world. First, there were two suns in the sky. Looking around he noticed that there were lizard looking people and people with animal ears walking around and talking.

“Where am I, did I fall a sleep?”

When Jinno surveyed his surroundings, he noticed that the roads, floors, and building were all made out of stone. This looked just like a medieval fantasy to him.

“Hey, you! Get outta my way.”


There seems to have been a horse drawn carriage behind Jinno, it could no longer proceed on its way since he was blocking their path.

“I…I’m sorry. I’ll move out of the way.”

Although I was feeling flustered, I immediately moved out of the way.

“Seriously, what a country hick!”

The driver of the carriage starts leaving, but not before he makes a snorting sounds, and drives off. I could only stare at it as it drove off.

“Where on Earth am I?”

Almost answering his own question, he noticed that his clothes matched those around him.

“What are these strange clothes?”

In one word, they looked like adventure’s clothing. Like the ones in a videogame. Looking carefully he noticed a sword on his waist. On the other side of his waist, he noticed a small leather bag containing 20 small coins. Perhaps this is the currency of this world.

“First of all I’m not penniless yet, but what will I do inorder to survive now.”


Note from Translator

Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully the translations didn’t give you too much of a headache. Also think of this as a early New Year’s Eve Present from me to you the readers!


12 thoughts on “Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 1”

  1. Somehow I like this novel. With how “suddenly everything happen with no explanation or event that lead to it”. Thanks for the chapter.


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