Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 2

Episode 2

One week has passed since I have come to this world. Initially I thought this was a dream, but apparently it isn’t. I have come to understand one thing in th<is one week. The name of the town I am currently staying is called Bureto located on the Angel continent.

T/N: I suck at names like I previously mentioned, so if anyone can come up with something better here you go: “アンゲル大陸のブレトという街だという事”

I now know the value of the coins in my leather bag. And I have now become an Adventurer.

The town of Bureto seems to be a walled in city, with a large stone wall spanning the outer circumference of the town. There is a town roughly in the center of the Angel continent, that has the same name, also located in the Angel Kingdom. The coins that they use goes as follows: Copper coin, Large copper coin, Silver coin, Large Silver coin, Gold coin, and Large Gold coin. By the way 1 copper coin is equivalent to 1 Gal, and 1 large copper coin is equivalent to 10 Gal. Here’s a list of what I found in the leather pouch on my hip:

6 copper coins

8 large copper coins

3 Silver coins

1 Large Silver coin

3 Gold coins

This was a total of 31, 386 Garu. After living here for one week, I can only infer that 1 Garu= 100 Yen. If I was to convert all of that into Japanese Yen I would have roughly 3 million yen, in my leather skin bag. Scary.

T/N: I Don’t know why the currency is called Gal, or even if its a correct TL. So if anyone would like to enlighten me, be my guest.

The present cost of living is alright, but I have zero income, and if this keeps up, all of my funds will in turn reach 0. Looking for a new source of income I found the job of an 『Adventurer』would be a good source of income for myself. An 『Adventurer』is an occupation that handles or completes job assigned to them from a guild. Obviously they do monster subjugations, but that isn’t everything that they do, sometimes they have to help out in construction projects, or even look after public work projects. Moreover, when you register at the Adventurers guild they will ensure that the request are legit. When I went to register, I noticed that this is an entirely different world than what I was used to.

First of all, in this world 『Occupational category job』exists.

When I went to register, I registered as a『Swordsman』. Apparently this was determined inherently.

It’s possible to change the job category I have even though it’s determined at birth, but that would take a long time.

Also in this world there are those who are deemed 『Sub-human』, they’re called Demi-humans, and they belong to the non-human tribes.

The best surprise I had in the week was that I obtained『Divine Protection』. This was surprisingly confirmed when I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to register. I think this was a present from a God. It looks like very few people receive『Divine Protection』as a gift. Also those who have『Divine Protection』seem to have their abilities improved in certain areas. On the guild card that I have received, it is written 『Divine Protection』as a general term, but only those who posses the ability truly know what it means. Even though I have『Divine Protection』, I wonder what it is….


Hibiki Jinno       Lv. 1 Swordsman        16 years old

Physical Strength  300(+100)

Muscle Strength     75(+25)

Agility                   75(+25)

Intelligence            150(+40)

Luck                      225(+75)

[The Divine Protection of the Battle God] Rise status of combat job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target   Party

[The Divine Protection of Wisdom God]   Rise status of magic job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of carpenter God] Rise status of production workers (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of Healing God] Rise status of sacred job (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[Divine protection of judgement(Appraisal) God] Able to check the status of anything.  Target:    Myself

[Divine protection of a trade(Merchant) God]  Effect: Makes trading advantageous.  Target:  Myself

[Divine protection of light]  Effect: Cures all abnormal status effects. Target:   Who I designate


Wow, I feel like a cheat character. When I check their parameter status like muscle strength and agility, there seem to all have a “+” added to them. I don’t understand their original abilities, but I do know that they are in numerical values that can rise. For now there doesn’t seem to be any other threatening parties in the town’s vicinity.


20 thoughts on “Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 2”

  1. Really? Now that’s some cheating gift. Anyway you should know any person willing to translate something interesting from ncode.syosetu.com are considered heroes/gods and so on. So thank you that I have another translator to follow.


    1. No problem dude, just happened upon this gem earlier today! My OCD compelled me to start TL’ing this, thankfully the chapters are relatively short. That could be a good or bad thing depending on where you stand, but for now its a plus for everyone.


    1. of course he got cheat… he is summoned to be either yuusha or maou after all… though he didn’t take either and go with the monster harem route :v


  2. The town is called Brett, most likely, in the country of Angel. Bureto might as well be pronounced ‘Breto’ and they’d typically use ‘to’ for something with a silent ending in English. Brett also sounds more like a word that fits with Angel.


    1. yes and also no, ‘Breto’ would be the closest eng(or Bret) TL since since brett would use a sokuon but the raw didn’t use a sokoun so ‘Brett’ isn’t the proper TL


  3. first thanks for translating
    second, that is some really good cheat character,+1/3 boost on every stats, can boost his party and even cure all abnornaml status


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