Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 3

Episode 3

On my way back from the guild, there was a large crowd of people forming on the main street.

“Today for our last merchandise we have a girl from the Tiger-beast people. For this fellow I’m willing to sell her for 2 measly gold coins!”

Looks like a slave dealer. He seems to be respected by those around him, since he sells good slaves. Therefore if I want to purchase a slave I need to be rich or a noble? Nobles don’t live around here, yet most of the building on the main street are big, plus the Adventurer’s Guild is nearby. This is probably the way this guy does business, aiming at these type of people.

It’s really getting noisy around here. Let’s see 2 gold coins is roughly 2 million yen. That’s a lot of money for just a slave, considering it’s relatively cheap to live freely. It’s 1/10 of the market price if I make a bad purchase.

“This kind of this is insignificant?”

“This fellow, has『Curse』Possession.”

After hearing that most of the surrounding people lose interest and leave, only leaving one person remaining, the slave dealer.

“Ahh! It’s okay to be around her, because i’m around her and I’m fine!”

“ This isn’t a joke! Who in their right minds buys a slave that has『Curse』Possession!”

If『Divine protection』is a god’s present, then『Curse』 is said to be perverseness present from a malevolent deity. Its effect varies just as『Divine protection. However unlike『Divine protection, the person with『Curse』doesn’t even know what the effects are.

The biggest difference between my [Divine protection] and [Curse] is that [Curse] can spread to other people. Therefore a [Curse] is widely disliked. There are a lot of things you can [Curse] in this world. For example if an item dropped from a treasure chest in a dungeon was [Cursed], then it is said that the higher a level demon there is the most likely they applied the [Curse] on the item(s) then.

However, there are only a few things that can maintain a  [Cursed] status for a long period of time. In those cases, the church can perform [Dispel Curse], in order to get rid of the status. The church supports excellent adventurers, since it’s against the church’s doctrine to have monsters and demons dwelling in dungeons.

Although the dispatch of priests are being carried out in every Adventurer’s Guild is a timely manner, the true purpose of this was to get income from the occasional adventurer in need of a priest’s help. God’s clergyman “healers” can use recovery magic, and other abnormal recovery magics, in addition to [Dispel Curse]. Therefore is there is at-least one healer in a part, their survivability rates dramatically increases. For an adventurer, someone with [Healing Priest] as their [job category] is someone you want very badly. And when adventurers get or come into contact with a [Curse] that they don’t know about, they employ a [Priest]. And that’s how the church makes money off adventurers. Being a priest in an adventures party is only like a part-time job when earning money, because every time adventurers need a [Priest] they have to go to a church to get one. And when they go to a church they give an [Offering] as well. Therefore a person who has received a [Curse] from a monster or dungeon, get the [Curse] quickly dispelled. Even at the minimum an adventurer can get their [Curse] dispelled when they’re returning to a town.

T/N: I know you might get a little confused here don’t worry, all it really says is that there are certain priest within a church that can do more than an average one, which makes them highly sought after.

However, not all “Curse spells” can be removed. For example if you were born with a [Curse] congenitally, that [Curse] effect seems to be so strong that even when a priest uses [Dispel Curse] it doesn’t work at all. In other words it’s highly likely that this female of the Tiger Beast-man was born with this [Curse] status, then that would mean the [Curse] strength in her would be very strong. Suddenly the [Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God] activates as I look in the eyes of the female Tiger Beast-man. It displays her status.


Aria       Lvl.4        Age: 15

Physical Strength   250(-250)

Muscle Strength     80(-80)

Agility                   155(-155)

Intelligence            40(-40)

Luck                      0(-80)

『Curse of restraint』Causes the target to have zero luck, and reduces all stats to zero.

T/N: After translating most of Ch.4 I made and error with the curse. The number in front of the parenthesis’s is half of the original, and then it’s subtracted from it again, hence the number in the parenthesis. If you still don’t get it just be on the look out for Ch. 4 then, because that should clear this mess up. 


Wow that’s an incredible curse that halves the persons stats. Aria you may have noticed by now that I have been staring at your absentminded face for a while now. Yes, she’s a pretty girl. The bright color of her short hair, made her look cute, although it was a little dirty. Excellent female figure. Its the kind of body that instantly draws in your attention.

“Damn it I thought so! If it comes down to it I’ll just throw her in a dungeon until she dies”

I have to say that sounds quite dangerous. Perhaps I should think about buying her, and bringing her with me into dungeons. However, why would the slave dealer try and sell someone who has the [Curse] status. I think he half expected this sort of thing to happen.

“Just a moment?”

“Oi, you want to buy this girl?”

The slave dealer answered a little desperately. I wonder if he has given up on selling her.

“I think depending on a condition.”

“Really! you want to buy this girl?”

The male slave dealer’s eye widened with excitement.

“Why do you want to buy this girl with a [Curse] status even though no one else will?”

“Well, is there a rule stating that you can buy something that a slave dealer is selling.”

“Is there such a rule?”

“Indeed, It has been determined that slave trading is legal in this country. I was just wondering since I want to know as much as possible about this [Curse]

Since in this country its not required to state if someone has a [Curse], since there is no way of managing it. To do so one would have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild and get it registered just like my [Divine Protection] gift.

“This girl was treated as a good-for-nothing in her village. Even her strength for a Tiger Beast-man is weak.”

Aria put her head down. Its seem likes its fatal for a Tiger Beast-man to be weak. Nobody seemed to want to take care of her in her village, after her parents died. Therefore, is seems like they sold her into slavery. However I question that. Her Agility seems higher than me, and she’s level. 4 even if her stats have been reduced by the curse, she’s still very impressive.

“Tentatively, I can do the dishes and house cleaning. But as for my combat abilities they’re very weak, even though I’m from the Tiger Beast-man tribe.”

“I see but what about the price?”

T/N: Just buy her already you imbecile. What more do you need? A divine message from one of the Gods that protect you?

I have full intentions of purchasing Aria, but not at full price. The amount of cash I have on hand is kind of low, so I would like to haggle the price down a bit. The present attitude of the slave dealer tells me he would have to sell her right away, but would he give me her at a discount.

When I first came into this world I was by myself, which made me slightly nervous at first. I want someone else to rely on. In addition, I would like to try it. Aria started at me regrettably, while the slave dealer gave a big nod.

“This child is hopeless, if I don’t sell her now I would be at a loss, what if I sold her for 15,000 Gal.”

Now that’s cheap. I wonder if the [Divine protection of the Trade(Merchant) God] kicked in?

“I see. That’s a fair price.”

I took out 2 gold coins from my leather skin bag.

“Oh, aha!”

The slave dealer quickly took the 2 gold coins and gave me back large silver coins and silver coins.

“Look here, that man is your master.”

While saying that he pushed Aria’s back bringing her closer to me, while the slave dealer began to leave.

“Ah, thank you master.”

Aria stopped several steps from my side, and thanked me like this. When I thought about it after a while, I realized that Aria was staring at me.

“In addition to I hope you treat me well Aria. Is it always this open in this area. However a very good guy owns a merchant trading office, you may visit it if you would like, but my shop Kyaruto Company is located near the east gate of the city.”

T/N: I probably got the name of the store wrong, so don’t hold it against me.

“I understand.”

Ever since the slave dealer sold Aria, ha has begun cleaning up his street stall cheerfully.

“Well then, we should go.”

I decided to lead Aria to the usual Inn by pulling her hand along with me.

“Oh, okay.”

Aria seems to be nervous, although I am not particularly used to women. However, I stretched my back, stood up straight, and began to walked with dignity as her master should.

T/N: This chapter certainly had a lot more to translate, than the previous two. Phew! at-least it’s done, right?


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    1. Fuck readers’ ease! Convert it to yen totally will lose the flavour of the story that way. PLease keep it original with a TL Foot Note each time. I know it’s a pain to translator, but it’s really better that way.


  1. Thanks for the great chapter!
    At least the main protagonist is not buying her for impure reasons but cuz he understands what’s it like to be alone. Keep up the great work.


  2. 15,000 Gal … ahahhh now that’s cheap??????
    are you serious? that’s 1 gold and a half (1,5 million yen) i.e nearly half of his money
    why does he pay so much while none wants to buy?


    1. He would have bought her even at 2 gold price anyway, so having a 25% discount is definitely good. The merchant himself was already selling her at low price since she’s [Cursed], so he’s guaranteed to make a profit once he cured her, be it by gaining a companion or reselling to someone else.

      Besides, he can always make more money.


  3. hello this sentence does not make sense in the conest “Why do you want to buy this girl with a [Curse] status even though no one else will?” sould be why are you selling

    “Well, is there a rule stating that you can buy something that a slave dealer is selling.”

    “Is there such a rule?”


  4. Just to mention: the girl’s name is given in the raws as A-I-RA, which matches the “Ayla” of Undecent rather than your “Aria” (you may be mixing her up with a lot of Arias from other series). At most, it would be “Aira”.


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