Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 4

Episode 4

When I returned to the usual Inn, I asked them to change it to a double room. Switching rooms went smoothly, since there was almost no luggage. Well, seeing as how I bought Aria on impulse, she has almost nothing in this room for her. For the time being I should talk to Aria, in order to get to know her better.

“I’m Jinno. I’m an adventurer. Please take care of me.”

“Ah, okay. Thank you.”

Aria then bowed before me.

“Ah, err…I’m possessed by a [Curse], but master is an adventurer?”

Aria seemed worried about this. Well, in some cases adventurers are in a life or death situation, and it would seem impossible to team up with someone who has a [Curse] when they themselves don’t even know the effects of it. Naturally they would feel like they would be forced to search dungeons or forests by themselves.

“That would be correct. You’ll help me search (explore) Aria. Of course there is no need to worry Aria, because we will explore together safely.”

“Oh, thank you!”

That was an exaggerated bow. I see that her tail is vigorously wagging, as her head is still lowered.

“Well then, please look after me.”

While looking at her I thought of something.

“Aria come here.”

When I called Aria over, she cautiously approached me. Hmmm, I wonder why she’s weary of me.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything harmful to you, just come here.”

“O, Okay.”

I place my hand on her shoulder and consciously try and activate [Divine protection of Light].

Then just for a moment the entire room was covered in a blinding light, before everything went back to normal again.

Feeling optimistic I check Arias status.


Aria       Lvl.4        Age: 15

Physical Strength   750(+250)

Muscle Strength     240(+80)

Agility                   465(+155)

Intelligence            120(+40)

Luck                      120(+80)

『Divine Protection of God of Battle (War) Follower』Status rise of effect combat capabilities.  Target: Self


I see that [Curse] is now gone, but it was replaced by [Divine Protection of God of Battle (War) Follower] increasing her stats. Isn’t this girl like absurdly strong.

“What was that light just now?” (Aria)

Aria tried to ask me hurriedly.

“I just removed your curse.”

I answered her almost as if it were nothing.

“Eh!, you could do that?”

After all those who are born with a [Curse] know that it can’t be removed, but with [Divine protection of Light] it allows me to cure any abnormal statuses/effects.

“It’s because of one of my『Divine Protection』abilities.”

In this world having a『Divine Protection』ability is extremely valuable. Even so the only person who know the full extent of the『Divine Protection』ability is the one who received it.

T/N: Lol didn’t you just look at Aria’s 『Divine Protection』ability just a moment ago?

For example, even if you traveled to the guild to register, and were able to slay 10 monsters, even if you surprised everyone and collected the animal’s items, all you would have to say is you used [Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God] to aide you. With just that everyone will be satisfied, and no longer ask you questions.

“I have a『Divine Protection』ability.”

“Th, That’s  very impressive. You’re the first person I have ever met with a『Divine Protection』ability.”

“That’s because I don’t want everyone to know I have one, so please keep it a secret that I was able to remove your [Curse].

“Okay! But did my [Curse] really just disappear like that?”

“Thank you being understanding. And if you really don’t believe me, we’ll go the the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow so you can see for yourself.”

[Divine Protection] as well as [Curse] are written on my card. This is probably because [Divine Protection] affects my surroundings, which could prove to be a bad thing of course.

“I, I never meant to doubt master, but….” (Aria)

“Even If I suddenly told you your [Curse] had finally disappeared just like that instantly, obviously you would have your own doubts. But I don’t mind it because tomorrow when you get your Adventurers Card you’ll see for yourself.”

“Oo, okay then.”

“Since I just bought you Aria on a whim, I’ll now have to buy you your own equipment and household necessities.”

“Ehh? What do you mean you had no intention of buying me at first now master, didn’t you by me because you needed a slave?”

After-all someone doesn’t just buy slaves on impulse.

“Ah, That’s because I thought you were pretty, so I decided to buy you.”

I spoke truthfully, I didn’t tell any lies. Even if she still remains curious about whether her [Curse] is actually gone or not, it’s gone and that is an undeniable fact.

“Ahhh. You think I’m cute”

Aria put her hand on her check, she was hot red and intensely blushing. I guess she can make cute gestures to. Unconsciously I held her close to me, and sat down on the bed with her. I wont do anything else for now…I’ll wait patiently for the time to come.

T/N: I like where this is going. You know what they say the more beautiful a lilly is the more you want to corrupt it….or is that just me… *Goes to a corner*

Aria seems to have a very modest character. I wonder if its because she had a [Curse] for such a long time. Excluding the fact her parents died, I don’t think she’s changed very much.

“I’m glad that a very gentle master bought me.”

When she said that I panicked because tears started to form in her eyes. Oh dear I’m just a plain adventurer, that bought a cheap slave, so what is this feeling I’m having right now. It looks like she was worried that she would have been used as a disposable meat shield. Holding Aria close to me, I begin to fall into our embrace.

“The necessities are clothes?  I don’t know much about Tiger Beast-People, so do you have any preferences?”

I asked Aria this question while I stroked the backside of her tiger ears. I thought Tiger Beast-Man were similar to tigers in which they eat raw meat, this apparently doesn’t seem to be the case. Aria still seems to be a little nervous, every now and then she looks up and me, only to quickly push her head back into my chest out of sheer embarrassment.

“Will I be wearing a collar, master?”

She murmured that with a bright red face. Don’t talk about such hobbies. I was taken back slightly, so I’ll ask again.


“Yes, because beast slaves are obligated to wear collars.”

“Well…I wonder if this is unavoidable or an obligation, besides?”

I see. I don’t know if this is a wonderful hobby, or if it’s a duty to follow it no matter what.

“I think its the same everywhere for all slaves.”

“Even if I wanted you to wear a collar, where would I get one. Do they sell them in as tailor’s shop?”

I stroked Aria’s tail as she listened. As i carefully stroke her tail from its base to the tip, I can feel Aria’s body shudder with excitement. I did this while thinking of the cat at my parents house that loved to be patted here.

“Yeah, I think they sell them. Or you can buy one at and equipment store.”

“Is a collar sold at an equipment shop, because they treat it likes an accessory?”

“Yeah, they treat it as equipment for your head.”

“Then, I’ll by a collar at an equipment shop tomorrow.”

“Okay, thank you.”

My hands throughout this conversation did not stop stroking Aria’s ears and tail. Aria’s eyes moistened a bit, but she entrusted her body to me. It seems that some『Accessory Equipment』is made from collecting materials from the monsters you have captured or slain. Because of magic, [Accessories] are able to fit almost anyone’s body-type without any alterations. They’re usually more durable and sharper than most armors and weapons.

In addition to that you can only put one [Accessory] to each part of the body. You’re can wear accessories that don’t match on different parts on your body without having any consequences. Let’s say if you put on a ring, then you can’t wear anymore rings, but bracelets and earrings are fine. Whether it’s realistic or made up fantasy I’m not to sure of either. If you’re wearing a collar you wouldn’t be allowed to wear any other head accessory equipment at all, and that’s why it’s best not to wear weak accessories. Today I was able to eat dinner, take a bath, and sleep in the same bed as Aria. Aria was cute even as she laid in bed. I truly made a good investment.


Note from Translator

Hope you enjoyed read chapter 4. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of this book so far, and as point out any mistakes you see that I may have made as well. Other than that hope you enjoy the New Year to the fullest!


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  1. “Then, I’ll by a collar at an equipment shop tomorrow.”
    should be
    “Then, I’ll buy a collar at an equipment shop tomorrow.”

    You’re can wear accessories that don’t match on different parts on your body without having any consequences
    should be
    You can wear accessories that don’t match on different parts on your body without having any consequences

    and thanks for the translation 🙂


  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    Also regarding the main character knowing about Aria newly acquired Divine Protection ability that is most likely possible because he has [Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God].

    Another reason could be that Aria got the Divine Protection for being in his party –> [Divine Protection of God of Battle (War) Follower].

    The main character got the original ability [The Divine Protection of the Battle God] –> Rise status of combat job (large), Impossible to overlap, Target: Party – so all his party members with a combat job should receive the follower protection.

    The same goes with [The Divine Protection of Wisdom God] for any party member with a magic related job.
    So if he gets a mage on his team that mage should receive [The Divine Protection of Wisdom God – Follower].

    Party members with jobs in production, e.g. smiths or craftsmen should receive the follower version of [The Divine protection of carpenter God] while party members with sacred professions such as priests would receive the follower version of [The Divine protection of Healing God].

    Since all follower versions originate from the main character´s Divine Protections it´d be reasonable if he could see them even without [Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God].


    Btw. the part “impossible to overlap” probably means that each party member can only receive one follower version of the divine protection.
    So in case their jobs can be accosiated with 2 different attributes they´d only receive the bonus for the main attribute they focus on.

    A job with 2 attributes could for example be something like “Battle Monk” – if it exists in that world.
    As “monks” they´d be considered to have a “sacred job” but because of their fixation on “battle” they can also be counted as “combat job”.

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    1. umm yes you’re right but a little correction would be rather than a job system it’s more like a title system since hero, maou and maid is under the same system of the ‘job’ so even the job’s attribute is something mysterious… for example would be rather that production class maid’s ‘job’ is considered a sacred job (lol) and obtained [The Divine protection of Healing God]


    2. A correction, a few of his abilities don’t stack with his party. If I remember right its only the healing and appraisal abilities, but they say that they’re only for self and don’t extend to the party


  3. What is it with the japanese and slaves in this kind of story? You think coming from our world you would find slavery abhorrent, let alone engage in it.


  4. You know what they say the more beautiful a lilly is the more you want to corrupt it….or is that just me…
    It may or may not just be you… I dont feel the same way… No! Really!!! …STOP JUDGING ME!!!!! (Goes to weep in the corner)


  5. Well he moves rather fast. Though I doubt I could refrain from feeling the ears and tail or nuzzling into the fur myself.


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