Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 6

Takami no Kago Episode 6

In a forest, approximately 15 minute walk away from the city of Bureto. This is the place where the Sharp Wolves from the subjugation quest live. That being said, monster typically attack people who enter this forest. Even now I had to deal with monster.


Aria slashes at the slime with her sword, thus cutting the slime in two.

“Good job.”

As I was congratulating Aria, she picked up [Liver of Slime], which probably was the slimes item drop.

“Right, thank you.”

“That fight went well.”

Even now as monsters try attacking us, Aria cutts them all down with a single strike.

“These monsters a definitely weaker than the ones attacking my village. It still builds character.”

Aria replied happily. Its probably because Aria was already very strong.

“I see. But don’t let your guard down even if you see a Sharp Wolf.”

“Yeah, I heard Sharp Wolves are very fast, and their offensive power isn’t one to joke with either. But I also heard slime and worm monsters are the weakest.”

Aria searches her surroundings with diligence. Aria notices that there isn’t another living creatures presence in our vicinity. It would be in our best interest to check our current traveling status.

“But, my body feels very light. Back in my village when I fought a slime, my breathing became very ragged.”

“Well, I did remove your [Curse].”

“Is that so?”

I thought so,  Aria did not know the true nature of her [Curse] after all.

Aria’s curse caused all of her stats to decrease.

Now that her [Curse] has been removed, and her stats have improved thanks to her [Divine Ability]. No wonder her body feels different, since it’s no longer being restricted.

“My [Curse] was really removed.”

“You still don’t believe me?”

“No, master wouldn’t tell me lies. However, I’ve always had this [Curse] since I was born…”

It’s true she was born with the [Curse], and had to live with it for more than 10 years. And I’m the guy who told her just yesterday that her [Curse] was removed. Obviously that would sound like a suspicious story. At-least Aria’s faith in me has gradually risen.

“But I’m convinced now. Master is a wonderful person after all.”

Ara, Aria looking at me beaming with respect. I think I just won over her trust.

“For now let’s head a little deeper into the forest. Aria tell me if you see any creature movements.”

“I certainly will.”

“There’s something over there.”

Aria replied as we continued to advance, now more slowly than before.

“What is it? A monster?”

“I don’t know. But there are signs of a living creature here.”

I understood what she meant, so we proceeded with extreme caution. There was something off about this place.

“What’s that?”

Looks like there’s a liquid coming out like spring water, but it’s definitely not water. The thick liquid gathered in a pool.

“Its a [Slime Fountain]. This is the first time I’ve seen one.”

“Slime Fountain?”

Aria replies like a parrot.

“They say [Slime Fountains] appear in dark forests with excess magic power.”

The [Slime Fountain] keeps producing slime as its name states. And other monsters obtain magic powers from eating it. The cells of a monster start to rapidly change, once they’re infused with magic. In other words the [Slime Fountain produces slime, other monster eat the slime and are baited into eating from the fountain, and get magic in the process.

“That means monsters gather around [Slime Fountains].”

“So an adventure has to have confidence in themselves, because many end up stalking this [Slime Fountains] waiting for monster to appear.”

“Does that mean there are others here besides us?”

“No, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around us. It’s either that or this spring was made recently, so no one has found it yet.”

“Indeed, so if we wait here does that mean Sharp Wolves will appear too.”

“Yes, because Sharp Wolves are also monsters that eat slimes.”

Speak of the devil a Sharp Wolf has appeared, just after I finished talking.

A Sharp Wolf, just like its name suggests, it has very quick and sharp moments. In comparison this Sharp Wolf is about two sizes larger than an average one, a single attack from it is comparable to that of a bears. In fact these guys often attack in packs just like regular wolves. Therefore, a Sharp Wolf is often referred to as a the 『Rookie Killer』.


The Sharp Wolf’s growl quickly shut me and Aria up, but we noticed it had 17 health. Usually in less than a week a rookie adventurer would’ve been killed. After all there are very few cases where a novice adventurer challenges a pack of [Sharp Wolves]. It’s common sense to form a party, and hunt them when your party has greater numbers. However, in this case just with two people would be insane.


And like that Jinno killed the nearest [Sharp Wolf], in one attack still raising his voice. Aria’s speed greatly surpassed that of the [Sharp Wolf]. Both of them possessed strength that defied common sense. By overwhelming the [Sharp Wolfs] with their superior stats, Jinno and Aria were able to make quick work of their numbers.

“Good, we defeated them all.”

I said that as I defeated the [Sharp Wolfs] leader, laying his body down.

“Yes, I was able to handle the other [Sharp Wolfs] as well. They were a little fast, but I’m alright.”

Aria answered as she collected the [Sharp Wolfs] dropped items, the [Sharp Wolfs Fang]. With this fight Jinno was convinced. Aria is considerably strong.

“I don’t think the [Sharp Wolfs] were much of a threat at all.”

“That’s because you’re insanely strong Aria.”

Without any hesitation, she is definitely strong! I ignore my own faults and evaluate Aria.

“We completed the monster subjugation request right, since it only asked us to kill 10.”

“Let’s get a few more, I still want to fight.”

“I understand. Let’s continue hunting until sunset.”

Today we continued fighting monsters looking for more [Sharp Wolfs] until we were exhausted, but still continued to mow down other monsters in our path. After getting our money from the guild, we went back to the Inn to confirm whether our statuses had risen.


Hibiki Jinno    Lv.6

Swordsman   age: 16

Endurance:             450(+150)

Strength:                 90(+30)

Agility:                   90(+30)

Intelligence:            203(+68)

Luck:                      375(+125)

[The Divine Protection of the Battle God] Rise status of combat job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target   Party

[The Divine Protection of Wisdom God]   Rise status of magic job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of Carpenter God] Rise status of production workers (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of Healing God] Rise status of sacred job (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God] Able to check the status of anything.  Target:    Myself

[Divine protection of Trade(Merchant) God]  Effect: Makes trading advantageous.  Target:  Myself

[Divine protection of Light]  Effect: Cures all abnormal status effects. Target:   Who I designate


Aria       Lvl.5

Warrior  Age:15

Endurance:             840(+280)

Strength:                 252(+84)

Agility:                   483(+161)

Intelligence:            132(+44)

Luck:                     132(+44)

『Divine Protection of God of Battle (War) Follower』Rise status of combat capabilities [Large].  Target: Self



20 thoughts on “Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 6”

  1. Thanks for the translation! I’m loving this. Also When you said the wolf had 17 health; is that a typo? Because it seems pretty low for the supposed fearsome monster.


  2. That curse removal ability is too Overpowered. In term of game, it allow to buy cheap cursed item and fix that into normal or great quality item. In term of companion you can fix their abnormal status on the field without returning to cure.


    1. The curse removal is a super rare ability, so I wouldn’t pick at that part too much.

      On the other hand, I agree with regards to the MCs stats being underpowered. What’s with that Strength and Agility? His Intelligence isn’t even really that overwhelmingly high compared to hers…

      Perhaps the author is trying to balance his stats against his Divine Protection abilities, but to me it is still a little disappointing.


  3. What is Jinno’s first stat that has no name? Or is that some typo?
    And what is the difference between Physical and Muscle strength?
    Also Jinno’s stats are surprisingly low compared to Aria.


  4. stats for MC are wrong.
    Swordsman age: 16
    Physical Strength: 450(+150)
    Muscle Strength: 90(+30)
    Agility: 90(+30)
    Intelligence: 203(+68)
    Luck: 375(+125)

    this 375 should probably go to muscle strength (you should check the raws).

    also you should consider changing name for stats. physical strength should probably be either HP or vitality or endurance, and muscle strength should just be strength


  5. The Sharp Wolf’s growl quickly shut me and Aria up, but we noticed it had 17 health,,,
    it is contain 17 body
    um my english not very good
    it’s should mean the group contain 17 body
    i think


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