Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 9

Takami no Kago Episode 9

TL note: The dialogue and some of the translations in here are a bit rough, so please forgive me for that. I did the best with what the MT gave me. Other than that Enjoy!

The next day, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild receptionist desk to confirm that I will accept the previous request, but found a strange guy. He kept walking back and forth between the request board and the receptionist desk, he also wore a slightly dirty robe that hid his face.

“Who is that person?”

After staring at this person for a while, I decided to look at their status.


Emily [emī]  Lvl. 3  Alchemist  Age: 14

Endurance: 200

Strength: 35

Agility: 45

Intelligence: 90

Luck: 75

『Curse of Production Obstruction(or)Inhibition』

Effect: A curse is applied to the things produced from this individual.

Target: Herself (Manufacturing)


Ara, it’s a 『Curse』.

However the job category of an Alchemist is rarely seen in the Adventurers Guild. An Alchemist is a type of job that allows them to create anything. Alchemist can make necessary [Potions] which every adventurer needs whether its to cure an abnormal state or a buff, and it’s possible for them to create accessories with special effects. Alchemists can’t make weapons or armors because that is the job of a『Blacksmith master』or just old plain             『Blacksmith』. Alchemists are able to give weapons and armors special effects after they have been made. Needless to say, the effects you get are only slightly better than the ones you already get if they were made by a 『Blacksmith master』.

“However, having a [Curse] that affects production quality seems to be fatal.”

Initially an Alchemist is not a combat related job, but since that curse affects their livelihood it would help explain why they’re currently at the Adventurers Guild. But then again those with a [Curse] are rarely seen at an Adventurer’s Guild.

“Excuse me, are you an adventurer?”

“Indeed I am. Are you different?”

Emily seemed to be surprised by my response. I don’t know why she thought I wasn’t an adventurer.

“If you end up exhibiting such strange behavior in the Adventurer’s Guild, one would think you’re a suspicious person.”

“But, might you perhaps be an adventurer from another town.”

“I don’t look like an Adventurer since I came from another city. With that being said I probably look like a rookie adventurer.”

Usually adventurers start “adventuring” in the place they were born in. They do this on purpose because they usually don’t get any benefits starting out in another town anyways. Also if they do their adventuring near the town they were born in most of the monsters have already been seen or heard of at least. Then in order to test their skills when they become full fledged adventurers they go to other towns and try their luck. In other words the person in front of me can’t be an adventurer from somewhere else. I decided to talk to Emily, while thinking that it has only been about 1 month since I became an adventurer.

“Oh is that so. Well I’m not technically an adventurer yet since I haven’t finished my registration yet.”

“Really? If that’s the case then you can go register yourself at the receptionist desk, because you won’t be able to choose a request until you join.”

I feel like an annoying person trying to tell her what to do.

“Thank you very much. Where is the registration desk ?”

“Over there by the receptionist desk.”

I pointed over to the counter where Lily was at.

“You’ll need to pay 10 Gale [Yen] for the registration fee, so be prepared to do so.”

“But I don’t have any money!”

Wait a minute, what kind of country-bumpkin sheltered female are you. Wait, isn’t it rude for me a person from a different world to think like this ?

“You only have to pay for the registration fee. There is no end to the people who end up registering half-heartedly, even the guild card isn’t free.”

I think that it’s a fair price to only pay 10 yen for both registering and getting a guild card. But if you want to get your card reissued it will cost 100 yen(Gale).

“It can’t be. Even with all the money I have on me I only have 10 yen(Gale).”

Don’t junior high school students carry roughly 1,000 yen on hand.

“Well, you could give up on a request if you find it impossible to complete.”

“I, I absolutely need the money!”

“How much?”

“…15 Gold coins.”

“Well, that’s impossible. As far as I know the only way you could get 15 gold coins fast will have to be if you were able to complete a dragon subjugation, since that is the only request with 15 gold coins as the reward.”

“I heard that Adventurers could earn money. Its okay if I don’t earn all of the money at once!”

This girl, dreams of being an adventurer.

“Even if you compare the earnings of first-rate adventurers to average ones, they certainly make more. But, that isn’t the only reason they earn that much money.”

Even though I have just started adventuring, my body still aches from it. The most I can make a day even with my “cheat” abilities is about 1 gold.

“B,but, I know I will.”

“Well, in the case of killing monsters, its feasible if you claim the reward and sell off any loot you gain from killing them.”

But I think 15 gold is too much.

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

Emily turns and walks toward the receptionist desk looking uneasy. Is she alright ?

“This might sound unreasonable. I won’t be back here for about 10 days due to work, when I do come back I would like to make arrangements with you.”

I faced her, and waved my hand towards Emily where she lowered her head, and I left the Adventurer’s guild. I’ll be leaving for Wereo village tomorrow. It is necessary to begin making preparations. I already made previous arrangements with Aria, in order to hasten our travelling.



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  1. The next day, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild receptionist desk to confirm that I will accept the previous request, but found a strange [guy](–>girl). [He](–>She) kept walking back and forth between the request board and the receptionist desk, [he](–>She) also wore a slightly dirty robe that hid [his] face.

    “Who is that person?”

    After staring at this person for a while, I decided to look at [their](–>her) status.


    It’s a girl, right?


    1. She is a girl but the main character doesn´t know that yet. So using “strange guy” and “he” is correct.
      The MC only finds out that that strange person is a girl after using his judgement ability to see her stats.


  2. Thanks for the new chapter!
    Kinda an uneventful chapter expect the intro of another female character. I hope there will be action soon.
    Keep up the awesome work.


  3. A big thank you goes out to everyone who commented, liked, and or followed this WordPress. Seriously I smile almost everything my phone goes off saying someone did one the following.

    Also over the next 2 weeks I’ll get a few days off from school so that means more time to TL, lucky for you guys!

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  4. Thanks for your hard work

    Waiting for the next chapters

    Pd: Can someone tell me if in the future chapters the MC get a dragon girl, a vampire, mermaid or kitsune (for me the best monster girls)?


      1. spoiler alert…. yes he did get all of them except the kitsune… and i said get not have since some of his ‘family’ hasn’t been ‘tamed’ by him :v



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  6. Well this is a really old TL but ill still comment anyway…

    IMO, its better to use the “local currency” stated by author-san rather than use yen because they dont use yen at all…
    And just use Crest as is insyead of Kuresto. Its a complicated and awkward to read too many translations of the same thing. And for the curse of Emily, be descisive whether it is obstruction or inhibition since they almost mean the same thing…. just sayin’ and thanks for the TL. Im just rereading after all


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