Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 10

Takami no Kago Episode 10

*100% completed*

In the morning of the next day, Mr. Kuresuto and a woman who already finished the traveling preparations were waiting for me in an open space close to the east gate of the meeting place.

“Good morning. I’m sorry to have kept you all waiting.”

Since we decided that we would leave in the morning, we just didn’t set an exact time. In the first place owning a watch is very expensive, so only rich nobles and merchants can afford one. Mr. Kuresuto looked over at me and smiled before he was about to say something.

“Don’t worry about it, we only arrived a short while ago. It’’s not a problem. Thank you in advance from today onwards.”

“Likewise, Thank you as well.”

“So, she’ll be the guide from this point on. ”

“Hello my name is Poroia [ポーロイアです].”

“Hi, I’m an adventurer. My best regards. And this is Aria another member of my party.”

“My best regards.”
-TL: I think this is Aria who said this, since there was no subject specifically mentioned, and she was mentioned in the previous line.

Aria quickly finished her greeting in a few words. It seems that her communication with others is still a bit weak. It seems that she seems comfortable with talking to me and Lily. After all she would seems a little tense when meeting someone else for the first time.

“So will we be leaving now? Yeah, I already have the carriage waiting for us outside of the East Gate.”

Looking at the carriage by the East Gate, it seems that there is no one in the driver’s seat. It seems that Mr. Kuresuto himself will be driving us.

“Doing business in Wereo Village has to be done directly and I can’t bring that many people with me.”
-TL: This dialogue confused the hell out of me?

[Jade Fabric] tends to generate tons of wealth. That’s why he is trying to limit the information surrounding it. We’ll probably be have to be very careful even after the request is finished. I still think that it’s very mysterious how all of the previous people to do this ended up dying.

“Why did you make a request such as this so last minute. Why did you want to employ us adventurers who have very little experience act as you gaurds.”

I try questioning Mr. Kuresuto a little bit.

“Hmm. Because unlike the people before you I can trust you.”

“Why would you say something like that?”

“Merchant’s intuition. If I had to say something, its because I don’t feel your desire in having the [Jade Fabric] from you as much as the others. Normally such a narrow minded person is only thinking about making short-term profits. But I have already confirmed your intelligence just from talking to you.”

“I will try to fulfill your expectations of me.”

Its not that I particularly want to have the [Jade Fabric]. I thought about what he said about me as the type of person who doesn’t really care about the value of it. I think its probably due to my nature. After a while we were finally out of the city, and currently heading towards the forest Aria and I always go to. As we slowly approached the familiar forest Aria opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

“Master, it appears that someone is being attacked by monsters ahead.”

It makes sense that there would be monsters in this forest. I don’t know if the person being attacked is a merchant or a traveler. I should probably inform Mr. Kuresoto about this and see what he was to say.

“It looks like it can’t be helped. Im sorry about this but I’m going to fight that monster.”

“Are you sure?”

I usually wouldn’t put myself in harms way just to help someone else being attacked. Considering I was requested by the Adventurer’s Guild to be this merchants bodyguard it can’t be helped.

“I think this would be a perfect opportunity to see the extent of your abilities. Of Course I will give you an additional reward if you battle it.”

“Fine. Aria do you know the number of opponents we’ll be facing?”

“There are most likely 5 of them.”

“Alright then, if thats the case you should guard the carriage then. I’ll come back when I’m finished with them.”


I walked forward alone leaving guarding the carriage to Aria. The horse drawn-carriage greatly reduced its speed. Leaving the number of people guarding the carriage dropped to zero would seem unacceptable. Aria should be able to tell if the course of the battle changes to my disadvantage, and only then would she step in to help. I discovered the group of monsters around what I presume is an abandoned carriage.
Goblin Lv.4
Standard variation

Its a [Goblin]. It seems that the things that attacked that person were these fellows. There was equipment scattered everywhere in tatters. It looks like he is a situation where he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to being surrounded by 5 goblins. Is that a woman I see. Their skin color was green and stood about 120cm in height. They have a tattered cloth around their waists. It looks like that’s the standard for them. In this fantasy world I would compare them to slimes. Goblins are by no means strong monsters. If someone fought them alone they would probably win, even if they weren’t adventurers. However Goblins are not monster to be reckoned with. That’s because they’re almost never alone, they fight with elementary strategies such as decoy and pincer attack while fighting as a group. In addition they tend to prefer human females over their very own females of the same race. Their gestation is extremely quick, as well as their fast growth. It takes them roughly 2 weeks to reach adulthood. Meanwhile, I proceeded to cut down one goblin from its backside, since it’s a monster disliked most by the female adventurers.


There were three left after my surprise attack. Of course I don’t stay in one place after being detected. The second goblin charges at me from its previous position. I cut off one his arms as he charged at me, and then avoided the rest of his attack by quickly maneuvering my body in time to doge. Now there are only two left. Now the fight is two against two, although it would be cruel if they attacked the female near me. Immediately the Goblins who were taken back by my surprise attack quickly try to recover themselves.

“Aria now!”
-TL: Where did she come from? I thought she was guarding the carriage, unless I miss translated that part?

I quickly look behind the goblins. The two quickly look behind themselves. I can’t overlook such an opportunity. I quickly seized my sword with both hands, as I quickly stepped forward, and sweaped my sword from one side to the other, ending up decapitating both of their heads at once. One can force their way through a fight relying on stats alone, but I used my experience from fighting monsters in the forest. Using a feit as an attack is very effective for monsters that have the same level of intelligence of Goblins. I could have fought a little better if Aria was here and we worked together instead.

“Are you okay?”
“Y, Yes. Thank you for saving me from them. Wait, Its you!?”

“Um? Do I know you from somewhere, oh you’re that female in the Adventurer’s Guild from yesterday.”

Whoops, I remember that it’s the mysterious alchemist I checked that stats of.  But this is an unnecessary thing to say so i’ll withhold that piece of information.

“Ah, yes. I remember you now.”

“Its probably because you’re a cute girl. But didn’t I remind you to be careful last time?”

Emily tried to explain while her face became extremely red.

“You, you think I’m cute!? Oh, I am sorry. I absolutely needed the money…”

“For the time being do you want to head back to your wagon.”

Just as I was talking to her the wagon I’m being paid to guard pulls up.

“Are you alright master?”

“Yeah, there were five goblins. Aria you were right.”

Aira’s ability to accurately detect and predict roughly the number of enemies is amazing. Oh but, there are a few marginal errors in the identifying the exact number, though she wasn’t able to detect if it was a human, demon, or another beastman. It still is very beneficial when you’re searching in the woods.

“I dealt with the 5 goblins easily. I used my experience and abilities.”

Kuresuto looked very impressed as I spoke.

“I was only able to make a surprise attack, since she was being attacked by them.”

I tried telling them about what happened in as much detail as possible.


Poroia seems to be worried about Emily since she was attacked and is a female as well.

“Ah, err… I’m fine. Thank you for having you help me.”

Emily bowed her head slightly as she spoke.

“This far is good enough. I will be alright…”

She began to head back into town after she finished talking. Surely Emily will be able to make it back into town after only an hour of walking since she didn’t get any major injuries from the attack. It will talk her 15 minutes to get out of this dangerous forest. After all this is supposed to be a highway even in the forest or out of it monster rarely appear let alone attack people. I was able to confirm the short sword Emily was using crumbled into pieces.  It looks like Emily was not accustomed to fighting with a sword. Since walking alone without a sword is rather dangerous, I gave her one of my spare swords instead. She still wouldn’t readily accept it without some persuasion.

“I don’t need it you should keep it.”

“Then this is a loan, Swords are very expendable so you don’t need to necessarily return it. You can give me something else in return. I’m an adventurer. I usually head to the Guild just about everyday. Contact me when you’re ready to repay your debt to me.”

In the long-run gain favor with an alchemist goes a long way.

“Yes, sir. I’ll return it without failure.”

Emily says that as she heads back into town.

“Then, shall we continue our departure?

The carriage began to move due to Mr. Kuresuto’s command.


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    1. the sentence you couldn’t translete. if you look at next sentence it should be something like:

      “this far is good enough. i will be alright.”

      (sorry, i am not fluent in english, not to mention japanese)

      thx 4 chap
      i started to read google trans, coz story look good


    1. The part where it says “My best regards” is not Aria but rather the woman leading them, Poroia.

      It seems that when introduced Poroia spoke towards Aria first as in the next few lines it says that she is not fluent in the polite ways of speaking. I think. I may be wrong.


      1. So he isn’t dead? That is good. Simply most of the pages there got their comments disabled and i had no idea what happened.


  1. “We’ll probably be have to be very careful even after the request is finished.” instead, get rid of first “be”
    “Why did you make a request such as this so last minute. Why did you want to employ us adventurers who have very little experience act as you gaurds.” add question marks at the end of each one?
    sweaped my sword -> swept my sword
    Using a feit as an attack-> Using a feint as an attack
    It will talk her 15 minutes-> It will take her…
    These are just some of the errors I noticed, no need to pay any attention, just being a grammar nazi >.< Thanks a lot for the translation, good work and keep it up. 😀


  2. Your first point of confusion is that the merchant is explaining why there are few people on the journey, presumably because he noticed the protag was wondering about it.

    The second point about calling Aria was as the distraction tactic as he looked behind the goblins which made them follow the gaxe too. He actually mentions it after the fact.


  3. I first read the 85% Version and the last line I read was:

    The carriage began to move due to Mr. Kuresuto’s command.

    And it’s still the same. So where are the remaining 15%? Would benice of you to reply to me.

    P.S. Thanks for your work, good Job!


  4. The raw in syosetsu.com latest chapter is ch168 and it hasn’t been updated since June last year. I wonder if the author update them somewhere else. Can anyone confirm this?


  5. Ok, there’s a quite a lot of inconsistencies with the raws after I read them (was confused). I don’t like doing this because TLs put quite a bit of work into it and it makes me feel like an ass, but I’m going do it to clear things up for anyone wondering where the extra goblin went.

    Just after the explanation about how goblins only take 2 weeks to grow to adulthood after being born.

    With a slash from behind, I cut down the goblin, the monster which female adventures hate the most.

    Finally, the other goblin notices me, but it’s too late. My sword draws a straight line as it cuts through another goblin without resistance and dispatches it.
    Note:He cuts down two goblins before fighting the other three, that’s where the missing goblin went.

    “Danger/Watch out!!” (You get the point)

    The 3 goblins that were left charged at me from behind while stabbing with their weapons. Of course I had noticed, and did not stay in the same position. (I TL very literally, pretty much means dodged).

    They pushed past, to where the two goblins from before were.
    Note: The two dead goblins)

    Missing their attack, the goblins’ posture broke down. Of course I’m not going to overlook such an opening and cut down another one of the goblins.

    With this there’s 2 left. Though on paper it’s 2 on 2, it would be bad for the girl that was just attacked to fight again.

    Battle potential can’t be just counted with numbers. The goblins that were shocked by the surprise attack earlier had already recovered and were waiting for me to move.

    . . . This took around 20 minutes to do, so yeah you can see how much effort that goes into TLing =/. Apologies to the TL if you think I overstepped, but the fight was a bit too confusing.


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