Prologue 1- My Hope That Was Crushed

*Major typo every time you see my type the word warehouse person the MC name is actually Hasebe Kurando I was TL the kanji and not his name my bad.

Oh yeah this was the surprise I was talking about during my announcement post/rant…

1- My hope that was captured

Behind Sakuragaoka High School, a Janitor, Hasebe Kurando, three teachers, and tens of students, were gathered during a campus festival, were all suddenly summoned.

In an instant, the world was covered in a bright light entirely.

Immediately after the bright explosive flash, everyone felt as if they were floating.

In the next moment that previous feeling of floating disappeared.

Even the blinding light that attacked everyone’s eyes faded away.

After feeling a sense of relief the warehouse worker slowly raised his eyelids. The students began talking amongst themselves, as the three teachers were shaking trying to calm themselves. Strained voices full of confusion and tension gradually raised their concerns.

Where are we?

Why are we in such a place?

When will we be able to go back?

【People tossed about interstice of the world】

Something that sounded like a voice resounded in my head.

It was calm and mysterious. It even quieted down the previously lost and confused teachers and students.

【Unfortunately, you all have been summoned. 】

I was able to understand what it said. Even though I heard what it said, I couldn’t understand the meaning behind it.

【In another world different from this one, it is written that someone inexperienced overflowing with talent, gambled with summoning heroes to their world actually succeeded in doing so 】

【I can’t prevent them from summoning you all, since the Earth is no longer under my management, also I don’t have any control over the world you all are being summoned to either】

【Now then, since you are all traveling between worlds due to a summoning, I can’t really intervene at all, since the whole thing is pretty ambiguous】

Teachers tried to further raise their voice of concern, but were interrupted.

【After this the world you are all going to be going to is not entire controlled by humans like on Earth. There are unimaginable amounts of danger lurking everywhere】

Everyone felt as if there was something in their throats hindering them from making any sort of noise. Just like when you were a small child, being scolded by your mother for misbehaving.

【I don’t know anything about that world’s language, it doesn’t have any military power either, none of you possess magic, you all will be hopelessly powerless 】

The voice unexpectedly softened.

【Throwing you into such a place I can’t bear it.Therefore I will grant minimum power to you all. First, you will be able to adjust to that world’s language 】

Everyone began to glow in a blue hue.

【Then, I will grant you the power to protect yourselves and your friends 】

A mass of light began to shine in front of everyone, then slowly began to take the shape of a sword.

Everyone naturally reached out and grabbed the one in front of them.

【Then, go, my children. I hope at the very least you all will remain healthy】

My child? Without any time to think about what I heard, everyone’s body began to shine bright. It almost feels like we were being pulled somewhere. It was at that time. The sword was taken away from the hand of the warehouse official. And without even blinking a person disappeared while running. The back of a first year…. I didn’t even know his name. I only managed to remember his face somehow. He was unyielding and very high spirited. It was rumored that he was the President’s son. I remember hearing about it because it was the talk among all of the teachers. Otherwise, I might have not remembered his face either.

【Foolish. Now everyone before you head off I wish you peace of mind.】

While listening to the overpowering voice, my eyes made contact with the gym teacher some distance away, surprisingly he looked like he was happy and giving off a wryly smile, just as he disappeared. Similarly other students and teachers disappeared while having a similar appearance on their faces.

Sakuragaoka Senior High School, first-year students 25, second-year students 25, third-year students 25, 3 teachers, and 1 Janitor, 79 people in all were all summoned from Earth to another world.

【……  Ah, Pitiful children. I am deeply sorry.】

The warehouse person had not flown yet.

One person had been left behind in the  white space all alone.

【Since only one sword (power) exists per person, I cannot give you another one.】

TL Note: This paragraph gave me hell trying to decipher it 【一人につき一つしか存在しない剣(ちから)ゆえに、そなたに新しい剣(ちから)を与えることはできません。あちらの世界に降りたってしまえば、魂に定着してしまった力は取り返すこともできません。ここは全ての存在が曖昧になっていますから剣(ちから)を盗むなんてこともできましたが、本来の、存在の確たる世界ならば人が人の才能を奪うことができないように、剣(ちから)を盗むこともまたできません】anyone willing to give it a shot, be my guest.


I didn’t TL the last 5% of this chapter because it was really useless dialogue between the voice and the warehouse person trying to be compensated for his sword (power) which was “stolen” somehow. Eventually Hasebe Kurando gives up and is finally teleported with everyone else and end of chapter. I mean it was literally paragraphs of them going back and forth and decided it didn’t help with the story line and decided to axe it. Hope you guys don’t form an angry mob and try to burn me at the stake over this, hope you can understand and forgive me.


Again if anyone wants to check the raw and confirm the MC name that would be terrific, because I looked, and looked, and looked and didn’t find it. Knowing my luck it was probably right in front of my face and I failed to realize it.


24 thoughts on “Prologue 1- My Hope That Was Crushed”

  1. “…dialogue between the voice and the warehouse person trying to be compensated for his sword (power) which was “stolen” somehow.”

    The warehouse person that you mentioned is the janitor/MC right?

    Thanks for this interesting story (;


  2. that convo are actually more important than you think, without it… how should we know how it were stolen and so on.. or what happened to his power


    1. I looked through that conversation and the very same questions you just raised I thought about so I went ahead and checked… I found out that the voice just side stepped any and all questions regarding the matter.

      But then again If other people really wanted to read the last part, I could TL it and put it up for them.


  3. Raw gives the name of the MC 支部蔵人 as “Hasebe Kurando”, where 蔵人 is “Kurando”. It goes without saying that it would translate as a word as “branch section warehouse worker”, a very fitting name.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. [I don’t know anything about that world’s language, it doesn’t have any military power either, none of you possess magic, you all will be hopelessly powerless ]

    —> [ Not knowing anything about that world’s language nor possessing any military power, and none of you possess magic, you all will be hopelessly powerless ]

    […… Ah, Pitiful children. I am deeply sorry]

    —> [Ah,pitiful child. I am deeply sorry]

    I don’t actually know Japanese, but the above fits better with the context – is what I think. The god him/hersel must have known the language to be able to bestow it upon the class, and the only pitiful one here is the MC who got his power stolen.


  5. Couldn’t resist reading the raws.

    Technically the last 5% talks about how the MC has worked hard but failed his employment and therefore works as a janitor with low pay. With that in mind he doesn’t feel a sense of belonging and therefore wanted to leave the ‘summoned group’ asap once he reaches the other world.

    The [God] read his thoughts and decided he could change his summoning arrival point (since the god that manages that other world doesn’t seem to bother/not in a rush about exerting his influence on the MC for some reason. Everyone else has already arrived at the other world.)

    MC thinks a snow mountain or desert would be good, as he was born in a snow country. But it has to be a place with some human inhabitation in the area (or he’d probably die right away)
    -which leads to why he was in a snow mountain cave with items in the next chapter-

    Last sentence the [God] said was:
    Hate this ‘mother’ who cannot do anything. It may be an unreasonable world but do not curse it. Hoping that you don’t hate that other world, live and walk on a life full of happiness/fortune

    To the child that stole, my child is still my child. Wishing for the happiness of that child is a silly mother’s wish. However, whether the power that was robbed here would stabilise and be usable, I no longer know. It is said that luck and misfortune are like a closely interwoven rope but it could be said to be too cruel. Aah, I’m really a foolish mother. To wish happiness upon all my children.

    So yeah basically it doesn’t really progress the story but it does tell us why the MC ended up in the snowy mountains. Plus that little bit of [God] mumblings.

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  6. “I can only bestow the power of the sword once on each man, therefore, I cannot give you another. Once someone has left this place, I cannot return the power taken. In this place, the source of your power is ambiguous, thus the sword’s power can be stolen. Regretfully, now that it has left, I am unable to forge another.”

    That’s what I translated the paragraph as. Please note I’m very fast and loose with my translations.


  7. Some little shit grabs some other person magical sword but i find it odd that the little shit would grab a adults sword instead of the many children’s sword around him.


  8. I know I’m pretty late here but I just wanted to add my two cents about useless dialog that doesn’t add to plot. I agree that it doesn’t really add to the plot, but it can be really essential for readers to grasp the character of the character. In other words, a few sentences can let us know what kind of person this janitor is. Is he angry? Is he in despair? Depressed? What’s his outlook and expectations? The way he argues with the goddess can fill in some of these clues.

    And thanks for translations.


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