Chapter 1: Magical Beast

Chapter 1: Magical Beast

*Going with the original authors writing when talking about MC, BUT I will take a few liberties and changes things up if it sounds much better depending on the situation*

It has approximately been 550 days since I have been living in this cave. I’ve been staring at  the characters I carved out into a wall. It resembles snow leopard because of its white and black fur along its body. This magical beast already looks like the size of a snow leopard back on Earth, but I was amazed to learn it’s still far from its adult size. Staring at beast in front of me I poked its nose with my finger, to its dissatisfaction open its eyes and stared at me pouting. With a tail twice as long as its body, going pesi-pesi as it sways, against my body. Without looking back at me, it wound its tail around my neck, as I silently caressed the beast’s neck. Immediately the magical beast began to make a goro goro sound from it’s throat purring like a cat. Look at this, one would say that this was a ridiculous exchange, but to them it was usual. After their first encounter kurodo decided to name this magical beast, Yukishiro.

[TL Note: 雪白= Yukijiro which means snow white, and  ゆきしろと= Shiro which means snow water/ melt water. Actual name for the beast is 雪ゆきしろと in the raw for those of you wondering.]

Since it couldn’t be helped I had to stay inside the cave, kurodo did not have to think the present food problem, he had to think about preparing himself thoroughly. Being stranded isn’t as difficult as one would think unless I go outside, and it would be easy to imagine that the Japanese in this world since it was said that this place is more dangerous. Therefore, kurodo decided to dedicate himself to learning as many skills as he could from the magic textbook. I decided to practice magic along with physical exercise in order to improve my physical strength. After all, in the center, it is a magic technology, though, because the body does not seem to be able to do such a specialized thing. Then kurodo decided to reading the magic textbook as long as there was light peering into his cave, but once that light diminished he would then practice what he had read.


I fainted.

When I got up while feeling light sharp pain throughout my whole body, I passed out and entire day. I did not see my watch to confirm this. I retired myself to the depths of the cave slowly and fell to sleep while feeling sharp pains all throughout my body. Skimming through the lesson is quite dangerous. The next morning as soon as I woke up, I grabbed the textbook within my hand, while feeling the chilly air all around me. Not to mention the lesson I learned yesterday, I felt a sense of impending crisis, just as the cold encroached upon me. Taking out a piece of my ration bread, I looked at the book’s table of contents and preface chapter, kurodo read it from corner to corner, read it again, and again, then finally practiced it.

[TL NOTE: I wish this author would chill on the run-on sentences, and make it more clear as to first-person or third-person, when referring to the MC.]

[Small flame]

[TL NOTE: It said small fire, but thought small flame sounded better.]

This time I fainted with a headache.

The fainting and a sharp pain caused me to have a headache, the headache itself wasn’t the problem, kurodo felt fatigue and muscle pain from using magic without hesitation. As a result, I wasn’t able to clearly define my intentions for the chant, therefore I wasn’t able to control how I wanted to discharge the magic.

What if all the excess of a human’s life force was pooled together wouldn’t that be called magic power, but when you use it then its called magic. kurodo then inhaled a deep breath, almost as if he was drawing in the energy to maintain all life. His body that had felt a sense of crisis made them faint to it to intercept the supply of magic to the outside that kurodo had permitted compulsorily. Tricking his body into thinking it had an insufficient amount of lifeforce to maintain itself, his body began to increase the amount of lifeforce.

Kurodo felt invisible plankton like things greedily absorbing the surrounding magic power, suddenly feeling his own magic power rapidly rising to its peak, he fainted.

Kurodo quickly stands up. This time he felt slight back pain and a slight ringing in his ears. Looking at his wristwatch he noticed that this time not a whole day had passed, this time roughly only 3 hours had passed.

And again,

[Small crimson flame]

Around the same time I felt a pang in my heart, I fainted. However, I continued this 10 more times, each recurring time the duration of my fainting kept getting shorter, I then dug a small hole in the middle of the room, making a makeshift hearth, in the middle of the heart was a small fist sized red flame burning proudly. It’s concretization of the lowest-class fire spirit, and it’s an almost commonplace occurrence, that a resident of this world uses for their cooking. Kurodo learned from this experience that magical spirits manifest themselves as natural phenomenons in this world as long as you provide them with enough magical power. Kurodo who finally succeeded with his first magical chant, began to immerse himself in more magic related things.

I got up in the morning and looked outside for a change of pace, then I began to continue practicing magic, and fainting. While Kurodo spent everyday practicing, without him realizing it the snowstorm outside already ended. It was around this time the scratches on the wall he used to count days reached 180 in total. Kurodo then destroyed the soil covering the entrance to his cave like usual before a meal. After having succeeding in manifesting an earth spirit, he was able to repair the wall before retiring for the night now much easier than before. It was the only thing he could summon with his current understanding of magic.The morning light made its way across the sky marking dawn. Kurodo closes his eyes and smiles facing the dazzling bright light. It was his first time experience the direct rays of sunlight after such a long time.

After opening his eyes he began to look around the mountain side. On a rock bathing in the sun’s rays, there laid a magical beast that really resembled a snow leopard as usual basking in the sun. When the magical beast slowly raises its head, I can see its white head without any patterns, unlike the mixture of patterns from its neck down to its tail. As a whole, there are few spots that are blacker than a snow leopard. A pair of ash golden eyes that quietly watches me from a place considerably away, It seemed to be filled with pride, not even worth bothering to acknowledge an existence such as myself. Noticing that this is a trivial matter not worth anything, it begins to lie back down stretching it entire body on the rock, acting as if nothing ever happened.

It was a wild animal that mesmerized Kurodo. During those 180 days, the  snowstorm occasionally became lighter. Whenever Kurodo looked outside in the morning he always saw this magical beast there. At first when he looked into the beasts eyes, his body became stiff thinking that he was going to be eaten, but after repeating this for several days now, it became a normal thing in his morning routine. But it might have gotten used to Korodo watching it. Still it was a fact that neither of them approached each other.

There are various opinions, but, according to the definition of the magic book, the magical beast seems to be called that because it can use different forms of magic. After several generations of its ancestors trying to cast magic and infusing themselves with magic power, after being passed down through its generations, it became a species that could practice magic. Life force are universally spirits of the dead that dwell within anything living whether it be trees, insects, and even man, each one of these only have one life force dwelling within them respectively. It could be called another [ Heart brain].

*[TL Note: Literal translation is Heart Brain from “『心臓脳』”, anyone have any other English friendly suggestions.]*

A human being was also an apparition of a living person if I saw it in a wide sense and possibly might be a magical beast? Monster – apparition of a living person whom there is no room for all negotiations reduces a stomach and does it and changes in quality and embodies it. The natural disaster, Even existence was universally different from the enemy of the living thing. It cannot be said that all the devil beasts can negotiate, but there does not need to be no room for all negotiations like a monster.

In fact, among a magical beasts and Kurodo such as the snow leopard, a mutual noninterference bond was built silently between the two. Maybe it was because Kurodo did not have the power to offensively attack it. Kurodo never even considered the possibility of hunting the snow leopard for its thick fur to keep warm in this cold environment.

In such a mutual non-interference of relationship, maybe because he wanted to see this magical beast Kurodo looked out every morning, is it his entertainment of the day, in the confirmation of the presence of another person other than your own perhaps it was because of this.

Shaking out of fear of the outside world, or shaking with excitement in anticipation of an adventure, or was it only due cold?

Kurodo didn’t have an answer to his own question.

But in order to find out the answer for himself, he first has to go outside first.

*TL Note: going forward should I call life force “命精” just plain old mana going forward?*


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    1. You created a page for the releases and announcing it using a post. Page is not showed up in homepage unless you linked it.


  1. change brain to mind = mind heart ? still sounded funny…
    change mana going forward to mana line or mana stream. i think the author want to make a cool ring to the word so recite the original name in romaji probably could works too.


  2. The context around 心臓脳 seems to imply something like a spiritual consciousness or presence – basically, an existence of spiritual or magical constitution which resides within a living thing.


  3. Heart = spiritual, flow of life,
    Brain =command tower (origin), consciousness,

    So, [spiritual origin], [Life originator] or [spiritual consciousness]

    Don’t know something like this maybe?


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