Chapter 2: Magical Beast (2)

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter, although there were a few parts that through me off, oh and by the way hope you like the scenic view you all will see from them cliffs. I hear that it’s quite beautiful around this time of year. Don’t blame the translator, blame the author he wrote the story ahahahaha!

Here you go, please enjoy!

Quick shoutout to the user: ngeyel, for helping me with my perious question.  Thanks again man.


2 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Magical Beast (2)”

  1. \(T_T)/<(The first and third person together is bum to understand why not indent them it will make thing better on use)
    \(T_T)/<(This is not a complaint is just an idea I had)
    \(T_T)/<(Thanks you for your work)


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