Chapter 2: Magical Beast (2)

Chapter 2: Magical Beast (2)

*Important: Just a quick side note before you guys read but the actual title is 魔獣,which roughly translates as devil beast or devil animal, but I prefer calling them magical beasts, so please let me know if you guys prefer one or the other in the comment section of this post.*


Kurodo lifted one foot up to his waist as he tried to pass through the snow that accumulated in the drift. For the nth time now Kurodo let out a sigh, as he continued to crawl along this slope. I try not putting too much force on either my tip-toes or heels, all the while mimicking a swimming motion using the holes my knees create in the snow. Living in a former snowy country, this is a skill I picked up on innately. Although I probably look like a pathetic figure right now. I’ms till wearing the same things I wore when I was summoned initially. I wrapped a towel around my neck, buttoned up my shirt to its top button, and wearing boots that I haven’t seen in a long time. It was only due to the fire spirit magic that allowed him to wear it, so I didn’t feel the cold air stabbing my thought my clothes, or the having to worry about the snow entering my clothes.

A rock was protruding out of the side of a mountain side slope, pushing the snow aside exposing the bare earth. Whether the snow was blown away by the wind or by others, didn’t matter because the rock still protruded out the ground in this snowy field. Snow still managed to collect in the gaps between the rocks, unaffected by the wind. He watched the snowstorm undergo a complete change more frequently than an autumn sky all too well from his cave, but the rock and the frozen ground and the slope of the snowdrift where it stuck out of that were the product lost its footing many times without being accompanied by distinction for Kurodo did not know the figure of the original mountain.

However, Kurodo isn’t worried about being completely buried in the snow. Coming from a snowy country, his resistance to the snow is also rather high. The problem is a line of sight. Sadly, his line of sight is not his only problem. Because frequently appearing in his line of sight was a demonic beast. Whenever Kurodo is stuck or struggling in the snow, the demonic beast would feel pity for him.

It was observing Kurodo ever since he took his first step out of his cave, and felt a mix of emotions every-time he stumbled. And because it understood his actions, it laid on its belly to further watch. Kurodo now looking back in frustration, staring at the magical beast lying down on the rock shelf. Even now looking at a distance the magical beast looked quite majestic with its tail swaying side to side watching my struggles entertaining itself, but he swore that someday he will succeed.

Instead of provoking the beast I chose to ignore it, gasping for air Kurodo decided to sit down on the handy rock. Although he didn’t know exactly how high up he was, he estimated that his original cave was in a considerably higher position that himself. It closely resembled it with the scenery photograph of the Takayama zone of the time when it was on the earth that I saw it briefly, and I couldn’t see a  tall plant insight.

I felt a few wind spirits above. Ground spirits and an ice spirits were the most abundant, and this ground was comprised of very small amounts of  thunder spirits, wind spirits, and fire spirits. There should be remarkably few wind spirits and knows it saying that others exclude the water fairy from the relationship with the ice spirit in comparison with general apparition of a living person constitution to exist with a little thunder spirit and fire spirit mainly on ground spirit and a water fairy and a wind spirit to be seen in the general land which the magic textbook outlines and gives examples.

[TL Note: I know that last sentences if effed up…. I know… sighs…. just kinda gave up on the weird translation.]

There are a few wind spirits currently in the atmosphere. Speaking of places where air is the thinnest, is at high altitudes. And here I am on a mountain. To Kurodo who found this amusing because even by not doing anything physical at all currently, he still found himself gasping for air, feeling something similar to altitude sickness. Even while desperately gasping for air, Kurodo still found himself tilting his head out of  puzzlement. He felt that it was a lot easier than in the past to escape from the snow. He suddenly began to jump up and down in place. He hit the ground quite hard. He dashed.

As he expected things began to improve. He flew approximately 2 meters forward, then used his arms and legs to propel himself forward down the slope. Without Kurodo realizing it, his body was slowly accommodating and adapting into something that best suited this world, just like the mysterious voice had told him not to long ago. Slowly his body was adjusting to this high altitude environment.  This time Kurodo began to walk more cautiously as to not fall again through the snow.

The lumbering shadow of Kurodo could be seen as he took large lengthy steps up the snowy inclined mountain, as he returned to his cave. His feet no longer sank through the snow covered ground, as his silently took his steps. While climbing he saw small traces of small animal imprints in the snow, imagining  that they ate wild grass. He still have enough food stores left to last for a little more than half a year, but the future looked bleak. But this was only the first day he attempted to leave, so Kurodo began to give himself reassurance. At last Kurodo finally reached his cave. He quickly covered the entrance to the cave, and went to sleep.

Who declared the mutual non-interference.

-TL Note: Idiom that I couldn’t make sense out of [誰の尻尾をカタ結びにしてやると息巻いていたか。]

Kurodo didn’t move a muscle. Although he had a knife on his belt, he could barely speak, much less move his fingers or arms.

After what seemed like a long moment of complete silence, the gray head of the multi-colored beast looked up at Kurodo.

Kurodo assumed the distance between the beast and himself because of the distance, and thought he imagined the beast, but sadly he was wrong. The face of the magical beast was directly in front of Kurodo’s face.


**Translator here and let me first say that this author left that cliffhanger in there not me, but if you remember at the beginning of the last chapter he was all buddy like with the beast, so I’m not too worried about our MC who is currently defecating bricks right about now.**


15 thoughts on “Chapter 2: Magical Beast (2)”

  1. It’s not wrong to call it “Magical Beasts”. 魔 “Ma” is roughtly translated into devil or demon, but 魔獣 “Majuu” is translated into “Magical Beast” most of the time, so it’s fine. It’s actually the best translation in this case in my opinion.


    1. Thanks for commenting, and we both had the exact same thoughts regarding the name translation. I just wanted to see if anyone else had a “better sounding name” if any at all.


  2. I dont find this story interesting with the pace and the random stuff that happened..
    Though the book title sounds like it could have potential, but with how things going, I might snooze 1st before anything onteresting pops up.


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