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Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 10

Just translated 100% of this now!

Hokage Translations

Takami no Kago Episode 10

*100% completed*

In the morning of the next day, Mr. Kuresuto and a woman who already finished the traveling preparations were waiting for me in an open space close to the east gate of the meeting place.

“Good morning. I’m sorry to have kept you all waiting.”

Since we decided that we would leave in the morning, we just didn’t set an exact time. In the first place owning a watch is very expensive, so only rich nobles and merchants can afford one. Mr. Kuresuto looked over at me and smiled before he was about to say something.

“Don’t worry about it, we only arrived a short while ago. It’’s not a problem. Thank you in advance from today onwards.”

“Likewise, Thank you as well.”

“So, she’ll be the guide from this point on. ”

“Hello my name is Poroia [ポーロイアです].”

“Hi, I’m an adventurer. My…

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End of the Year Announcement!

Hey guys/gals who are reading this I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year First of all!

Now that that’s out of the way, I’m happy to announce me and Indra13 have teamed up and created our own translation group called: Kurotsuki Ryoudan. You can find our translations here on my WordPress or on Indra’s own blog at:

We will continue doing translations together going forward into the New Year! And as to help celebrate that I have to fight like 7 dragons in order to conquer my habit of procrastinating and finish Ch. 3 of Divine Protection of Many Gods [多神の加護].

So expect to see that up on here later today!