Takami no Kago [多神の加護]


Story Synopsis:  Hibiki Jinno was summoned to a different world without being instructed to do anything in particular. While being summoned to this world, he ended up obtaining the 『Divine protection』status, using this he makes his livelihood as an adventurer. Everyday he spends his time doing tedious work in a nearby forest, while also going back to an adventurer’s guild. Meanwhile he meets a slave along the way.

Author: masanimasa

Raw: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n9838bp/

Please note: that these translations are mostly MT, and I am doing this as a solo project on the side. If anyone is willing to help contact me here or on the Batoto forums (Same username). Also any character names in this are most likely going to be horribly butchered by me, so I’m apologizing right now beforehand.  


 Table of contents

               Episode 1 <——- Chapter 1 Link

                Episode 2  <——- Chapter 2 Link

                Episode 3  <——- Chapter 3 Link

                Episode 4  <——- Chapter 4 Link  

               Episode 5 <——- Chapter 5 Link

                 Episode 6  <——- Chapter 6 Link 

                 Episode 7  <——- Chapter 7 Link 

                 Episode 8  <——- Chapter 8 Link 

                Episode 9  <——- Chapter 9 Link

                     Episode 10  <——- Chapter 10 Link

 You can find the continuation of this series here under a new translator at: https://undecentlnt.wordpress.com/projects/


38 thoughts on “Takami no Kago [多神の加護]”

  1. thx for the translation… do tell if you have any problem with it and i’ll try to help

    such an interesting but easy to read story makes me read it ahead with the raw tee-hee
    now without knowing i got to chp 118 already :v

    Liked by 1 person

      1. it is… (spoiler alert) he get a harem of monster and finally know his reasons of summoning… oh he met another summoned person a.k.a Maou :v

        though … it hasn’t been updated for 6 month and it’s not complete either oTL… i’ll still read it till the latest though


    1. {spoiler alert}
      hey 411,,
      i take a peek at some chapter,,, with MT T_T
      the 2nd heroine are alchemist with curse,
      when she became companion,, there a dialog contain slavery
      is that alchemist came in as slave too or what,, confusing

      not yet to read the raw,,, (doesn’t have motivation,,,)
      please confirm it 😀


  2. Keep up the good work and thank you I finally got my voice thanks a lot boss hope you keep translating got nothing much to do cept read when your in a hospital anyways thanks a lot


  3. Keep up the good work and thank you I finally got my voice thanks a lot boss hope you keep translating got nothing much to do cept read when your in a hospital anyways thanks a lot Man you are teh best


  4. It’s alive!!!! Chap169 was posted on 23 june… After one year of waiting, finally! I hope the author will keep posting.


  5. Jim, I'm interested in your comments in your post about the right for a landowner to say no & that this will give a better playing field for farmers.I will take this on board as I have been trying to look at the greater picture beyond that of my cistmurcance of a landowner & farmer to the importance of minining to the economy and what would the effect of the ability to say no would have.


  6. “Not sure I understand your question. Just mentioning that non-NJ-chartered lenders don’t have to disclose prepay penalties in a TIL sta1#ment.&e822t;I was confused – thought that you meant the penalties didn’t even have to show up in the contract – I’m back on the road now.


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