Monster Musume Harem o Tsukurou!

[Make a Monster Girl Harem!]

Synopsis: On his usual way to home Mikado Tsuchio fell into a hole that suddenly opened on the ground. Just like that, Tsuchio falls in a different world, as luck befall onto him, he meet with a dragon and get hugged by it. Tsuchio decided just like that to live in the other world, the reason for his quick decision: a boys dream is to make a harem. So he ditched school and then acquired a skill to caress animals that have been tempered by caressing many cat and dog. {Re-Written thanks to Indra13 & mimi-dono}

*(Please note that all of this is done through MT, so please bear with me as I have no knowlege of the Japanese language. I decided to do this for fun)*



Fallen,Transported, Hugged Chapter 1   (Me)

Name it, Fly Battle Chapter 2 (Indra13 on his blog page)

Girl, Skill, Magical Power Quantity Chapter 3 (Tl’d by both me and Indra13, cheeky little slime released it on his site first without telling me.)

Monster Musume Harem o Tsukurou!Chapter 4


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