Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 2

Episode 2

One week has passed since I have come to this world. Initially I thought this was a dream, but apparently it isn’t. I have come to understand one thing in th<is one week. The name of the town I am currently staying is called Bureto located on the Angel continent.

T/N: I suck at names like I previously mentioned, so if anyone can come up with something better here you go: “アンゲル大陸のブレトという街だという事”

I now know the value of the coins in my leather bag. And I have now become an Adventurer.

The town of Bureto seems to be a walled in city, with a large stone wall spanning the outer circumference of the town. There is a town roughly in the center of the Angel continent, that has the same name, also located in the Angel Kingdom. The coins that they use goes as follows: Copper coin, Large copper coin, Silver coin, Large Silver coin, Gold coin, and Large Gold coin. By the way 1 copper coin is equivalent to 1 Gal, and 1 large copper coin is equivalent to 10 Gal. Here’s a list of what I found in the leather pouch on my hip:

6 copper coins

8 large copper coins

3 Silver coins

1 Large Silver coin

3 Gold coins

This was a total of 31, 386 Garu. After living here for one week, I can only infer that 1 Garu= 100 Yen. If I was to convert all of that into Japanese Yen I would have roughly 3 million yen, in my leather skin bag. Scary.

T/N: I Don’t know why the currency is called Gal, or even if its a correct TL. So if anyone would like to enlighten me, be my guest.

The present cost of living is alright, but I have zero income, and if this keeps up, all of my funds will in turn reach 0. Looking for a new source of income I found the job of an 『Adventurer』would be a good source of income for myself. An 『Adventurer』is an occupation that handles or completes job assigned to them from a guild. Obviously they do monster subjugations, but that isn’t everything that they do, sometimes they have to help out in construction projects, or even look after public work projects. Moreover, when you register at the Adventurers guild they will ensure that the request are legit. When I went to register, I noticed that this is an entirely different world than what I was used to.

First of all, in this world 『Occupational category job』exists.

When I went to register, I registered as a『Swordsman』. Apparently this was determined inherently.

It’s possible to change the job category I have even though it’s determined at birth, but that would take a long time.

Also in this world there are those who are deemed 『Sub-human』, they’re called Demi-humans, and they belong to the non-human tribes.

The best surprise I had in the week was that I obtained『Divine Protection』. This was surprisingly confirmed when I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to register. I think this was a present from a God. It looks like very few people receive『Divine Protection』as a gift. Also those who have『Divine Protection』seem to have their abilities improved in certain areas. On the guild card that I have received, it is written 『Divine Protection』as a general term, but only those who posses the ability truly know what it means. Even though I have『Divine Protection』, I wonder what it is….


Hibiki Jinno       Lv. 1 Swordsman        16 years old

Physical Strength  300(+100)

Muscle Strength     75(+25)

Agility                   75(+25)

Intelligence            150(+40)

Luck                      225(+75)

[The Divine Protection of the Battle God] Rise status of combat job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target   Party

[The Divine Protection of Wisdom God]   Rise status of magic job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of carpenter God] Rise status of production workers (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of Healing God] Rise status of sacred job (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[Divine protection of judgement(Appraisal) God] Able to check the status of anything.  Target:    Myself

[Divine protection of a trade(Merchant) God]  Effect: Makes trading advantageous.  Target:  Myself

[Divine protection of light]  Effect: Cures all abnormal status effects. Target:   Who I designate


Wow, I feel like a cheat character. When I check their parameter status like muscle strength and agility, there seem to all have a “+” added to them. I don’t understand their original abilities, but I do know that they are in numerical values that can rise. For now there doesn’t seem to be any other threatening parties in the town’s vicinity.


Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 1

Episode 1
Divine protection of many Gods


Hibiki Jinno was just an average high school student. His grades were average.

Jinno suddenly felt very dizzy on his usual way home. In one moment he felt so dizzy that he closed his eyes momentarily, but when he opened them he was in an unfamiliar world. With just a glance he knew immediately that this is a different world. First, there were two suns in the sky. Looking around he noticed that there were lizard looking people and people with animal ears walking around and talking.

“Where am I, did I fall a sleep?”

When Jinno surveyed his surroundings, he noticed that the roads, floors, and building were all made out of stone. This looked just like a medieval fantasy to him.

“Hey, you! Get outta my way.”


There seems to have been a horse drawn carriage behind Jinno, it could no longer proceed on its way since he was blocking their path.

“I…I’m sorry. I’ll move out of the way.”

Although I was feeling flustered, I immediately moved out of the way.

“Seriously, what a country hick!”

The driver of the carriage starts leaving, but not before he makes a snorting sounds, and drives off. I could only stare at it as it drove off.

“Where on Earth am I?”

Almost answering his own question, he noticed that his clothes matched those around him.

“What are these strange clothes?”

In one word, they looked like adventure’s clothing. Like the ones in a videogame. Looking carefully he noticed a sword on his waist. On the other side of his waist, he noticed a small leather bag containing 20 small coins. Perhaps this is the currency of this world.

“First of all I’m not penniless yet, but what will I do inorder to survive now.”


Note from Translator

Thanks for reading this, hope you enjoyed it. Hopefully the translations didn’t give you too much of a headache. Also think of this as a early New Year’s Eve Present from me to you the readers!

Monster Musume Harem o Tsukurou! Chapter 1 *Machine Translate~You have been warned*

Chapter 1: I Fell, I Transferred, and Hugged.

“Ha, finally one week has finished….classes are so troublesome…”

On the way home from school I let out a deep sigh, almost as if I was trying to relieve myself from the daily pent of anger and resentment. I seem to repeat this same action day after day, and it has become really boring.

“I haven’t experienced anything unusual yet. But I think a beautiful girl falling from the sky wouldn’t hurt.”

An impossible thought I said to myself, even though the idea sounds ridiculous, I can’t believe it came out of my mouth. Well, actually even if there is such a thing, and why I will be caught E~e~e~e~e! ! !

“The to the….what in the world, I see a hole…. oh A~a~a~a !!!”

(TL Note: So far he is walking home from a shitty day at school, distracted about thinking about girls falling from the sky, he fails to notice a hole appear around him and falls down. In case you couldn’t understand the MT so far.)

I am currently falling down through a hole, which opened up before me. Oops, I seem to not have introduced myself yet. My name is Mikado Tsuchio, a high-school senior, my favorite things are anime, manga-Ranobe, and video games!

“Wait…Who am I even giving a self-introduction to??? I don’t seem to be thinking straight considering the past events-AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!”

When I looked down I noticed a faint light being emitted. It could be an exit HELL YEAH!!

“I’ll count to ten!”

I need to prepare for the landing and forge ahead. I could die from this momentum, wait a sec… First of all I need to protect my head!

After a while the impact I was bracing myself for doesn’t seem to come. I timidly opened my eyes, and all I could see was white all around me. Even if I say the surround was pure white, there seems to be a haze floating on one side. This is the kind of scene I would see if I looked out of an airplane. Could it be that right now I, even now, perhaps…..

“Ahhhhh, there are clouds!!”

It isn’t cold though yet there is a cloud! If a cloud is going to be made, wouldn’t the temperature have to be considerably low? Ah, this isn’t the time to debate whether its existence is possible or not! I have to do something, I can beat against the ground just as it is, and its PESHANKO! (gone?…)

(TL Note: No clue what that last sentence TL into? Try and TL it if you want?: どうにかしないと、このまま地面に叩き付けられてペシャンコだ!)

As I was thinking about a solution, BUWA the cloud suddenly disappeared, and a scenery comes into view. What came into my vision was lush colors of green, blue, and what this am I on top of an ocean!

“Ah, crap, this sucks, this is dangerous! Can’t somebody, anybody, help me! Is there anything else that can be done!?”

Suddenly a miracle started to occur inside the body of Doyu. Something passed in front of him, and he was able to get on top of it!

“Ugh! That was painful…atleast I’m going to live. Ah, its over thank god. Come to think of it, I…I landed on top of what exactly? Though it’s strangely rugged…”

I feel like someone is looking at me.

I look up while thinking that, and noticed that a Pteranodon was gazing into my eyes while I was in turn looking back into its eyes. That means…I am currently riding on this guys back?

“Gyaaaaaaaa !!!”

“Gya ah ah ah !!!”

In an attempt to make turn the wyvern lowered one of his wings, where I inturn began to shake unexpectedly due to the wyvern’s mid-air rotation.

“Ugu uhh U~u~u …”

“Gyaaaau …”

Thankfully the wyvern doesn’t continue this acrobatic stunt for too long, and immediately begins to level out bringing his body back to a horizontally level position.

“Guruuuu~u~u~u …”

“Ah, it’s giving me such a terrifying glare, truly frightening.”

It seems to me, for the time being it has given up on dropping me. Then what about later, I don’t think I’ll be able to hang on a second time. Shit, its been one disaster after another?

As a result of having thought for a while, I came to a conclusion that I am in a hopeless situation. When the time comes it’s going to be a gamble, so lets start making a plan. Next lets think about the important issues at hand. First I’m on a flying wyvern.

This is a flying wyvern, not from Earth. An ancient dinosaur would be my first problem, or would this place is definitely not Earth.

No, I think that this is really impossible, and a bunch of nonsense?  But i’m glad because if this is a different world then that means it might have magic, I could even get a monster girl with animal ears, or tails. Even if the idea seem tasteless, I am a boy!

Well, I gradually may be able to confirm it. Even if I die here I particularly have no more regrets. Though I think that its unfortunate for my mother and father, I have decided live here. Even if there was a way to return home, to Earth… I Would not return.

Let’s wait until I first arrive at a relaxing and quiet place. I need to do something about this fellow, or should I wait for help?

I saw a huge wall after we had approximately been flying for about an hour. Apparently there seems to be a landing platform of some sorts (quay). A hole is dug in the center of the area, and there is this feeling that the nest of this wyvern seems to be there.

I decided to roll of the wyvern’s back as soon as it lands, and plan to get as much distance between me and it as possible. This fellow’s nest is narrow, roughly 5 meters away. I could get eaten if I step forward suddenly. What do I do.

Contrary to my expectations, the wyvern (Hiryuu) hasn’t done anything to me yet. What looks like a cat, looks at me, then throws up, and goes to sleep.

(No clue how to TL this:ちょっと俺の方を見て、フンと息を吐いて身体を丸めて寝てしまった、猫みたいだ) (Maybe the wyvern threw up a cat looking thing for them to eat?)

However, I can’t understand its actions. I have no intentions of eating what it threw up, so by any chance I’ll try and eat some rice tomorrow morning.

Suddenly strong tiredness and drowsiness overcame me, is it because I’ve finally arrived at a safely place for the time being?

When I awoke, it looked like it was midnight. Good, I seemed to be able to get up somehow. I look over at the sleeping wyvern (Hiryuu), who seems to be sleeping so soundly. It looks very majestic the way it sleeps. No clue someone have at it for the next sentence: ゴブリンとかオークに嬲り殺されるよりは、こいつにバクッと食われたほうが全然マシだな。

When I looked up at the sky the moon had just reached its highest point (zenith).  While the light emitted from the light blue moon shines throughout the night sky, white stars in the dark blue sky glitter.

“ Woah, the moon is blue. With this I have come to the conclusion that I am in entirely different world.”

Is this really a different world? Because I always wanted to go to one even as a joke, but the deep emotions I’m feeling right now can’t be expressed through words.

However, from now on it’s going to be hard to live. Since this wyvern is a monster, there is no doubt in my mind that there will be more of them to come. For now fighting must be avoided at all costs until I get a better understanding of this place. An ordinary high school senior from modern-day Japan can’t be expected to kill others so suddenly. again someone help: どうしたもんか…。

since we’re right next to the sea the wind is very strong. While I slept, it seems like i got cold, and let out an involuntary sneeze. The Wyvern opens his eyes and looks at me. Did I perhaps wake it up from the sound of my sneeze? This is dangerous, I might become this guys midnight snack if I’m not careful!

The Wyvern bring his mouth closer to me. And here I am after coming this far, from a different world, is this the end of me? Oh well, at-least if I get eaten, I’ll be swallowed instantly anyways.

However, once again this wyvern betrayed my expectations. He grabbed onto me with his mouth on my clothes, and placed me next to his body right under his wing, where I began to sleep once again. This is nice and warm too. I wonder why this fellow doesn’t eat me? Furthermore, it’s keeping me warm with its own body heat, so this guy really doesn’t want to eat me?

“Oi, Oh, why aren’t you going to eat me?”

I try asking the Wyvern out loud thinking it might understand me, but he simply glances at me. It didn’t answer me, in fact he just snorted. Although I didn’t have any expectations that it would talk back to me. Communicating with guy is going to be difficult, especially coming to a mutual understanding.

“Huh, what’s up… Yoshi, Yoshi” (like good, good, there, there)

From now on I’m going to pat your head as a way of showing my gratitude. In the beginning he disliked it, but after a while he saw that I wasn’t stopping and gave up. He seems to be enjoying himself now as I pat him. If he really hated it, he could have easily chewed off my hand. It seems to be very pleasant for him. I trained my petting/ stroking skill on cats and dogs, who would’ve thought it would’ve come in handy in saving my life. When practicing something trivial, who knows when it might come in handy?

Since I feel warm again, sleepiness suddenly took hold of me again. For the time being I seem to have survived, for now I’ll sleep. I’ll think about the future, once this fatigue wears off.

Doing so I slept, while the Wyvern coiled around me, as he slept soundly as well.

“I slept well Nu U~u~uー ….”

Because the Wyvern moved, I woke up. He extended his wings and began to shake his neck. He seemed to be stretching, almost as if he was getting ready to get catch his next meal. He then put me on his back, as he immediately flew into the sky.

“Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat !!! ???”

He immediately accelerates making a Gyun noise.How can he accelerate so fast? Is it magic, it has to be magic, right?

Thankfully he isn’t doing giving me a acrobatic flight like yesterday. He seems to be going straight, with some occasional flapping of his wings. I don’t feel any wind resistance at all, probably due to some sort of magic. I feel like everything I don’t understand is almost always attributed to magic in some way or another.

“Let me say that I fly If you fly …. Geez”

I complain while patting his back making BashiBashi sound effects. “Gururuu”  was the Wyvern’s reply.

Come to think of it, why is he flying anyways? Is it because it’s morning, and he’s going to get some food? However, it’s very comfortable flying this way. The wind is blowing, and the sunlight feels warm. Just the right amount of wind is blowing, and the sunlight feels great. Although it is completely necessary that we travel towards where people exist, so we continued to fly like this.

“” “Gyuaaaa !!!” “” … Gyuaa?

“Wait there’s something approaching from behind us, how could we have not noticed?”

“Uuu …”

Three birds are approaching from behind. All of them have strange beaks and talons, probably used for catching their prey. As the three birds approach us they all cry out in unison, and a fireball appears out of nowhere. Oh, Oh, its magic, Ah!

“Look out, we need to avoid it!”


The Wyvern(Huryuu) does a nose-dive and evades their magic as if saying “ I know alright” The birds continue to stick on our rear and don’t leave us.

“Hey, do a barrel roll, barrel roll! Oh shit, how do I tell you when its good or do you understand me!”

Follow, my vision! While I think so, if you desperately have to imagine a barrel roll, come finally assault birds out before the claw.

“BAKA Wyvern listen to what I have to say in order for us to survive! You must do a barrel roll, Oh ~O~o !!!”

While flapping his wings vigorously the Wyvern manage to accelerate tremendously. He started rotating towards the left, only to return to his original horizontal position…he did a barrel roll! What a rush this felt like it was straight out of a fantasy, considering the situation this is still pretty fantastic. Everything is still mysterious no matter what happens.

While watching the birds previously chasing us, fall to their doom, wounded heavily, tangled in the claws of eachother, I try to talk to the wyvern who read the idea.

“You, whether it can be seen, you are indeed thinking of me?”

“Gururu~u …”

I felt like saying “somehow”. “Somehow is” to feel like saying. I also wonder somehow have it can be seen Na … What made you are thinking of this guy.

“Though you acted violently in the beginning, you did not eat when I arrived at your den why?”

” gu , gururu …”

Are there various circumstances to go through? It’s a good thing indeed, that you can understand me. Well, enough even if its just to confirm that there is no hostility towards me from this guy.

“Oh, don’t try and take mu prey. Ask me if you want it”


It seems to be his intention from the beginning. What a considerate guy.

I came back to the den afterwards after I took approximately two fish. I looked and saw two huge fish in the claws of the wyvern. Because he did a nose-dive suddenly when taking grabbing them, I was very surprised. I clung to his neck involuntarily, while I seemed to get unconsciously mad at his sudden actions.

“Hey, do you eat it as it, raw?”

And now it’s meal time. I looked at the wyvern who seems to be eating the fish he caught raw, quite gleefully. For some reason the fishes fins are sharp like blades, but I don’t particularly mind them.


Its a wonder how this guy can say that while he is eating his food. Well, or even Okadochigai of that divided the things I to this guy.

“Let me at least baked. Do not put out breath Toka?”


Seems unreasonable. I could try. Since it was killed recently, it should still be fresh. Oh well not everythings fair. I take a bite out a fishes side. The taste of thick blood quickly envelopes my mouth. Hmmm..Fishy… I’m not Toka parasite?

Three bites was my limit, trying to eat the fish raw. I gave the remaining fish to the wyvern, and decided to eat some of the sweet in the back. I decided the tomorrow I will go to someplace that has people inhabiting it. I would need to develop some mental toughness if I continued to eat this diet.

“Therefore, I will stay here tonight, but will travel to where people are tomorrow.”


He seems to be alright, does he not have deep attachment to this nest? If I go to bed early, will tomorrow come faster, oh well where I am with this fellow is a warm place.

In that way I drifted off into slumber once more, in the coil of the wyvern once again. As i slept I did not dream of my homeland Japan.


Translator note:

  • I’m going to TL the Wyvern’s name as Hiryuu or Huryuu depending on what sounds more appeasing from now on.
  • If anyone wants to help me out on this Tl’ing, or editing please let me know: xsomeblackjewx@gmail.com. Currently I’m doing this for fun and by myself.
  • Hope you enjoyed this chapter, since I’m doing this alone (so far) there is no release date schedule at all.
  • Best bet is to see when I update the chapter translations =)!
  • Thanks for reading this once again.

P.S. I had no idea how much of a pain MT is so much respect to those who TL using MT, or just know the language!

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