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2. One on One Against Each Other

The cold blade passed through my thigh, making it burn with a blazing heat.

[U, uaa!]

I cry out as I fall on my rear, understanding I’ve been sliced by a sword.

“A Solo in our trade! Everybody, fall back. Let’s leave the monster to him!”

(TLN:not sure here it’s lit. To blame another, but I’m taking it as let him deal with it.)

The man leading gave an order to the others nearby.

I wasn’t able to understand what he said. I did not want to.

The woman with the can looked at me as she passed, saying nothing.

The man who was blown away along with the rest of the people gave me a chilly look, as they walked past me in silence.

In the end, following them, the huge wolf appeared before my eyes —

[Ua, aaaaaaaaaaaah!!]

In terror, I jumped to the side.

A sharp pain runs through the cut in my thigh, so I fall awkwardly.

Meanwhile the other people reach a safe area.

So the wolf turn towards me who is nearest.

My thoughts race. Various ill feelings sweep over me. I recall my life up until this moment.

And then —

— Skill [???] activated itself.

Mentality will stabilize in exchange for some feelings.

Confusion was corrected by +1.00 —

(TLN:I thought this meant Confusion reduced by 100%, or Confusion Resistance was increased to 100%. Chapter 3 seems to indicates this is not necessarily/exactly the case)

Some sort of [Display] floats in my field of view. This isn’t the time, I didn’t intend to try and understand it.

However, together with the [Display], my emotions have cooled down.

My rushing thoughts have calmed, and my ill feelings have vanished, since it’s like this I am able to concentrate.

My left leg is cut so I don’t use it, so I can only stand on my right one.

At the same time the wolf attacks me.

The wolf pounces, and I jump vertically backwards.

However, it’s not enough, the wolf is overwhelmingly fast. Even the brawny man from the earlier battle wasn’t able to follow the wolf’s speed. As it passes, the upper part of my right arm got cut by it’s nail.

Then, I heard the people who reached a safe area speak.

[Alright, right here! Attack! Block the path!!]

I got a chill.

Not only was the wolf a threat, those people were my enemy too.

They made me bait, as they ran away; but even that wasn’t enough –!

Following the chill, I glanced behind me, roaring flames covering the entire corridor were approaching me.

The huge wolf also noticed it. But it was too late. The huge wolf had jumped up trying to bite me to death so it was unable to avoid it.

Naturally, I was also too slow.

Damn, those guys! I too, will get burnt!

I curse in my mind.

The roaring flame explodes around us, so as to burn everything.

As it happened I jumped back as far as I could, covering my head with both hands.

The wind from the explosion struck my back, and blew me away.

The flames scorched my body. I could feel my whole body burning.

A maddening amount of pain rushed to my brain.

Through the pain, I maintain a thought.

I sustain my willpower, with frustration and hatred.

After being blown away I am flung against the ground, opening my eyes slowly I look around.

The flames which had filled the entire corridor vanished in an instant … like magic.

However, in the direction that the people had escaped there was a beautiful wall of fire.

[Wh, wh, a~~~]

That, was that their aim.

I wasn’t able to get the words out of my burnt throat.

And now the path was blocked by a wall of fire, I reflect on that for a moment before slowly realizing that only the huge wolf and I remain.

The wolf also recovered and stood up at the same time I did.

(TLN:it’s more like standing up after being knocked down, then it’s wounds healing.)

However, it seemed to have been showered with more flames than me.

Disregarding the size of it’s body, in the end because it sprang, leaping over me, it probably received more damage than I did.

It’s weakened.

The wolf’s breathing was rough, and it seemed to be staggering.

But, it’s eyes shone brightly.

It’s will to fight hadn’t withered at all, It growled as if to say [Even wounded a wolf is fearsome] and stepped towards me.

Like the wolf I resolved myself.

I had been blown to a good location. It seemed the wolf couldn’t see it, but behind was where the large sword that the warrior used during the earlier battle fell. If I can use it in a surprise attack, however small there is a chance of victory.

Having decided that, I immediately turned around, running at full strength.

As I turned around, I caught a glimpse of the wolf leaping towards me,

A sharp pain ran along my left thigh, and an alarm echoed loudly in my mind.

Nevertheless I ran. The feeling of my leg faded as I forced myself to tread the ground.

I can’t grasp the timing. I’m unable to predict the wolf’s approach.

I picked up the large sword, promptly, I turned around swing the large sword down.

The large sword was so heavy I wasn’t able to support it even with both hands. Nevertheless I bet everything and followed through with all my strength at once.

With a raw dull sound, I saw that the large sword was buried in the wolf’s neck.

[Yatta —-a, a, gua!]

(TLN:Yatta = I did it, the rest SFX I don’t know but think are like panting after exerting oneself. Left it as Yatta because it fits the scene better than I did it or Did it, and Yatta should be common enough that most will have some understanding of it.)

The large sword gouged into it’s neck, the wolf leaned into my body.

I was able to barely avoid it’s teeth and nails, as the 2 meter bulk lean.

An incredible weight is applied to me, my stomach contents flow backwards spewing out of my mouth.

Even though it’s neck was torn open, the wolf still tried to kill and eat me.

Opening it’s mouth, the wolf tried to swallow my head. My fading awareness returns, and I dodge by twisting my body to it’s limit. Doing so had even caused the large sword to gouge further in.

[U, Uooaaaaaaaa!!]

I used both hands intending to drive away the 2 meter bulk.

And, feeling a slight gap, I slip out from under the wolf.

Feeling the large sword not gouge any more, I let it go I take some distance.

The wolf did not follow me.

No, I’m going to do it. However my body won’t move.

The wolf has lost a lot of blood, it’s body was burned, it’s appearance was ragged. But I couldn’t be careless.

But, looking carefully I could see the turn of events.

One of the wolf’s eyes was burnt, it seems unable to see.

An arrow is pierced deeply into it’s hind leg, it’s limping.

The large sword has probably reached it’s windpipe. It made a whistling sound as it breathed.

It was clearly in worse condition that I was.

[–aaa, You … …]

The words spill out own their own.

The wolf advances towards me while dragging the large sword.

As a precaution, I move to the blind spot created by it’s scorched eye, to avoid being seen.

Not long after, the wolf collapsed.

Then, the wolf disappeared as it was covered in a faint emerald green shimmer of light.

With a clanging sound, the large sword and the arrow fall to the ground.

[Eh … … ?]

Yes, it vanished.

The corpse did not remain, it vanished in a light like an illusion.

I was stunned at the sight.

After the wolf disappeared, a glittering green stone remained.

— The title [Shinsui of the beginning] has been acquired.

Strength has been adjusted by +0.1 —

(TLN:『深翠の始まり』is the title, best MT was Shinsui of the beginning.)

-Day one


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1. I wandered into a different world labyrinth

It’s dark.

So dark that there isn’t any sense of light at all.

I began to feel uneasy as I smelled something rank. The smell of blood is so strong that it hurts my nose. I almost felt like throwing up.

I jumped up with wide eyes shocked by the nastiness.

[-tsu!!] (1)

A dark corridor comes into view.

Even though it shouldn’t, light vaguely seems to radiate from the stonework.

Surveying the area there was a small altar enshrined behind me. Looking carefully I can see that the altar is so weathered it’s on the verge of collapsing.

It is a small stone table that has the remains of two candles on it. It appears an animal hide has been placed as an offering, stuck there by an arrow.

[What’s this … …]

I muttered.

As I often speak to myself, the words spilled out naturally.

[I don’t understand … … Something feels wrong … …]

(TLN:Might be I don’t feel good not positive)

Repeating the words my heart rate changes greatly. It rises.

I literally don’t understand. I can’t understand this situation.

I went to sleep, didn’t I?

(TLN:not positive one this one it could be more like “I’m not asleep, am I?”)

However, there is no warm bed here, neither is there a noisy mechanical alarm clock nor any morning sunlight spilling through the curtains or light from a lamp’s light bulb.

Only a cold, unsanitary stone floor. A stench that hurts the nose and a few creepy stones that faintly emit light.

I feel sick … …

I covered my mouth and waited for the nausea to pass.

I heard a roaring sound in the distance.


It was a senseless wailing.

It seemed like a sound a wounded beast filled with killing intent would make.

[– Wait, wait, wait.]

I remarked unable to understand. Because I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t even know what I’m saying. (Maybe I don’t know what to say.)

In a panic, I begin to run in the direction opposite to which roar was heard.

I run through the stone corridor.

I turned several times, annoyingly the scenery doesn’t change no matter how far I run away.

Along the way I feel something strange and hear a squishing sound.

I feel something squish into the tread of my shoe, so I check the sole of my sneakers.

There is a fist sized insect in it’s death throes —

[U, Uaaa tsu!](3)

I cry out at the terrible sight.

It’s not that I am especially afraid of insects. But in a city surrounded by concrete I have never run into such large ones, so I retreated from such a viscerally disgusting insect.

The insect cries out. In the same way a dolphin cries out for help.

I feel a chill and look up. My gaze turns towards the next corner.

Something with the visage of a person sized insect peeks around the corner.

A size common sense says is impossible.

It’s body makes a ‘gichi gichi’ sound, as it’s angular insect-like limbs move. At first sight it’s near a stag beetle in appearance. However it’s abnormal size and shape push my sanity to the edge.


I can’t make another sound. If I do, the monster is likely to jump me, my only choice is to run the other way immediately.

I run and run and keep running.

Without thinking about where I am going I just keep moving.

I keep running until I run out of stamina and breath.

Then I come to my sense a little.


A beast’s angry roar.

It’s closer this time. I had foolishly returned to where I had escaped from.

I suddenly go pale, as my body stiffens.

However, being closer to the roar, I was able to pick up other sounds too.

It was the sound of people speaking.

[– tsu, — tsu!!](1)

As though walking towards an invisible light I headed towards the source of the voice.

My mind spun, another person, [People] I hoped.

The sound of the beast is also getting louder, but by approaching I become able to hear the person’s voice clearly

[Close in! Close in, it’ll work this time.]

It’s the low voice of a mature man.

A man giving orders to people who are nearby.

The scene was like one from a fairy tale.

a person wearing leather armor, like those in museums, wielding a bow. A rustic person swinging an iron sword forcefully. A person firing fire from an untechnological wooden staff.

Such unrealistic people were fighting a roughly 2 meter tall wolf.

I didn’t have enough courage to join the battle.

So I stopped in the distance, but I couldn’t stop looking at the fight.

[This time we’ll make, we’ll succeed somehow! Persist!]

The man who seems to be in charge gives directions to the warrior with the large sword.

The warrior drew back his large sword, and tried to slash it down. But the large wolf expected it, and rammed into him with frightening speed. The warrior was blown away like a rubber ball.

Because it avoided the sword blow the wolf turned it’s attention to the female wielding the wooden can that produced fire. Noticing this the other man broke formation in order to defend her.

The wolf followed his movement.

The fight had drawn closer to me.

I became panicked. I was also terrified.

If I had remained calm, it’s possible that I could have moved.

But I could only just stand dumbfounded.

And, my eyes met those of the leader, who was wielding a short sword.

[N~tsu, you, who are you!?](4)

The man shouted at me looking terribly surprised.

[I, lost my way– , please help!]

I promptly requested assistance.

And I slowly stepped towards the man.

My speech was broken, but the meaning should have gotten through.

It should have, but the man’s response was terribly cold.

[Help, thats –. You stupid?]


It wasn’t exactly an acceptance or a refusal.

The contempt that said that such a request was outrageous was basically the answer.

The usual me would notice that was the case.

That these people can’t afford to. That their character doesn’t possess such kindness. It was impossible not to notice this because of the dangerous beast, or from their equipment and the weapons they held.

Presently, I wasn’t able to think that far.

[It’s a Labyrinth, in the ‘Lawless Area’ even. Prepare on the surface, brat.]

(TLN:lit. unmanaged/unrestricted area, I may need to come back and fix this as the story goes on.)

The man continued with words that were even colder.

And the man coldheartedly cut my leg with a stroke of his short sword.

Many thanks to Indra for helping me with all of these onomatopoeias!

(1)tsu:SFX/Onomatopoeia. I think it’s like letting out a deep breath

(2)Uoaaa:SFX/Onomatopoeia. Seems to be a howl or roar of some kind

(3)Uwaa:SFX/Onomatopoeia. Small cry of shock or disgust I think

(4)N~tsu:SFX/Onomatopoeia. Not positive, a grunt followed by a ‘tsu’?