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Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 10

Takami no Kago Episode 10

*100% completed*

In the morning of the next day, Mr. Kuresuto and a woman who already finished the traveling preparations were waiting for me in an open space close to the east gate of the meeting place.

“Good morning. I’m sorry to have kept you all waiting.”

Since we decided that we would leave in the morning, we just didn’t set an exact time. In the first place owning a watch is very expensive, so only rich nobles and merchants can afford one. Mr. Kuresuto looked over at me and smiled before he was about to say something.

“Don’t worry about it, we only arrived a short while ago. It’’s not a problem. Thank you in advance from today onwards.”

“Likewise, Thank you as well.”

“So, she’ll be the guide from this point on. ”

“Hello my name is Poroia [ポーロイアです].”

“Hi, I’m an adventurer. My best regards. And this is Aria another member of my party.”

“My best regards.”
-TL: I think this is Aria who said this, since there was no subject specifically mentioned, and she was mentioned in the previous line.

Aria quickly finished her greeting in a few words. It seems that her communication with others is still a bit weak. It seems that she seems comfortable with talking to me and Lily. After all she would seems a little tense when meeting someone else for the first time.

“So will we be leaving now? Yeah, I already have the carriage waiting for us outside of the East Gate.”

Looking at the carriage by the East Gate, it seems that there is no one in the driver’s seat. It seems that Mr. Kuresuto himself will be driving us.

“Doing business in Wereo Village has to be done directly and I can’t bring that many people with me.”
-TL: This dialogue confused the hell out of me?

[Jade Fabric] tends to generate tons of wealth. That’s why he is trying to limit the information surrounding it. We’ll probably be have to be very careful even after the request is finished. I still think that it’s very mysterious how all of the previous people to do this ended up dying.

“Why did you make a request such as this so last minute. Why did you want to employ us adventurers who have very little experience act as you gaurds.”

I try questioning Mr. Kuresuto a little bit.

“Hmm. Because unlike the people before you I can trust you.”

“Why would you say something like that?”

“Merchant’s intuition. If I had to say something, its because I don’t feel your desire in having the [Jade Fabric] from you as much as the others. Normally such a narrow minded person is only thinking about making short-term profits. But I have already confirmed your intelligence just from talking to you.”

“I will try to fulfill your expectations of me.”

Its not that I particularly want to have the [Jade Fabric]. I thought about what he said about me as the type of person who doesn’t really care about the value of it. I think its probably due to my nature. After a while we were finally out of the city, and currently heading towards the forest Aria and I always go to. As we slowly approached the familiar forest Aria opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

“Master, it appears that someone is being attacked by monsters ahead.”

It makes sense that there would be monsters in this forest. I don’t know if the person being attacked is a merchant or a traveler. I should probably inform Mr. Kuresoto about this and see what he was to say.

“It looks like it can’t be helped. Im sorry about this but I’m going to fight that monster.”

“Are you sure?”

I usually wouldn’t put myself in harms way just to help someone else being attacked. Considering I was requested by the Adventurer’s Guild to be this merchants bodyguard it can’t be helped.

“I think this would be a perfect opportunity to see the extent of your abilities. Of Course I will give you an additional reward if you battle it.”

“Fine. Aria do you know the number of opponents we’ll be facing?”

“There are most likely 5 of them.”

“Alright then, if thats the case you should guard the carriage then. I’ll come back when I’m finished with them.”


I walked forward alone leaving guarding the carriage to Aria. The horse drawn-carriage greatly reduced its speed. Leaving the number of people guarding the carriage dropped to zero would seem unacceptable. Aria should be able to tell if the course of the battle changes to my disadvantage, and only then would she step in to help. I discovered the group of monsters around what I presume is an abandoned carriage.
Goblin Lv.4
Standard variation

Its a [Goblin]. It seems that the things that attacked that person were these fellows. There was equipment scattered everywhere in tatters. It looks like he is a situation where he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to being surrounded by 5 goblins. Is that a woman I see. Their skin color was green and stood about 120cm in height. They have a tattered cloth around their waists. It looks like that’s the standard for them. In this fantasy world I would compare them to slimes. Goblins are by no means strong monsters. If someone fought them alone they would probably win, even if they weren’t adventurers. However Goblins are not monster to be reckoned with. That’s because they’re almost never alone, they fight with elementary strategies such as decoy and pincer attack while fighting as a group. In addition they tend to prefer human females over their very own females of the same race. Their gestation is extremely quick, as well as their fast growth. It takes them roughly 2 weeks to reach adulthood. Meanwhile, I proceeded to cut down one goblin from its backside, since it’s a monster disliked most by the female adventurers.


There were three left after my surprise attack. Of course I don’t stay in one place after being detected. The second goblin charges at me from its previous position. I cut off one his arms as he charged at me, and then avoided the rest of his attack by quickly maneuvering my body in time to doge. Now there are only two left. Now the fight is two against two, although it would be cruel if they attacked the female near me. Immediately the Goblins who were taken back by my surprise attack quickly try to recover themselves.

“Aria now!”
-TL: Where did she come from? I thought she was guarding the carriage, unless I miss translated that part?

I quickly look behind the goblins. The two quickly look behind themselves. I can’t overlook such an opportunity. I quickly seized my sword with both hands, as I quickly stepped forward, and sweaped my sword from one side to the other, ending up decapitating both of their heads at once. One can force their way through a fight relying on stats alone, but I used my experience from fighting monsters in the forest. Using a feit as an attack is very effective for monsters that have the same level of intelligence of Goblins. I could have fought a little better if Aria was here and we worked together instead.

“Are you okay?”
“Y, Yes. Thank you for saving me from them. Wait, Its you!?”

“Um? Do I know you from somewhere, oh you’re that female in the Adventurer’s Guild from yesterday.”

Whoops, I remember that it’s the mysterious alchemist I checked that stats of.  But this is an unnecessary thing to say so i’ll withhold that piece of information.

“Ah, yes. I remember you now.”

“Its probably because you’re a cute girl. But didn’t I remind you to be careful last time?”

Emily tried to explain while her face became extremely red.

“You, you think I’m cute!? Oh, I am sorry. I absolutely needed the money…”

“For the time being do you want to head back to your wagon.”

Just as I was talking to her the wagon I’m being paid to guard pulls up.

“Are you alright master?”

“Yeah, there were five goblins. Aria you were right.”

Aira’s ability to accurately detect and predict roughly the number of enemies is amazing. Oh but, there are a few marginal errors in the identifying the exact number, though she wasn’t able to detect if it was a human, demon, or another beastman. It still is very beneficial when you’re searching in the woods.

“I dealt with the 5 goblins easily. I used my experience and abilities.”

Kuresuto looked very impressed as I spoke.

“I was only able to make a surprise attack, since she was being attacked by them.”

I tried telling them about what happened in as much detail as possible.


Poroia seems to be worried about Emily since she was attacked and is a female as well.

“Ah, err… I’m fine. Thank you for having you help me.”

Emily bowed her head slightly as she spoke.

“This far is good enough. I will be alright…”

She began to head back into town after she finished talking. Surely Emily will be able to make it back into town after only an hour of walking since she didn’t get any major injuries from the attack. It will talk her 15 minutes to get out of this dangerous forest. After all this is supposed to be a highway even in the forest or out of it monster rarely appear let alone attack people. I was able to confirm the short sword Emily was using crumbled into pieces.  It looks like Emily was not accustomed to fighting with a sword. Since walking alone without a sword is rather dangerous, I gave her one of my spare swords instead. She still wouldn’t readily accept it without some persuasion.

“I don’t need it you should keep it.”

“Then this is a loan, Swords are very expendable so you don’t need to necessarily return it. You can give me something else in return. I’m an adventurer. I usually head to the Guild just about everyday. Contact me when you’re ready to repay your debt to me.”

In the long-run gain favor with an alchemist goes a long way.

“Yes, sir. I’ll return it without failure.”

Emily says that as she heads back into town.

“Then, shall we continue our departure?

The carriage began to move due to Mr. Kuresuto’s command.


Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 9

Takami no Kago Episode 9

TL note: The dialogue and some of the translations in here are a bit rough, so please forgive me for that. I did the best with what the MT gave me. Other than that Enjoy!

The next day, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild receptionist desk to confirm that I will accept the previous request, but found a strange guy. He kept walking back and forth between the request board and the receptionist desk, he also wore a slightly dirty robe that hid his face.

“Who is that person?”

After staring at this person for a while, I decided to look at their status.


Emily [emī]  Lvl. 3  Alchemist  Age: 14

Endurance: 200

Strength: 35

Agility: 45

Intelligence: 90

Luck: 75

『Curse of Production Obstruction(or)Inhibition』

Effect: A curse is applied to the things produced from this individual.

Target: Herself (Manufacturing)


Ara, it’s a 『Curse』.

However the job category of an Alchemist is rarely seen in the Adventurers Guild. An Alchemist is a type of job that allows them to create anything. Alchemist can make necessary [Potions] which every adventurer needs whether its to cure an abnormal state or a buff, and it’s possible for them to create accessories with special effects. Alchemists can’t make weapons or armors because that is the job of a『Blacksmith master』or just old plain             『Blacksmith』. Alchemists are able to give weapons and armors special effects after they have been made. Needless to say, the effects you get are only slightly better than the ones you already get if they were made by a 『Blacksmith master』.

“However, having a [Curse] that affects production quality seems to be fatal.”

Initially an Alchemist is not a combat related job, but since that curse affects their livelihood it would help explain why they’re currently at the Adventurers Guild. But then again those with a [Curse] are rarely seen at an Adventurer’s Guild.

“Excuse me, are you an adventurer?”

“Indeed I am. Are you different?”

Emily seemed to be surprised by my response. I don’t know why she thought I wasn’t an adventurer.

“If you end up exhibiting such strange behavior in the Adventurer’s Guild, one would think you’re a suspicious person.”

“But, might you perhaps be an adventurer from another town.”

“I don’t look like an Adventurer since I came from another city. With that being said I probably look like a rookie adventurer.”

Usually adventurers start “adventuring” in the place they were born in. They do this on purpose because they usually don’t get any benefits starting out in another town anyways. Also if they do their adventuring near the town they were born in most of the monsters have already been seen or heard of at least. Then in order to test their skills when they become full fledged adventurers they go to other towns and try their luck. In other words the person in front of me can’t be an adventurer from somewhere else. I decided to talk to Emily, while thinking that it has only been about 1 month since I became an adventurer.

“Oh is that so. Well I’m not technically an adventurer yet since I haven’t finished my registration yet.”

“Really? If that’s the case then you can go register yourself at the receptionist desk, because you won’t be able to choose a request until you join.”

I feel like an annoying person trying to tell her what to do.

“Thank you very much. Where is the registration desk ?”

“Over there by the receptionist desk.”

I pointed over to the counter where Lily was at.

“You’ll need to pay 10 Gale [Yen] for the registration fee, so be prepared to do so.”

“But I don’t have any money!”

Wait a minute, what kind of country-bumpkin sheltered female are you. Wait, isn’t it rude for me a person from a different world to think like this ?

“You only have to pay for the registration fee. There is no end to the people who end up registering half-heartedly, even the guild card isn’t free.”

I think that it’s a fair price to only pay 10 yen for both registering and getting a guild card. But if you want to get your card reissued it will cost 100 yen(Gale).

“It can’t be. Even with all the money I have on me I only have 10 yen(Gale).”

Don’t junior high school students carry roughly 1,000 yen on hand.

“Well, you could give up on a request if you find it impossible to complete.”

“I, I absolutely need the money!”

“How much?”

“…15 Gold coins.”

“Well, that’s impossible. As far as I know the only way you could get 15 gold coins fast will have to be if you were able to complete a dragon subjugation, since that is the only request with 15 gold coins as the reward.”

“I heard that Adventurers could earn money. Its okay if I don’t earn all of the money at once!”

This girl, dreams of being an adventurer.

“Even if you compare the earnings of first-rate adventurers to average ones, they certainly make more. But, that isn’t the only reason they earn that much money.”

Even though I have just started adventuring, my body still aches from it. The most I can make a day even with my “cheat” abilities is about 1 gold.

“B,but, I know I will.”

“Well, in the case of killing monsters, its feasible if you claim the reward and sell off any loot you gain from killing them.”

But I think 15 gold is too much.

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

Emily turns and walks toward the receptionist desk looking uneasy. Is she alright ?

“This might sound unreasonable. I won’t be back here for about 10 days due to work, when I do come back I would like to make arrangements with you.”

I faced her, and waved my hand towards Emily where she lowered her head, and I left the Adventurer’s guild. I’ll be leaving for Wereo village tomorrow. It is necessary to begin making preparations. I already made previous arrangements with Aria, in order to hasten our travelling.


Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 8

Takami no Kago Episode 8

The merchants office was located near the West Gate of the city, just off the main street.

『Kuresuto Company』

“Is this it ?”

The town of Brett is in the center of the Angle continent, but the capital city of the Angle kingdom is on the west side of the continent.

The East side of the Angle kingdom is treated as a frontier, so it clearly has more monsters inhabiting this side as well has far more monster’s surprise attacks. The west side of Brett is mostly where all of the noble live in.

I don’t see anything wrong with the high-class [Jade Fabric] goods.

“Master, the guard in the merchant’s office is glaring at us.”

Aria looks like she was half-crying when she said that. I have never set foot in the West District where nobles live in. Probably because of anxiety Aria grabbed my sleeve and didn’t let go of it.

“It’s all right. we are probably stronger than that guy over there anyways.”

I confirmed the guards stat’s, and their levels are 2 and 3.

If they had such strong guards in the first place, why would they request the Adventurer’s Guild for help. Do I have to make a request to the guards in order to speak with the merchant.

“Um, we’re the people sent from the Adventurer’s Guild. Is Mr. Kuresuto home?”

The clients name was Kuresuto from the Kuresuto Company. In other words he would be the owner of this place, and the guards employer.

“Why do you need to speak with Mr. Kuresuto?”

Guard A seems to be looking down on me with a very condescending attitude. Guard B is only glaring at me with his eyes, what’s up with these hostile guys.

“I am here about the request Mr. Kuresuto made to the Adventurer’s Guild. I asked you if I could see him because I wanted to confirm this matter.”

From a civilian’s standpoint, this merchant is very wealthy and does business with prominent aristocrats. I should listen to what he has to say before I open my mouth. I shouldn’t really worry about this, except I need to be polite when I have to get my point across. In a very Japanese-like manner Hibiki politely spoke to the guards.

“I didn’t hear anything about a visitor coming. Go home.”

Guard A is trying to force me to comply using his intimidation. I’ll go home if they continue to be this persistent.  I decided that would be the best course of action.

“Anyway, since I just rushed over here, you might have not been informed that I was coming. I’m sorry, but could you please check again?”

I can only hope that they pass this on to Mr. Kuresuto if they refuse to check, because I’m going home if they refuse. In a moment guard A declared without any hesitation.

“I won’t do it now. Come back later.”

“I see well then, please forgive my impoliteness for today.”

Since he said so, I turned around and was about to head home.

“Wait a minute. Are you the adventurers sent by the Adventurer’s Guild?”

There was a stout man around the age of 40, with nicely tailored clothes on, standing at the entrance of the building.」

“I’m sorry about what happened to you earlier. Even though you’re an adventurer you’re as polite as a noble. On the contrary, as for our guards.”

This man was glaring at guard A while he said that. When guard A noticed the glare his face went pale.

“I, I’m very sorry sir!”

“I’ve had enough already. You will receive your punishment later. I was almost about to lose this relationship with this adventurer directly because of your actions.”

“Th, This can’t be!?”

“Shut up. Be silent and go stand over there until I say otherwise!”

After that guy said that, he urgently welcomed Hibiki into his mansion.

The inside of this house seemed to be overflowing with expensive furniture and priceless goods. However, that way it was all arranged inside made it not look distasteful. The inside of this house almost give off a feeling of nobility in it. Just like that Aria and I were guided down the hallway into the meeting room, and were quickly prompted to sit down on a sofa to begin the interview.

“This is the Kuresuto Company’s chamber of commerce. First of all, I have to apologize about the way you were treated earlier.”

“Er, don’t worry about it. He was just doing his job properly.”

“I’m happy when you say it like that.”

“I would like to talk about the matter you were making a request about more than that.”

I said that, and Kuresuto[Crest] nodded.

“The request states that we have to guard your wagon carrying your goods. Which will take approximately 3 days for us to reach Wereo village. We’ll stay in Wereo village for 2 days, while you purchase the good, and escort you back to Brett.

It’s about 6 days long round trip. Making it 8 days if we included the 2 days we stay there. It’s our first time traveling, but I think we’ll be alright.

“I understand what the request is saying. Although there are things I would like to confirm with you, the most important being. We are looking forward into making Brett our base of operations. Even if we go with you to Wereo village, we don’t know anything about it, or even where it’s even located.”

Mr. Kuresuto [Crest] made a gesture as if he was thinking, then slightly nodded. I don’t think he’ll have any problems.

“I have someone from Wereo village right here in my chamber of commerce. We could ask her to guide us while we are traveling so there wouldn’t be any problems.”

“I understand. But so far you have judged 4 pairs of adventurers so far and they have all failed, but how would you say we did?”

I only said that because I hate being rejected. And I would rather confirm it ahead of time as opposed to waiting.

“Of course. If an adventurer has a [Divine Gift] and acts just like nobles, then there’s no problem.”

Hmm, looks like the four set of adventurer’s that came before me were all disqualified for arguing with the guard outside. I think the test was to see if you could act like a nobleman instead of acting like a barbarian, while talking to the guard. It is also most likely that the guards outside were deliberately instructed to act like that to any adventurers coming for this request. Looks like they really don’t want anyone to be causing problems for them in Wereo Village. Even though Mr.  Kuresuto [Crest] seems like a good person, he is still a very wealthy merchant, who also deals with a lot of prominent noble figures, so he obviously doesn’t want anyone causing trouble for him.

Throughout this discussion Aria hasn’t said one word, except for when she made a difficult face.

“Are you okay Aria?”

When I talked to her, she made a relieved face and affectionately clung to me.

“What a relief. You’re still the same as ever master.”


She seems to have been confused because of the way I was talking drastically changed especially when I was speaking to the guards. It seems my humble way of talking looked rather ridiculous to Aria. I thought about what happened and decided to explain to Aria that depending on the person I was talking to, I had to adapt my speech to fit them and the conversation. Looks like she still doesn’t understand, looks like we should go to bed soon.

“At times it is necessary to humble oneself!”

The next morning I could see Aria talking to Lily about what I explained to her last night. I told you, it was a secret last night.

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 7

Takami no Kago Episode 7

On the same day as Aria’s first mission, we returned to the Adventurer’s Guild once we left the forest, we then received more money than I thought we would receive. Up until now we secluded ourselves in the forest from dawn till sunset slaying about 100 monsters or so. After we sold our the best monster loot, and collected our reward money of 2-3 large silver coins (roughly 20-300,00 yen). I calculated that today’s earning was 5 large silver coins, approximately double what the minimum payment usually is. Well, that’s obvious because there were two of us hunting instead of 1 person by themselves. Also, because we hunted a lot of monsters over a large span of time helped us.

“Aria’s fast movements helped us greatly.”

Aria looked like she was about to cry from what I just said.

“I, I’m sorry. I hope I didn’t say anything to make you cry.”

I tried to quickly apologize, thinking I made Aria cry.

“This is the first time anyone has said I was useful.”

Even Though she was crying, Aria still looked beautiful. For several days we decided to make good use of our [Slime Fountain] hunting grounds, as we continued to hunt monster around or near it. Our concern about the cost of our living expenses quickly disappeared once we completed more monster subjugations, even now I’m very happy living with Aria. Our happy days continued for 10 day, in which we gained several levels, then we received word from the Adventurer’s Guild requesting two people.

“Escort a merchant?”

The Adventurer’s Guild receptionist Lily told us about a mission that had to be absolutely completed, so we listened to Lily who told us the details.

“It’s about three days from here by horse-drawn carriage, you’ll travel to Wereo village and return to Bureto. I would like you both to be the bodyguards for that time.”

“But, why us?”

It hasn’t even been 1 month since Aria and I registered as adventurers, so why would they request a novice party like us. I feel like there is something more to this that she isn’t telling us.

“Actually this was requested to us by the merchants, they said that a party with a couple of adventurers with a [Divine Gift] would be best.”

“Why would they make such a demand?”

I see that there’s demand for people with a [Divine Gift]. Aren’t there other adventurers in this city, with decent [Divine Abilities]. They could pick anyone with one. Yet, why are they specifying that they want a small party for this quest. There’s something suspicious about this.

“For that reason a few people in this town decided that you two would be best.”

“Do what exactly?”

“Protect the merchant as he buys that village’s specialty, [Jade Textile] and few other things.”

“[Jade Textile]!?”

Aria looks like she got excited by that.

“What’s so good about it?”

These two can’t seem to comprehend what I just said, so they both let out a sigh.

“[Jade Textile] is silk made from silk worms that have eaten magically infused pellets, so the fabric has magical properties.”

“Oh really. You seem well informed.”

“[Jade Textile] is a very popular commodity among women. Clothes made from [Jade Silk] are said to be worth several gold coins.”

You wearing 1 million yens worth of fabric, amazing.”

“I take it that only Were village produces it?”

Although I think they should increase their supplies since there’s such a high demand but…

“Their manufacturing methods are a secret, They say that you can’t make Jade Silk anywhere else.”

First of all, don’t you have to feed the silkworms these gems first? Or is it extremely hard to make them? They’re monopolizing this, I guess this country doesn’t have laws against this yet.

“Because of this you can’t bring a lot of people to this place. This request came to us because the usual adventurers this merchant always hires are all dead.”

I see, now that’s why he requested for a small party to protect him, since the request came at short noticed. I guess that’s reasonable. Meanwhile Aria is humbly looking at me, quietly hoping that I accept this request. I guess she really want to see the [Jade Textile] since it’s written all over her face.

“Lily, is it possible to meet the client first?”

“Yes, of course. I see you want to ask them a few questions before officially accepting this.”

“I want to meet the client first, and If I don’t like that the mission entails, then I won’t accept it.”

That way I can refuse this quest if the merchant doesn’t like us. The quest’s reward isn’t too bad either, the advance payment is 2 big silver coins, and upon completion you get 8 large silver coins. Also there are additional rewards, considering the amount of times we might get attacked by monsters, the money we would get from selling their loot would also give us more money as well. Because of the additional rewards, we will earn money to the utmost.

“I understand. I would like to only have the interview for now.”

“Aha. I make that request. It would be nice if Hibiki does it.”

Lily looked relieved as she sighed.

“Were you that concerned about it?”

I was curious so I asked Lily.”

“Yeah I already asked several other parties, but they all declined the request.”

I see, that why you didn’t ask us first, since even if we have [Divine Gifts] we’re still inexperienced adventurers.

“Well, I still might end up not accepting the request. By the way how many pairs did you ask before us?”

“ 4 pairs, you guys will be the 5th group I’ve asked so far. Eventually we’ll have a list of everyone who at least has a [Divine Gift]. I hope you do well. Please go to this residency this afternoon, since you wanted to interview the client.”

I wonder why the client who only hires senior-adventurers, would suddenly put out a notice accepting novice adventurers for this task. Even though I was a little nervous Aria and I made our way to the client’s office.


Translator Note:

Also if you want go back to episode 4 and read a comment by the user: Xias, I think you’ll all enjoy reading what he has to say since it makes a lot of sense and enlightened me surprisingly.

Also, I have to apologize at a points while MT this, I got very confused since it typically happens while the characters were talking in this chapter. So if you got confused at some points that is my fault sorry.

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 6

Takami no Kago Episode 6

In a forest, approximately 15 minute walk away from the city of Bureto. This is the place where the Sharp Wolves from the subjugation quest live. That being said, monster typically attack people who enter this forest. Even now I had to deal with monster.


Aria slashes at the slime with her sword, thus cutting the slime in two.

“Good job.”

As I was congratulating Aria, she picked up [Liver of Slime], which probably was the slimes item drop.

“Right, thank you.”

“That fight went well.”

Even now as monsters try attacking us, Aria cutts them all down with a single strike.

“These monsters a definitely weaker than the ones attacking my village. It still builds character.”

Aria replied happily. Its probably because Aria was already very strong.

“I see. But don’t let your guard down even if you see a Sharp Wolf.”

“Yeah, I heard Sharp Wolves are very fast, and their offensive power isn’t one to joke with either. But I also heard slime and worm monsters are the weakest.”

Aria searches her surroundings with diligence. Aria notices that there isn’t another living creatures presence in our vicinity. It would be in our best interest to check our current traveling status.

“But, my body feels very light. Back in my village when I fought a slime, my breathing became very ragged.”

“Well, I did remove your [Curse].”

“Is that so?”

I thought so,  Aria did not know the true nature of her [Curse] after all.

Aria’s curse caused all of her stats to decrease.

Now that her [Curse] has been removed, and her stats have improved thanks to her [Divine Ability]. No wonder her body feels different, since it’s no longer being restricted.

“My [Curse] was really removed.”

“You still don’t believe me?”

“No, master wouldn’t tell me lies. However, I’ve always had this [Curse] since I was born…”

It’s true she was born with the [Curse], and had to live with it for more than 10 years. And I’m the guy who told her just yesterday that her [Curse] was removed. Obviously that would sound like a suspicious story. At-least Aria’s faith in me has gradually risen.

“But I’m convinced now. Master is a wonderful person after all.”

Ara, Aria looking at me beaming with respect. I think I just won over her trust.

“For now let’s head a little deeper into the forest. Aria tell me if you see any creature movements.”

“I certainly will.”

“There’s something over there.”

Aria replied as we continued to advance, now more slowly than before.

“What is it? A monster?”

“I don’t know. But there are signs of a living creature here.”

I understood what she meant, so we proceeded with extreme caution. There was something off about this place.

“What’s that?”

Looks like there’s a liquid coming out like spring water, but it’s definitely not water. The thick liquid gathered in a pool.

“Its a [Slime Fountain]. This is the first time I’ve seen one.”

“Slime Fountain?”

Aria replies like a parrot.

“They say [Slime Fountains] appear in dark forests with excess magic power.”

The [Slime Fountain] keeps producing slime as its name states. And other monsters obtain magic powers from eating it. The cells of a monster start to rapidly change, once they’re infused with magic. In other words the [Slime Fountain produces slime, other monster eat the slime and are baited into eating from the fountain, and get magic in the process.

“That means monsters gather around [Slime Fountains].”

“So an adventure has to have confidence in themselves, because many end up stalking this [Slime Fountains] waiting for monster to appear.”

“Does that mean there are others here besides us?”

“No, there doesn’t seem to be anyone around us. It’s either that or this spring was made recently, so no one has found it yet.”

“Indeed, so if we wait here does that mean Sharp Wolves will appear too.”

“Yes, because Sharp Wolves are also monsters that eat slimes.”

Speak of the devil a Sharp Wolf has appeared, just after I finished talking.

A Sharp Wolf, just like its name suggests, it has very quick and sharp moments. In comparison this Sharp Wolf is about two sizes larger than an average one, a single attack from it is comparable to that of a bears. In fact these guys often attack in packs just like regular wolves. Therefore, a Sharp Wolf is often referred to as a the 『Rookie Killer』.


The Sharp Wolf’s growl quickly shut me and Aria up, but we noticed it had 17 health. Usually in less than a week a rookie adventurer would’ve been killed. After all there are very few cases where a novice adventurer challenges a pack of [Sharp Wolves]. It’s common sense to form a party, and hunt them when your party has greater numbers. However, in this case just with two people would be insane.


And like that Jinno killed the nearest [Sharp Wolf], in one attack still raising his voice. Aria’s speed greatly surpassed that of the [Sharp Wolf]. Both of them possessed strength that defied common sense. By overwhelming the [Sharp Wolfs] with their superior stats, Jinno and Aria were able to make quick work of their numbers.

“Good, we defeated them all.”

I said that as I defeated the [Sharp Wolfs] leader, laying his body down.

“Yes, I was able to handle the other [Sharp Wolfs] as well. They were a little fast, but I’m alright.”

Aria answered as she collected the [Sharp Wolfs] dropped items, the [Sharp Wolfs Fang]. With this fight Jinno was convinced. Aria is considerably strong.

“I don’t think the [Sharp Wolfs] were much of a threat at all.”

“That’s because you’re insanely strong Aria.”

Without any hesitation, she is definitely strong! I ignore my own faults and evaluate Aria.

“We completed the monster subjugation request right, since it only asked us to kill 10.”

“Let’s get a few more, I still want to fight.”

“I understand. Let’s continue hunting until sunset.”

Today we continued fighting monsters looking for more [Sharp Wolfs] until we were exhausted, but still continued to mow down other monsters in our path. After getting our money from the guild, we went back to the Inn to confirm whether our statuses had risen.


Hibiki Jinno    Lv.6

Swordsman   age: 16

Endurance:             450(+150)

Strength:                 90(+30)

Agility:                   90(+30)

Intelligence:            203(+68)

Luck:                      375(+125)

[The Divine Protection of the Battle God] Rise status of combat job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target   Party

[The Divine Protection of Wisdom God]   Rise status of magic job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of Carpenter God] Rise status of production workers (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of Healing God] Rise status of sacred job (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God] Able to check the status of anything.  Target:    Myself

[Divine protection of Trade(Merchant) God]  Effect: Makes trading advantageous.  Target:  Myself

[Divine protection of Light]  Effect: Cures all abnormal status effects. Target:   Who I designate


Aria       Lvl.5

Warrior  Age:15

Endurance:             840(+280)

Strength:                 252(+84)

Agility:                   483(+161)

Intelligence:            132(+44)

Luck:                     132(+44)

『Divine Protection of God of Battle (War) Follower』Rise status of combat capabilities [Large].  Target: Self


Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 5

Takami no Kago Episode 5

After our night together, the next day we first went to an equipment shop to buy aria’s equipment.

“Anyway, what collar would you like?”

Several collars are lined up in front of me.

“Uh, I don’t know, so why don’t you choose one master.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, because I want to wear the collar master chooses.”

She’s such a good girl. For now I’ll choose a collar with good defensive abilities for Aria to wear.

“Is this one alright?”

“Yes, Thank you.”

“Then here put it on me.”

After receiving confirmation from Aria, I went behind her to put the collar (necklace) on her. Holding it firmly in my hands I place it around Aria’s neck. I then secured the red leather collar around her neck. It then magically configure itself to fit Aria’s neck perfectly, without a doubt this is an accessory. When I checked the status of the collar, I saw that it changed to [Aria’s Collar].

“With this, I’m now master’s slave entirely.”

I could help but be happy for Aria who said that so cheerfully, probably because she had no one to relate to, with the exception of her dead parents. And to be completely honest, I’m glad she feels relaxed around me. Even if I am the only person in this world, I can’t help but feel at peace with her as my companion.

For my personal equipment I have similar l『Leather armor』『Leather shoes』『Leather gauntlet』,『Iron Sword』, 『Wooden Shield』.

I bought the whole set for 5 big silver coins. Aria’s looked worried seeing this.

“Um master, will I be safe entering the guild?”

She seemed to be nervously thinking about it. They’ll probably still be worried about her [Curse]

“Its okay. We’ll just go to the guild next.”

And so we left the equipment shop.

“Now that I think about it, have you fought any monster Aria?”

I listened waiting for her response.

“Ah yes, because monsters often came to our village, when they left the forest.”

I wonder if your level rises when you fight.

“Is it alright if I wear my equipment.”

Whatever, it will probably be alright.

Even if I look at their stats, they seem strong enough to me.

“Ah, this is a pain wearing this even if its necessary.”

While I was thinking out-loud, we arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild.

“Welcome. Is that you Jinno. Who’s the girl with you?”

The person that called out to me was a beautiful women behind the counter. Her name is Lily, she’s the one who helped me get registered her at first, and I’m greatly indebted to her.

“Hello Lily. This is Aria. She going to become a member of my party. Aria, meet Lilly. She works in this guild, so it’s best not to offend her, alright.”

I introduced both of them as we approached Lilly’s reception desk.

“Ah, um. Please take care of me.”

Once again Aria did a polite bow after saying that.

“Okay will do.”

Lily answered while waving her hand. After that she briefly glared at me. Did I do something to offend her, I’m scared.

“For now, I would like to get Aria registered.”

I asked Lily while giving her a 1 large copper coin registration fee.

“Hai,Hai. Is Aria you slave since she’s wearing a collar. If that’s the case, then Aria write your name here, and Jinno put your name in the column for master.”

That’s what Lily said after glancing at Aria’s collar for a moment.

I don’t know what to say, since it’s quite common for adventurers to have slave in their parties. They usually have to carry extra luggage, disarm dangerous dungeon traps, and be used as a meat shield while their master runs away.

“Here you go. This is your Guild registration card.”

“Oh, thank you very much.”

Aria grabbed the guild card with her hand. She looks over her guild card timidly. The guild card uses magic, but is made out of some weird metal. It display her personal identification, monster subjugation history, as well as various other things. And on the card is doesn’t say [Curse] anywhere on it. Aria looks at me once she understood what that meant. I gave her a nod to show my own confirmation.

“Well, Aria for our first mission, is there anything you want to do?”

Although I wanted to start out with a small monster subjugation request first, but if Aria is afraid, I’ll have to take things slow with her. Even though Aria shows me a face full of determination, I know she’s still very nervous mentally.

“I would like to receive the Sharp Wolf subjugation request.”

I heard her say Sharp Wolf, as I look at Aria with astonishment she’s grinning from ear to ear. Everyone looks at us. Aria who noticed everyone staring at us, looks at me with her head to one side puzzled.

“As expected of a member of Jinno’s party.”

“Ah, I don’t know about this Aria.”

“Ara, is that a no?”


Lily who saw Aria’s puzzled face, began to speak.

“His first mission was also a subjugation of Sharp Wolves.”

“Is that so?”

For an Adventurer Sharp Wolves are a gateway for inexperienced. But why is Lily smirking.

“ I was so surprised when he came back that evening with the material from 50 sharp wolf bodies.”

T/N: [basically proof as to show you killed them]

“50 bodies?”

“That’s just because I accidentally found a pack of them.”

I quickly tried to make an excuse.

“Even if someone found a pack of 50 Sharp Wolves, not even a mid-tier(class) adventure would fight with them.”

Aria also noded in agreement. Which side are you on, mine or hers.

“It just kinda happened by chance.”

It was thanks to my [Divine Protection], I was able to strengthen my stats and sword, which helped me kill 50 Sharp Wolves. Even though I finished hunting the 50 Sharp Wolves in an hour while running around, still even with an [Ability] it would be abnormal for an adventurer’s first time.

“ I knew it, master sure is amazing.”

Aria’s eyes are brimming with respect.

“Yeah, if you go with him a Sharp Wolf would be nothing in comparison. Gambatte.”

T/N: Every now and again ill leave the romanji Japanese word in because that English counterpart feels like it takes away the meaning. Anyways if you have ever watched Anime you would know these words by now.

“Yes, I’ll do my best.”

Thus, we left to begin my first mission with Aria.

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 4

Episode 4

When I returned to the usual Inn, I asked them to change it to a double room. Switching rooms went smoothly, since there was almost no luggage. Well, seeing as how I bought Aria on impulse, she has almost nothing in this room for her. For the time being I should talk to Aria, in order to get to know her better.

“I’m Jinno. I’m an adventurer. Please take care of me.”

“Ah, okay. Thank you.”

Aria then bowed before me.

“Ah, err…I’m possessed by a [Curse], but master is an adventurer?”

Aria seemed worried about this. Well, in some cases adventurers are in a life or death situation, and it would seem impossible to team up with someone who has a [Curse] when they themselves don’t even know the effects of it. Naturally they would feel like they would be forced to search dungeons or forests by themselves.

“That would be correct. You’ll help me search (explore) Aria. Of course there is no need to worry Aria, because we will explore together safely.”

“Oh, thank you!”

That was an exaggerated bow. I see that her tail is vigorously wagging, as her head is still lowered.

“Well then, please look after me.”

While looking at her I thought of something.

“Aria come here.”

When I called Aria over, she cautiously approached me. Hmmm, I wonder why she’s weary of me.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to do anything harmful to you, just come here.”

“O, Okay.”

I place my hand on her shoulder and consciously try and activate [Divine protection of Light].

Then just for a moment the entire room was covered in a blinding light, before everything went back to normal again.

Feeling optimistic I check Arias status.


Aria       Lvl.4        Age: 15

Physical Strength   750(+250)

Muscle Strength     240(+80)

Agility                   465(+155)

Intelligence            120(+40)

Luck                      120(+80)

『Divine Protection of God of Battle (War) Follower』Status rise of effect combat capabilities.  Target: Self


I see that [Curse] is now gone, but it was replaced by [Divine Protection of God of Battle (War) Follower] increasing her stats. Isn’t this girl like absurdly strong.

“What was that light just now?” (Aria)

Aria tried to ask me hurriedly.

“I just removed your curse.”

I answered her almost as if it were nothing.

“Eh!, you could do that?”

After all those who are born with a [Curse] know that it can’t be removed, but with [Divine protection of Light] it allows me to cure any abnormal statuses/effects.

“It’s because of one of my『Divine Protection』abilities.”

In this world having a『Divine Protection』ability is extremely valuable. Even so the only person who know the full extent of the『Divine Protection』ability is the one who received it.

T/N: Lol didn’t you just look at Aria’s 『Divine Protection』ability just a moment ago?

For example, even if you traveled to the guild to register, and were able to slay 10 monsters, even if you surprised everyone and collected the animal’s items, all you would have to say is you used [Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God] to aide you. With just that everyone will be satisfied, and no longer ask you questions.

“I have a『Divine Protection』ability.”

“Th, That’s  very impressive. You’re the first person I have ever met with a『Divine Protection』ability.”

“That’s because I don’t want everyone to know I have one, so please keep it a secret that I was able to remove your [Curse].

“Okay! But did my [Curse] really just disappear like that?”

“Thank you being understanding. And if you really don’t believe me, we’ll go the the Adventurer’s Guild tomorrow so you can see for yourself.”

[Divine Protection] as well as [Curse] are written on my card. This is probably because [Divine Protection] affects my surroundings, which could prove to be a bad thing of course.

“I, I never meant to doubt master, but….” (Aria)

“Even If I suddenly told you your [Curse] had finally disappeared just like that instantly, obviously you would have your own doubts. But I don’t mind it because tomorrow when you get your Adventurers Card you’ll see for yourself.”

“Oo, okay then.”

“Since I just bought you Aria on a whim, I’ll now have to buy you your own equipment and household necessities.”

“Ehh? What do you mean you had no intention of buying me at first now master, didn’t you by me because you needed a slave?”

After-all someone doesn’t just buy slaves on impulse.

“Ah, That’s because I thought you were pretty, so I decided to buy you.”

I spoke truthfully, I didn’t tell any lies. Even if she still remains curious about whether her [Curse] is actually gone or not, it’s gone and that is an undeniable fact.

“Ahhh. You think I’m cute”

Aria put her hand on her check, she was hot red and intensely blushing. I guess she can make cute gestures to. Unconsciously I held her close to me, and sat down on the bed with her. I wont do anything else for now…I’ll wait patiently for the time to come.

T/N: I like where this is going. You know what they say the more beautiful a lilly is the more you want to corrupt it….or is that just me… *Goes to a corner*

Aria seems to have a very modest character. I wonder if its because she had a [Curse] for such a long time. Excluding the fact her parents died, I don’t think she’s changed very much.

“I’m glad that a very gentle master bought me.”

When she said that I panicked because tears started to form in her eyes. Oh dear I’m just a plain adventurer, that bought a cheap slave, so what is this feeling I’m having right now. It looks like she was worried that she would have been used as a disposable meat shield. Holding Aria close to me, I begin to fall into our embrace.

“The necessities are clothes?  I don’t know much about Tiger Beast-People, so do you have any preferences?”

I asked Aria this question while I stroked the backside of her tiger ears. I thought Tiger Beast-Man were similar to tigers in which they eat raw meat, this apparently doesn’t seem to be the case. Aria still seems to be a little nervous, every now and then she looks up and me, only to quickly push her head back into my chest out of sheer embarrassment.

“Will I be wearing a collar, master?”

She murmured that with a bright red face. Don’t talk about such hobbies. I was taken back slightly, so I’ll ask again.


“Yes, because beast slaves are obligated to wear collars.”

“Well…I wonder if this is unavoidable or an obligation, besides?”

I see. I don’t know if this is a wonderful hobby, or if it’s a duty to follow it no matter what.

“I think its the same everywhere for all slaves.”

“Even if I wanted you to wear a collar, where would I get one. Do they sell them in as tailor’s shop?”

I stroked Aria’s tail as she listened. As i carefully stroke her tail from its base to the tip, I can feel Aria’s body shudder with excitement. I did this while thinking of the cat at my parents house that loved to be patted here.

“Yeah, I think they sell them. Or you can buy one at and equipment store.”

“Is a collar sold at an equipment shop, because they treat it likes an accessory?”

“Yeah, they treat it as equipment for your head.”

“Then, I’ll by a collar at an equipment shop tomorrow.”

“Okay, thank you.”

My hands throughout this conversation did not stop stroking Aria’s ears and tail. Aria’s eyes moistened a bit, but she entrusted her body to me. It seems that some『Accessory Equipment』is made from collecting materials from the monsters you have captured or slain. Because of magic, [Accessories] are able to fit almost anyone’s body-type without any alterations. They’re usually more durable and sharper than most armors and weapons.

In addition to that you can only put one [Accessory] to each part of the body. You’re can wear accessories that don’t match on different parts on your body without having any consequences. Let’s say if you put on a ring, then you can’t wear anymore rings, but bracelets and earrings are fine. Whether it’s realistic or made up fantasy I’m not to sure of either. If you’re wearing a collar you wouldn’t be allowed to wear any other head accessory equipment at all, and that’s why it’s best not to wear weak accessories. Today I was able to eat dinner, take a bath, and sleep in the same bed as Aria. Aria was cute even as she laid in bed. I truly made a good investment.


Note from Translator

Hope you enjoyed read chapter 4. Feel free to comment and let me know what you think of this book so far, and as point out any mistakes you see that I may have made as well. Other than that hope you enjoy the New Year to the fullest!

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 3

Episode 3

On my way back from the guild, there was a large crowd of people forming on the main street.

“Today for our last merchandise we have a girl from the Tiger-beast people. For this fellow I’m willing to sell her for 2 measly gold coins!”

Looks like a slave dealer. He seems to be respected by those around him, since he sells good slaves. Therefore if I want to purchase a slave I need to be rich or a noble? Nobles don’t live around here, yet most of the building on the main street are big, plus the Adventurer’s Guild is nearby. This is probably the way this guy does business, aiming at these type of people.

It’s really getting noisy around here. Let’s see 2 gold coins is roughly 2 million yen. That’s a lot of money for just a slave, considering it’s relatively cheap to live freely. It’s 1/10 of the market price if I make a bad purchase.

“This kind of this is insignificant?”

“This fellow, has『Curse』Possession.”

After hearing that most of the surrounding people lose interest and leave, only leaving one person remaining, the slave dealer.

“Ahh! It’s okay to be around her, because i’m around her and I’m fine!”

“ This isn’t a joke! Who in their right minds buys a slave that has『Curse』Possession!”

If『Divine protection』is a god’s present, then『Curse』 is said to be perverseness present from a malevolent deity. Its effect varies just as『Divine protection. However unlike『Divine protection, the person with『Curse』doesn’t even know what the effects are.

The biggest difference between my [Divine protection] and [Curse] is that [Curse] can spread to other people. Therefore a [Curse] is widely disliked. There are a lot of things you can [Curse] in this world. For example if an item dropped from a treasure chest in a dungeon was [Cursed], then it is said that the higher a level demon there is the most likely they applied the [Curse] on the item(s) then.

However, there are only a few things that can maintain a  [Cursed] status for a long period of time. In those cases, the church can perform [Dispel Curse], in order to get rid of the status. The church supports excellent adventurers, since it’s against the church’s doctrine to have monsters and demons dwelling in dungeons.

Although the dispatch of priests are being carried out in every Adventurer’s Guild is a timely manner, the true purpose of this was to get income from the occasional adventurer in need of a priest’s help. God’s clergyman “healers” can use recovery magic, and other abnormal recovery magics, in addition to [Dispel Curse]. Therefore is there is at-least one healer in a part, their survivability rates dramatically increases. For an adventurer, someone with [Healing Priest] as their [job category] is someone you want very badly. And when adventurers get or come into contact with a [Curse] that they don’t know about, they employ a [Priest]. And that’s how the church makes money off adventurers. Being a priest in an adventures party is only like a part-time job when earning money, because every time adventurers need a [Priest] they have to go to a church to get one. And when they go to a church they give an [Offering] as well. Therefore a person who has received a [Curse] from a monster or dungeon, get the [Curse] quickly dispelled. Even at the minimum an adventurer can get their [Curse] dispelled when they’re returning to a town.

T/N: I know you might get a little confused here don’t worry, all it really says is that there are certain priest within a church that can do more than an average one, which makes them highly sought after.

However, not all “Curse spells” can be removed. For example if you were born with a [Curse] congenitally, that [Curse] effect seems to be so strong that even when a priest uses [Dispel Curse] it doesn’t work at all. In other words it’s highly likely that this female of the Tiger Beast-man was born with this [Curse] status, then that would mean the [Curse] strength in her would be very strong. Suddenly the [Divine protection of Judgement(Appraisal) God] activates as I look in the eyes of the female Tiger Beast-man. It displays her status.


Aria       Lvl.4        Age: 15

Physical Strength   250(-250)

Muscle Strength     80(-80)

Agility                   155(-155)

Intelligence            40(-40)

Luck                      0(-80)

『Curse of restraint』Causes the target to have zero luck, and reduces all stats to zero.

T/N: After translating most of Ch.4 I made and error with the curse. The number in front of the parenthesis’s is half of the original, and then it’s subtracted from it again, hence the number in the parenthesis. If you still don’t get it just be on the look out for Ch. 4 then, because that should clear this mess up. 


Wow that’s an incredible curse that halves the persons stats. Aria you may have noticed by now that I have been staring at your absentminded face for a while now. Yes, she’s a pretty girl. The bright color of her short hair, made her look cute, although it was a little dirty. Excellent female figure. Its the kind of body that instantly draws in your attention.

“Damn it I thought so! If it comes down to it I’ll just throw her in a dungeon until she dies”

I have to say that sounds quite dangerous. Perhaps I should think about buying her, and bringing her with me into dungeons. However, why would the slave dealer try and sell someone who has the [Curse] status. I think he half expected this sort of thing to happen.

“Just a moment?”

“Oi, you want to buy this girl?”

The slave dealer answered a little desperately. I wonder if he has given up on selling her.

“I think depending on a condition.”

“Really! you want to buy this girl?”

The male slave dealer’s eye widened with excitement.

“Why do you want to buy this girl with a [Curse] status even though no one else will?”

“Well, is there a rule stating that you can buy something that a slave dealer is selling.”

“Is there such a rule?”

“Indeed, It has been determined that slave trading is legal in this country. I was just wondering since I want to know as much as possible about this [Curse]

Since in this country its not required to state if someone has a [Curse], since there is no way of managing it. To do so one would have to go to the Adventurer’s Guild and get it registered just like my [Divine Protection] gift.

“This girl was treated as a good-for-nothing in her village. Even her strength for a Tiger Beast-man is weak.”

Aria put her head down. Its seem likes its fatal for a Tiger Beast-man to be weak. Nobody seemed to want to take care of her in her village, after her parents died. Therefore, is seems like they sold her into slavery. However I question that. Her Agility seems higher than me, and she’s level. 4 even if her stats have been reduced by the curse, she’s still very impressive.

“Tentatively, I can do the dishes and house cleaning. But as for my combat abilities they’re very weak, even though I’m from the Tiger Beast-man tribe.”

“I see but what about the price?”

T/N: Just buy her already you imbecile. What more do you need? A divine message from one of the Gods that protect you?

I have full intentions of purchasing Aria, but not at full price. The amount of cash I have on hand is kind of low, so I would like to haggle the price down a bit. The present attitude of the slave dealer tells me he would have to sell her right away, but would he give me her at a discount.

When I first came into this world I was by myself, which made me slightly nervous at first. I want someone else to rely on. In addition, I would like to try it. Aria started at me regrettably, while the slave dealer gave a big nod.

“This child is hopeless, if I don’t sell her now I would be at a loss, what if I sold her for 15,000 Gal.”

Now that’s cheap. I wonder if the [Divine protection of the Trade(Merchant) God] kicked in?

“I see. That’s a fair price.”

I took out 2 gold coins from my leather skin bag.

“Oh, aha!”

The slave dealer quickly took the 2 gold coins and gave me back large silver coins and silver coins.

“Look here, that man is your master.”

While saying that he pushed Aria’s back bringing her closer to me, while the slave dealer began to leave.

“Ah, thank you master.”

Aria stopped several steps from my side, and thanked me like this. When I thought about it after a while, I realized that Aria was staring at me.

“In addition to I hope you treat me well Aria. Is it always this open in this area. However a very good guy owns a merchant trading office, you may visit it if you would like, but my shop Kyaruto Company is located near the east gate of the city.”

T/N: I probably got the name of the store wrong, so don’t hold it against me.

“I understand.”

Ever since the slave dealer sold Aria, ha has begun cleaning up his street stall cheerfully.

“Well then, we should go.”

I decided to lead Aria to the usual Inn by pulling her hand along with me.

“Oh, okay.”

Aria seems to be nervous, although I am not particularly used to women. However, I stretched my back, stood up straight, and began to walked with dignity as her master should.

T/N: This chapter certainly had a lot more to translate, than the previous two. Phew! at-least it’s done, right?

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 2

Episode 2

One week has passed since I have come to this world. Initially I thought this was a dream, but apparently it isn’t. I have come to understand one thing in th<is one week. The name of the town I am currently staying is called Bureto located on the Angel continent.

T/N: I suck at names like I previously mentioned, so if anyone can come up with something better here you go: “アンゲル大陸のブレトという街だという事”

I now know the value of the coins in my leather bag. And I have now become an Adventurer.

The town of Bureto seems to be a walled in city, with a large stone wall spanning the outer circumference of the town. There is a town roughly in the center of the Angel continent, that has the same name, also located in the Angel Kingdom. The coins that they use goes as follows: Copper coin, Large copper coin, Silver coin, Large Silver coin, Gold coin, and Large Gold coin. By the way 1 copper coin is equivalent to 1 Gal, and 1 large copper coin is equivalent to 10 Gal. Here’s a list of what I found in the leather pouch on my hip:

6 copper coins

8 large copper coins

3 Silver coins

1 Large Silver coin

3 Gold coins

This was a total of 31, 386 Garu. After living here for one week, I can only infer that 1 Garu= 100 Yen. If I was to convert all of that into Japanese Yen I would have roughly 3 million yen, in my leather skin bag. Scary.

T/N: I Don’t know why the currency is called Gal, or even if its a correct TL. So if anyone would like to enlighten me, be my guest.

The present cost of living is alright, but I have zero income, and if this keeps up, all of my funds will in turn reach 0. Looking for a new source of income I found the job of an 『Adventurer』would be a good source of income for myself. An 『Adventurer』is an occupation that handles or completes job assigned to them from a guild. Obviously they do monster subjugations, but that isn’t everything that they do, sometimes they have to help out in construction projects, or even look after public work projects. Moreover, when you register at the Adventurers guild they will ensure that the request are legit. When I went to register, I noticed that this is an entirely different world than what I was used to.

First of all, in this world 『Occupational category job』exists.

When I went to register, I registered as a『Swordsman』. Apparently this was determined inherently.

It’s possible to change the job category I have even though it’s determined at birth, but that would take a long time.

Also in this world there are those who are deemed 『Sub-human』, they’re called Demi-humans, and they belong to the non-human tribes.

The best surprise I had in the week was that I obtained『Divine Protection』. This was surprisingly confirmed when I went to the Adventurer’s Guild to register. I think this was a present from a God. It looks like very few people receive『Divine Protection』as a gift. Also those who have『Divine Protection』seem to have their abilities improved in certain areas. On the guild card that I have received, it is written 『Divine Protection』as a general term, but only those who posses the ability truly know what it means. Even though I have『Divine Protection』, I wonder what it is….


Hibiki Jinno       Lv. 1 Swordsman        16 years old

Physical Strength  300(+100)

Muscle Strength     75(+25)

Agility                   75(+25)

Intelligence            150(+40)

Luck                      225(+75)

[The Divine Protection of the Battle God] Rise status of combat job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target   Party

[The Divine Protection of Wisdom God]   Rise status of magic job (large)   Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of carpenter God] Rise status of production workers (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[The Divine protection of Healing God] Rise status of sacred job (large) Impossible to overlap    Target:   Party

[Divine protection of judgement(Appraisal) God] Able to check the status of anything.  Target:    Myself

[Divine protection of a trade(Merchant) God]  Effect: Makes trading advantageous.  Target:  Myself

[Divine protection of light]  Effect: Cures all abnormal status effects. Target:   Who I designate


Wow, I feel like a cheat character. When I check their parameter status like muscle strength and agility, there seem to all have a “+” added to them. I don’t understand their original abilities, but I do know that they are in numerical values that can rise. For now there doesn’t seem to be any other threatening parties in the town’s vicinity.

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 1

Episode 1
Divine protection of many Gods


Hibiki Jinno was just an average high school student. His grades were average.

Jinno suddenly felt very dizzy on his usual way home. In one moment he felt so dizzy that he closed his eyes momentarily, but when he opened them he was in an unfamiliar world. With just a glance he knew immediately that this is a different world. First, there were two suns in the sky. Looking around he noticed that there were lizard looking people and people with animal ears walking around and talking.

“Where am I, did I fall a sleep?”

When Jinno surveyed his surroundings, he noticed that the roads, floors, and building were all made out of stone. This looked just like a medieval fantasy to him.

“Hey, you! Get outta my way.”


There seems to have been a horse drawn carriage behind Jinno, it could no longer proceed on its way since he was blocking their path.

“I…I’m sorry. I’ll move out of the way.”

Although I was feeling flustered, I immediately moved out of the way.

“Seriously, what a country hick!”

The driver of the carriage starts leaving, but not before he makes a snorting sounds, and drives off. I could only stare at it as it drove off.

“Where on Earth am I?”

Almost answering his own question, he noticed that his clothes matched those around him.

“What are these strange clothes?”

In one word, they looked like adventure’s clothing. Like the ones in a videogame. Looking carefully he noticed a sword on his waist. On the other side of his waist, he noticed a small leather bag containing 20 small coins. Perhaps this is the currency of this world.

“First of all I’m not penniless yet, but what will I do inorder to survive now.”


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