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Chapter 2: Magical Beast (2)

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter, although there were a few parts that through me off, oh and by the way hope you like the scenic view you all will see from them cliffs. I hear that it’s quite beautiful around this time of year. Don’t blame the translator, blame the author he wrote the story ahahahaha!

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Chapter 1: Magical Beast

Chapter 1: Magical Beast

*Going with the original authors writing when talking about MC, BUT I will take a few liberties and changes things up if it sounds much better depending on the situation*

It has approximately been 550 days since I have been living in this cave. I’ve been staring at  the characters I carved out into a wall. It resembles snow leopard because of its white and black fur along its body. This magical beast already looks like the size of a snow leopard back on Earth, but I was amazed to learn it’s still far from its adult size. Staring at beast in front of me I poked its nose with my finger, to its dissatisfaction open its eyes and stared at me pouting. With a tail twice as long as its body, going pesi-pesi as it sways, against my body. Without looking back at me, it wound its tail around my neck, as I silently caressed the beast’s neck. Immediately the magical beast began to make a goro goro sound from it’s throat purring like a cat. Look at this, one would say that this was a ridiculous exchange, but to them it was usual. After their first encounter kurodo decided to name this magical beast, Yukishiro.

[TL Note: 雪白= Yukijiro which means snow white, and  ゆきしろと= Shiro which means snow water/ melt water. Actual name for the beast is 雪ゆきしろと in the raw for those of you wondering.]

Since it couldn’t be helped I had to stay inside the cave, kurodo did not have to think the present food problem, he had to think about preparing himself thoroughly. Being stranded isn’t as difficult as one would think unless I go outside, and it would be easy to imagine that the Japanese in this world since it was said that this place is more dangerous. Therefore, kurodo decided to dedicate himself to learning as many skills as he could from the magic textbook. I decided to practice magic along with physical exercise in order to improve my physical strength. After all, in the center, it is a magic technology, though, because the body does not seem to be able to do such a specialized thing. Then kurodo decided to reading the magic textbook as long as there was light peering into his cave, but once that light diminished he would then practice what he had read.


I fainted.

When I got up while feeling light sharp pain throughout my whole body, I passed out and entire day. I did not see my watch to confirm this. I retired myself to the depths of the cave slowly and fell to sleep while feeling sharp pains all throughout my body. Skimming through the lesson is quite dangerous. The next morning as soon as I woke up, I grabbed the textbook within my hand, while feeling the chilly air all around me. Not to mention the lesson I learned yesterday, I felt a sense of impending crisis, just as the cold encroached upon me. Taking out a piece of my ration bread, I looked at the book’s table of contents and preface chapter, kurodo read it from corner to corner, read it again, and again, then finally practiced it.

[TL NOTE: I wish this author would chill on the run-on sentences, and make it more clear as to first-person or third-person, when referring to the MC.]

[Small flame]

[TL NOTE: It said small fire, but thought small flame sounded better.]

This time I fainted with a headache.

The fainting and a sharp pain caused me to have a headache, the headache itself wasn’t the problem, kurodo felt fatigue and muscle pain from using magic without hesitation. As a result, I wasn’t able to clearly define my intentions for the chant, therefore I wasn’t able to control how I wanted to discharge the magic.

What if all the excess of a human’s life force was pooled together wouldn’t that be called magic power, but when you use it then its called magic. kurodo then inhaled a deep breath, almost as if he was drawing in the energy to maintain all life. His body that had felt a sense of crisis made them faint to it to intercept the supply of magic to the outside that kurodo had permitted compulsorily. Tricking his body into thinking it had an insufficient amount of lifeforce to maintain itself, his body began to increase the amount of lifeforce.

Kurodo felt invisible plankton like things greedily absorbing the surrounding magic power, suddenly feeling his own magic power rapidly rising to its peak, he fainted.

Kurodo quickly stands up. This time he felt slight back pain and a slight ringing in his ears. Looking at his wristwatch he noticed that this time not a whole day had passed, this time roughly only 3 hours had passed.

And again,

[Small crimson flame]

Around the same time I felt a pang in my heart, I fainted. However, I continued this 10 more times, each recurring time the duration of my fainting kept getting shorter, I then dug a small hole in the middle of the room, making a makeshift hearth, in the middle of the heart was a small fist sized red flame burning proudly. It’s concretization of the lowest-class fire spirit, and it’s an almost commonplace occurrence, that a resident of this world uses for their cooking. Kurodo learned from this experience that magical spirits manifest themselves as natural phenomenons in this world as long as you provide them with enough magical power. Kurodo who finally succeeded with his first magical chant, began to immerse himself in more magic related things.

I got up in the morning and looked outside for a change of pace, then I began to continue practicing magic, and fainting. While Kurodo spent everyday practicing, without him realizing it the snowstorm outside already ended. It was around this time the scratches on the wall he used to count days reached 180 in total. Kurodo then destroyed the soil covering the entrance to his cave like usual before a meal. After having succeeding in manifesting an earth spirit, he was able to repair the wall before retiring for the night now much easier than before. It was the only thing he could summon with his current understanding of magic.The morning light made its way across the sky marking dawn. Kurodo closes his eyes and smiles facing the dazzling bright light. It was his first time experience the direct rays of sunlight after such a long time.

After opening his eyes he began to look around the mountain side. On a rock bathing in the sun’s rays, there laid a magical beast that really resembled a snow leopard as usual basking in the sun. When the magical beast slowly raises its head, I can see its white head without any patterns, unlike the mixture of patterns from its neck down to its tail. As a whole, there are few spots that are blacker than a snow leopard. A pair of ash golden eyes that quietly watches me from a place considerably away, It seemed to be filled with pride, not even worth bothering to acknowledge an existence such as myself. Noticing that this is a trivial matter not worth anything, it begins to lie back down stretching it entire body on the rock, acting as if nothing ever happened.

It was a wild animal that mesmerized Kurodo. During those 180 days, the  snowstorm occasionally became lighter. Whenever Kurodo looked outside in the morning he always saw this magical beast there. At first when he looked into the beasts eyes, his body became stiff thinking that he was going to be eaten, but after repeating this for several days now, it became a normal thing in his morning routine. But it might have gotten used to Korodo watching it. Still it was a fact that neither of them approached each other.

There are various opinions, but, according to the definition of the magic book, the magical beast seems to be called that because it can use different forms of magic. After several generations of its ancestors trying to cast magic and infusing themselves with magic power, after being passed down through its generations, it became a species that could practice magic. Life force are universally spirits of the dead that dwell within anything living whether it be trees, insects, and even man, each one of these only have one life force dwelling within them respectively. It could be called another [ Heart brain].

*[TL Note: Literal translation is Heart Brain from “『心臓脳』”, anyone have any other English friendly suggestions.]*

A human being was also an apparition of a living person if I saw it in a wide sense and possibly might be a magical beast? Monster – apparition of a living person whom there is no room for all negotiations reduces a stomach and does it and changes in quality and embodies it. The natural disaster, Even existence was universally different from the enemy of the living thing. It cannot be said that all the devil beasts can negotiate, but there does not need to be no room for all negotiations like a monster.

In fact, among a magical beasts and Kurodo such as the snow leopard, a mutual noninterference bond was built silently between the two. Maybe it was because Kurodo did not have the power to offensively attack it. Kurodo never even considered the possibility of hunting the snow leopard for its thick fur to keep warm in this cold environment.

In such a mutual non-interference of relationship, maybe because he wanted to see this magical beast Kurodo looked out every morning, is it his entertainment of the day, in the confirmation of the presence of another person other than your own perhaps it was because of this.

Shaking out of fear of the outside world, or shaking with excitement in anticipation of an adventure, or was it only due cold?

Kurodo didn’t have an answer to his own question.

But in order to find out the answer for himself, he first has to go outside first.

*TL Note: going forward should I call life force “命精” just plain old mana going forward?*

Prologue 2- One Person Alone Rises Up

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MC name is Hasebe Kurando

2- One Person Alone Rises Up

The Kurando noticed that he was standing somewhere else as the wind passed by his cheek. I opened my eyes, and immediately found myself in a cave due to the light shining. A white and blue world extended as far as my eyes could see, coming from the direction of the light. The Kurando ran up to the entrance of the cave unintentionally, as he tried to witness the spectacle before him.

I felt in the depths of my nose, there was an irritatingly strong and unpleasant smell, the cold air pricked my skin, but in the back of my mind I paid no attention to it. There was endless sky and peerless white mountains. Something crossed the sun, as I looked up, something that was very big flew that didn’t look like a bird. A white creature that looked like it belonged to the cat family, had a strangely long tail, as it strode along  a ridge on an opposite mountain.

It felt like I was relinquished from all my past obligations. There was the deep emotion that everything was able to have abandoned even the pride, even the prejudice, even the salary, even the decency, even the position, even from it even, although even the inconvenience was able to imagine the trouble.

Kurando felt cold. Kurando still had on the clothes he was wearing from when he was working as a janitor. A long sleeved black v-neck shirt, with gray working pants, a white towel to wipe things, a cheap analog watch, dark blue boots, aside from them he wasn’t dressed for a snow-covered mountain top. Kurando went back to the depths of the cave while having the feeling that it was going to be hard to leaving this place.

kurando found a big moss-green rucksack laying down in the passage when he returned. Kurando remembered that the mysterious voice told them to prepare. When he remembered the scenery outside, the white space where he heard the mysterious voice, only then at the moment he finally understood that he did indeed travel to a different world.

Kurando decided to sit down for the time being. He decided to casually stick his hand into the rucksack, and found that it was empty. He figured that there might be enough food or water rations for at least one year, surely enough there was no food, but there was even a knife,and a basic magic textbook there even as he continued to rummage through the bag. Kurando has sudden thoughts as he rummages through the bag. What is food exactly? Is it rice, or is it a biscuit? Or is it bread? Just as he thought about that something similar to a long stick suddenly hit his hand. When he reached in and took it out it was something similar to a loaf of French bread. He was able to guess that this was his portable ration.

[TL Note: Yeah the author right here uses a weird sentence structure to describe food. Also it threw me off when it said he couldn’t find any food or water in the bag, yet finds a loaf of French bread? lol wut…]

[I need to eat]

Kurando’s slightly depressed voice echoed throughout the cave. As he looked at the bag he deduced that contrary to its outer appearance, this bag could probably hold a ton of items within it.

Kurando put everything else away in his bag besides his knife, swung it around his shoulder and stood up. It looked like daylight was running out outside as it proceeded to gradually become darker. Before it became absolutely dark he needed to find a bed. He proceeded to walk through the cave with his knife ready in his hand. The width of the dim cave is about 2 people wide, as for the height of the cave Kurando had an over head margin of about 30 centimeters considering he is a little below 170 centimeters in height. The walls in the cave did not have moss growing on them at all almost as if they were brand new, and there was no smell except for the smell of soil.

There were some signs that Kurando didn’t notice either. Still he advanced to the depths carefully as far as he could do it. Fortunately he arrived at the innermost part of the cave without encountering someone or something else inhabiting this cave as well. There was nothing but an empty space back there, which was about the size of a  6 tatami mat room. That night he went to bed once the dim light from the sunset no longer entered the cave. He might have been defenseless at night, but Kurando sleep in a serious manner.

Kurando awoke to what sounded like roaring at dusk. It seems to be a little chillier than last night, even though it was cold last night I was able to sleep more or less comfortably. Kurando stood up slowly opening his sleepy eyes, as he stared at the light coming into the cave. From what he could see at a distance looked to be that of a blizzard outside. Besides that, the morning light definitely made its way into the cave slowly. The temperature began to fall as he made his way to the entrance of the cave, ironically helping wake Kurando up even faster. After taking 10 step outside the cave, Kurando became extremely cold and decided to turn around and head back into the cave.

He quickened the pace of his steps and he scurried back into the cave. Kurando had learned the hard way. That if he wants to live, he will have to preserve in this environment where death lurks at every corner. Also that there was no way to avoid this, unless he wanted his final outcome to be a miserable death. Kurando returned to the small room in the back of the cave, reached into his rucksack, and took out the magic textbook, which was thick as an encyclopedia, as he began to hungrily devour the knowledge within it. Fortunately the quality of the paper is comparable to that of an encyclopedia, not the number of pages. The letters within were pretty easy to read and understand as well. Kurando then began to study, since his very life did indeed depend on it.


Prologue 1- My Hope That Was Crushed

*Major typo every time you see my type the word warehouse person the MC name is actually Hasebe Kurando I was TL the kanji and not his name my bad.

Oh yeah this was the surprise I was talking about during my announcement post/rant…

1- My hope that was captured

Behind Sakuragaoka High School, a Janitor, Hasebe Kurando, three teachers, and tens of students, were gathered during a campus festival, were all suddenly summoned.

In an instant, the world was covered in a bright light entirely.

Immediately after the bright explosive flash, everyone felt as if they were floating.

In the next moment that previous feeling of floating disappeared.

Even the blinding light that attacked everyone’s eyes faded away.

After feeling a sense of relief the warehouse worker slowly raised his eyelids. The students began talking amongst themselves, as the three teachers were shaking trying to calm themselves. Strained voices full of confusion and tension gradually raised their concerns.

Where are we?

Why are we in such a place?

When will we be able to go back?

【People tossed about interstice of the world】

Something that sounded like a voice resounded in my head.

It was calm and mysterious. It even quieted down the previously lost and confused teachers and students.

【Unfortunately, you all have been summoned. 】

I was able to understand what it said. Even though I heard what it said, I couldn’t understand the meaning behind it.

【In another world different from this one, it is written that someone inexperienced overflowing with talent, gambled with summoning heroes to their world actually succeeded in doing so 】

【I can’t prevent them from summoning you all, since the Earth is no longer under my management, also I don’t have any control over the world you all are being summoned to either】

【Now then, since you are all traveling between worlds due to a summoning, I can’t really intervene at all, since the whole thing is pretty ambiguous】

Teachers tried to further raise their voice of concern, but were interrupted.

【After this the world you are all going to be going to is not entire controlled by humans like on Earth. There are unimaginable amounts of danger lurking everywhere】

Everyone felt as if there was something in their throats hindering them from making any sort of noise. Just like when you were a small child, being scolded by your mother for misbehaving.

【I don’t know anything about that world’s language, it doesn’t have any military power either, none of you possess magic, you all will be hopelessly powerless 】

The voice unexpectedly softened.

【Throwing you into such a place I can’t bear it.Therefore I will grant minimum power to you all. First, you will be able to adjust to that world’s language 】

Everyone began to glow in a blue hue.

【Then, I will grant you the power to protect yourselves and your friends 】

A mass of light began to shine in front of everyone, then slowly began to take the shape of a sword.

Everyone naturally reached out and grabbed the one in front of them.

【Then, go, my children. I hope at the very least you all will remain healthy】

My child? Without any time to think about what I heard, everyone’s body began to shine bright. It almost feels like we were being pulled somewhere. It was at that time. The sword was taken away from the hand of the warehouse official. And without even blinking a person disappeared while running. The back of a first year…. I didn’t even know his name. I only managed to remember his face somehow. He was unyielding and very high spirited. It was rumored that he was the President’s son. I remember hearing about it because it was the talk among all of the teachers. Otherwise, I might have not remembered his face either.

【Foolish. Now everyone before you head off I wish you peace of mind.】

While listening to the overpowering voice, my eyes made contact with the gym teacher some distance away, surprisingly he looked like he was happy and giving off a wryly smile, just as he disappeared. Similarly other students and teachers disappeared while having a similar appearance on their faces.

Sakuragaoka Senior High School, first-year students 25, second-year students 25, third-year students 25, 3 teachers, and 1 Janitor, 79 people in all were all summoned from Earth to another world.

【……  Ah, Pitiful children. I am deeply sorry.】

The warehouse person had not flown yet.

One person had been left behind in the  white space all alone.

【Since only one sword (power) exists per person, I cannot give you another one.】

TL Note: This paragraph gave me hell trying to decipher it 【一人につき一つしか存在しない剣(ちから)ゆえに、そなたに新しい剣(ちから)を与えることはできません。あちらの世界に降りたってしまえば、魂に定着してしまった力は取り返すこともできません。ここは全ての存在が曖昧になっていますから剣(ちから)を盗むなんてこともできましたが、本来の、存在の確たる世界ならば人が人の才能を奪うことができないように、剣(ちから)を盗むこともまたできません】anyone willing to give it a shot, be my guest.


I didn’t TL the last 5% of this chapter because it was really useless dialogue between the voice and the warehouse person trying to be compensated for his sword (power) which was “stolen” somehow. Eventually Hasebe Kurando gives up and is finally teleported with everyone else and end of chapter. I mean it was literally paragraphs of them going back and forth and decided it didn’t help with the story line and decided to axe it. Hope you guys don’t form an angry mob and try to burn me at the stake over this, hope you can understand and forgive me.


Again if anyone wants to check the raw and confirm the MC name that would be terrific, because I looked, and looked, and looked and didn’t find it. Knowing my luck it was probably right in front of my face and I failed to realize it.

3. Alternate World’s System

After defeating the wolf, I examined my surroundings.

There were a 2 corpses that looked as if wolf had torn them up.

Searching the bodies I obtained some food and utensils.

There was no sense of guilt. I could say it was necessary to survive, but it’s more like my feelings were numb. My thoughts were abnormal. My body trembles, while I think of nothing, but doing my best to survive.

I took everything I could take.

Perhaps, because they were all things that this corpse felt were necessary to have [here].

I put on the gloves, I also replace my shoes with the corpse’s leather ones. I put the cloak over my sweatshirt and hung the waterskin at my waist.

I stuck some oddly shaped knives (they are probably for throwing) between my belt and jeans, and held a one handed sword in my hand.

(TLN/NOTE:the brackets are the author’s here not mine. In the future I won’t comment on when this happens and I’ll try to tag all my comments)

But, while there were two corpses I was alone. There were many things I wouldn’t be able to take.

When I thought I was all set, I gave a short prayer to the dead.

(TLN:lit. I put my hands together towards the corpse(s))

With unburned shoes I was able to move better, my eyes pass where the wolf suddenly vanished.

The large sword is lying unceremoniously where it fell.

There would be uses for the large sword, but as it weighed around two times as much as the one handed sword, carrying it around was not pragmatic.

When I had given up on the large sword, a strong glitter reflected across my eyes.

It was a green jewel that was glittering with green light.

(TLN:seems weird to me but it’s what it seems to be saying. ie, it is a green stone giving off a green light)

Among the corpse’s belongings, there were many such gems.

Currently as my things were heavy enough as is, I decided the package would endanger my life needlessly, so I didn’t take it.

However, this stone’s color, it resembled the color of the wolf’s fur.

In the back of my mind I thought: In this world there a things that remain after the creatures disappear, I guess this stone is one of them.

It was sentimental.

Perhaps there was a sense of affinity was created because we were both attacked by the same people.

I picked up the stone, shoving it in my pocket.

[So, What to do?]

Everything was ready.

Even if a hostile creature appears, there is a way to fight back.

I needed to decide whether I would [wait] or [move].

The cut on my leg was shallower than I had thought (I probably reflexively pulled my body back). But even though the pressure stopped the bleeding to some extent, it would still be troublesome to walk.

If I moved, the bleeding would no doubt increase, and I would lose a considerable amount of strength. In addition it would be putting my life in danger.

Only, it’s certain waiting would be terrible.

My recent experience was too terrible to wait for someone to help me.

Monsters, as well, but more than anything what took root in my heart was having been attacked by those people I’d asked for help.

Therefore, I decided to move.

[Can I use the sword like a cane as I walk?]

I take the sword and check to see how it feels.

(TLN:Saying “I tried it out” would probably still be correct, but when I’d like to remain closer to the original wording when possible)

It’s not very suitable as a cane.

[I wonder if there isn’t something better, meaning a [tool]]

While I said so, I also looked around and —



(TLN: –Items Empty– was like that from the start.)

I saw a [Display] in the air.

[Eh, what … …, Eh?]

My confusion increases.

The sense of unreality increase.

A dry laughing voice comes forth.

Like an afterimage stuck to my retina, it is clearly a [Display]. Even changing my line of sight doesn’t cause the [Display] to disappear from my view.

[Ha, hahaa, Just — ]

Just like a [Game].

It definitely seemed a little like that, after all. (TLN:kept getting ワード as word, but I think that what I have is right.)

Fantasy. Labyrinth. Monsters. giant insects, a giant wolf. Adventurers, the swordsmen, the magician’s flame. Post Death’s, the light and gem.

All fantastical things, but things that can certainly be found easily in a game.

My complexion had inverted, ashen faced I surrendered clinging to such a delusion.

I accepted it immediately.

I found it easy to accept it at this point. Like in a dream, I felt far away from that point of view. Even though my fear had lessened, I still wanted to run away.

[I, If it’s like that, first, my status. Please [Display] it]

For now, I hoped the words were appropriate.


Name: Aikawa Kanami HP:04/51 MP:72/72 Class:None

Level 1

Str: 1.01 Vit: 1.03 Dex:1.01 Int:4.00 Mag:2.00 Nat:7.00

State: Confusion:1.01 Bleeding:0.52

Experience Points:805/100


Iron one-handed sword

Clothes from another world

Elven Cloak

Leather Gloves

Leather Shoes

7 Enchanted Throwing Knives —

(TLN:Okay this was half easy half painful. Mag could be Charm, and Nat is Nature or character so it could be Willpower or Spirit. At this point I just can’t be sure.  As to the throwing knives, it seems to be something like spell mark containing throwing knives. Spell-marked or Curse Marked could work and might be a better choice, still roughly the same.)

[Oh, It became Japanese.]

For some reason or another the [Display] somehow managed to respond to my muttered complaint.

It’s a little more awkward than it was in English, but it’s more important that I understand it, so I kept reading it in Japanese.

First and foremost I was concerned about the [Items Empty] from earlier. Taking it frankly, currently, it’s perception was that I did not have anything.

[U~n. I’m carrying things like dried meat and water among other things … …]

Nevertheless, It was like this.

— Item

Empty —

(TLN: property/belonging/baggage but as it was written Item in English earlier I am sticking with that.)

I checked it again, however it seems I still have nothing.

[Well, I get the general idea. As a game enthusiast … …]

In short the point is whether or not the conditions are met.

Like a game from my youth, there was an inflexible condition for it to be there, and I have not met it.

[Equipment are probably those I’m wearing directly and that can influence a fight. So to speak, things that influence parameters … …]

Then, things aside from those, should not be considered equipment. In other words, wearing, is not what I should have done to have them.

[I wonder if there isn’t an infinite bag or something like that?]

I checked the things I was carrying again.

A bag ..? I try putting things in and out of my empty pockets in various ways.

Nothing happens.

[Well then … …]

Insert Insert Insert e~ … … .

I tried holding up the dried meat in the empty space, as an experiment.

The space easily distorted and bent, swallowing the dried meat.


I withdrew right away.

It was a viscerally terrifying sight to bear. However, I fear that it’s likely that this is the correct answer.

[Okay, [Items]]


Dried meat 1 —

[Hahaa, Yeah, what an amazing game.]

The laughter, was half in fear and half because of the success.

However, with this I was able to grasp the rule of [Items].

It was possible to store things somewhere by holding them up in the air with the intention of putting them in.

[With this it will be much easier.]

I decided to scavenge for food and tools a second time.

[Items] other rule’s are checked through trial and error, as I hold the objects in the air one after the other.

Incidentally, the adventurer’s corpses, and small insects didn’t go in.

Whether it was too big, or a living thing, it seemed to reject on some sort of condition.


3 Dried Meat

2 Waterskins

2 Hemostatic Medicine (TLN:I very much want to use Coagulant.)

3 Oil

1 Numbness Needle (TLN: I get this most often but I can’t help but think Anesthetic Needle or something like that)

2 Antidotes

1 File

1 Large Sword of Oria (TLN:オーリアの大剣 might be O’leary’s Large Sword)

1 Leather Gloves

1 Leather Shoes

1 Cloth Clothes

1 Wooden Bow

1 Iron Knife

1 Unmarked Arrow

1 Lighter

1 Smartphone

4 Pebbles

1 Branch

12 10th Rank Magical Stones

3 9th Rank Magical Stones —

Incidentally, the lighter and smartphone I inserted into [Items] after confirming the safety of depositing and withdrawing things, were from the jeans I was wearing. Immediately after finding it I tried communicating with the smartphone, but naturally it could not connect. Even so, the time has deviated several years from the last time I checked, so it was probably broken by an impact. However, the light and clock functions worked, so it was saved.

[ It accommodates various … … . Above all, it helps that it names things that I don’t understand well. As a game the degree of difficulty may fall, it helps, but … … ]

Although there was dissatisfaction that the unit was ambiguously represented by a “1-9”, when it displayed as [Antidote] to that which I could only see as a powder, my face spontaneously relaxed.

[Still, there are many things to try SO–]

[―― ~Tsuu~uu~agaaaaaaaa!!]

When I thought I would seriously try it out from now on, a beast’s roar echoed through the corridor.

[That, I’ll test it out later.]

As the circumstances had been too good I had forgotten, I was still in a maelstrom of danger.

Using the high priority [Hemostatic Medicine] ( as I didn’t know it’s usage I smeared it on the rinsed wound. ), I began walking away from the roar using the sword as a cane.

I did not hurry, so as not to burden my body, listening attentively to the surroundings, I advanced.

When reviewing my status it seemed the bleeding has eased and HP is recovering naturally.

Feeling like the danger to my life had passed a little, I felt relieved as I continued to walk.

2. One on One Against Each Other

The cold blade passed through my thigh, making it burn with a blazing heat.

[U, uaa!]

I cry out as I fall on my rear, understanding I’ve been sliced by a sword.

“A Solo in our trade! Everybody, fall back. Let’s leave the monster to him!”

(TLN:not sure here it’s lit. To blame another, but I’m taking it as let him deal with it.)

The man leading gave an order to the others nearby.

I wasn’t able to understand what he said. I did not want to.

The woman with the can looked at me as she passed, saying nothing.

The man who was blown away along with the rest of the people gave me a chilly look, as they walked past me in silence.

In the end, following them, the huge wolf appeared before my eyes —

[Ua, aaaaaaaaaaaah!!]

In terror, I jumped to the side.

A sharp pain runs through the cut in my thigh, so I fall awkwardly.

Meanwhile the other people reach a safe area.

So the wolf turn towards me who is nearest.

My thoughts race. Various ill feelings sweep over me. I recall my life up until this moment.

And then —

— Skill [???] activated itself.

Mentality will stabilize in exchange for some feelings.

Confusion was corrected by +1.00 —

(TLN:I thought this meant Confusion reduced by 100%, or Confusion Resistance was increased to 100%. Chapter 3 seems to indicates this is not necessarily/exactly the case)

Some sort of [Display] floats in my field of view. This isn’t the time, I didn’t intend to try and understand it.

However, together with the [Display], my emotions have cooled down.

My rushing thoughts have calmed, and my ill feelings have vanished, since it’s like this I am able to concentrate.

My left leg is cut so I don’t use it, so I can only stand on my right one.

At the same time the wolf attacks me.

The wolf pounces, and I jump vertically backwards.

However, it’s not enough, the wolf is overwhelmingly fast. Even the brawny man from the earlier battle wasn’t able to follow the wolf’s speed. As it passes, the upper part of my right arm got cut by it’s nail.

Then, I heard the people who reached a safe area speak.

[Alright, right here! Attack! Block the path!!]

I got a chill.

Not only was the wolf a threat, those people were my enemy too.

They made me bait, as they ran away; but even that wasn’t enough –!

Following the chill, I glanced behind me, roaring flames covering the entire corridor were approaching me.

The huge wolf also noticed it. But it was too late. The huge wolf had jumped up trying to bite me to death so it was unable to avoid it.

Naturally, I was also too slow.

Damn, those guys! I too, will get burnt!

I curse in my mind.

The roaring flame explodes around us, so as to burn everything.

As it happened I jumped back as far as I could, covering my head with both hands.

The wind from the explosion struck my back, and blew me away.

The flames scorched my body. I could feel my whole body burning.

A maddening amount of pain rushed to my brain.

Through the pain, I maintain a thought.

I sustain my willpower, with frustration and hatred.

After being blown away I am flung against the ground, opening my eyes slowly I look around.

The flames which had filled the entire corridor vanished in an instant … like magic.

However, in the direction that the people had escaped there was a beautiful wall of fire.

[Wh, wh, a~~~]

That, was that their aim.

I wasn’t able to get the words out of my burnt throat.

And now the path was blocked by a wall of fire, I reflect on that for a moment before slowly realizing that only the huge wolf and I remain.

The wolf also recovered and stood up at the same time I did.

(TLN:it’s more like standing up after being knocked down, then it’s wounds healing.)

However, it seemed to have been showered with more flames than me.

Disregarding the size of it’s body, in the end because it sprang, leaping over me, it probably received more damage than I did.

It’s weakened.

The wolf’s breathing was rough, and it seemed to be staggering.

But, it’s eyes shone brightly.

It’s will to fight hadn’t withered at all, It growled as if to say [Even wounded a wolf is fearsome] and stepped towards me.

Like the wolf I resolved myself.

I had been blown to a good location. It seemed the wolf couldn’t see it, but behind was where the large sword that the warrior used during the earlier battle fell. If I can use it in a surprise attack, however small there is a chance of victory.

Having decided that, I immediately turned around, running at full strength.

As I turned around, I caught a glimpse of the wolf leaping towards me,

A sharp pain ran along my left thigh, and an alarm echoed loudly in my mind.

Nevertheless I ran. The feeling of my leg faded as I forced myself to tread the ground.

I can’t grasp the timing. I’m unable to predict the wolf’s approach.

I picked up the large sword, promptly, I turned around swing the large sword down.

The large sword was so heavy I wasn’t able to support it even with both hands. Nevertheless I bet everything and followed through with all my strength at once.

With a raw dull sound, I saw that the large sword was buried in the wolf’s neck.

[Yatta —-a, a, gua!]

(TLN:Yatta = I did it, the rest SFX I don’t know but think are like panting after exerting oneself. Left it as Yatta because it fits the scene better than I did it or Did it, and Yatta should be common enough that most will have some understanding of it.)

The large sword gouged into it’s neck, the wolf leaned into my body.

I was able to barely avoid it’s teeth and nails, as the 2 meter bulk lean.

An incredible weight is applied to me, my stomach contents flow backwards spewing out of my mouth.

Even though it’s neck was torn open, the wolf still tried to kill and eat me.

Opening it’s mouth, the wolf tried to swallow my head. My fading awareness returns, and I dodge by twisting my body to it’s limit. Doing so had even caused the large sword to gouge further in.

[U, Uooaaaaaaaa!!]

I used both hands intending to drive away the 2 meter bulk.

And, feeling a slight gap, I slip out from under the wolf.

Feeling the large sword not gouge any more, I let it go I take some distance.

The wolf did not follow me.

No, I’m going to do it. However my body won’t move.

The wolf has lost a lot of blood, it’s body was burned, it’s appearance was ragged. But I couldn’t be careless.

But, looking carefully I could see the turn of events.

One of the wolf’s eyes was burnt, it seems unable to see.

An arrow is pierced deeply into it’s hind leg, it’s limping.

The large sword has probably reached it’s windpipe. It made a whistling sound as it breathed.

It was clearly in worse condition that I was.

[–aaa, You … …]

The words spill out own their own.

The wolf advances towards me while dragging the large sword.

As a precaution, I move to the blind spot created by it’s scorched eye, to avoid being seen.

Not long after, the wolf collapsed.

Then, the wolf disappeared as it was covered in a faint emerald green shimmer of light.

With a clanging sound, the large sword and the arrow fall to the ground.

[Eh … … ?]

Yes, it vanished.

The corpse did not remain, it vanished in a light like an illusion.

I was stunned at the sight.

After the wolf disappeared, a glittering green stone remained.

— The title [Shinsui of the beginning] has been acquired.

Strength has been adjusted by +0.1 —

(TLN:『深翠の始まり』is the title, best MT was Shinsui of the beginning.)

-Day one


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1. I wandered into a different world labyrinth

It’s dark.

So dark that there isn’t any sense of light at all.

I began to feel uneasy as I smelled something rank. The smell of blood is so strong that it hurts my nose. I almost felt like throwing up.

I jumped up with wide eyes shocked by the nastiness.

[-tsu!!] (1)

A dark corridor comes into view.

Even though it shouldn’t, light vaguely seems to radiate from the stonework.

Surveying the area there was a small altar enshrined behind me. Looking carefully I can see that the altar is so weathered it’s on the verge of collapsing.

It is a small stone table that has the remains of two candles on it. It appears an animal hide has been placed as an offering, stuck there by an arrow.

[What’s this … …]

I muttered.

As I often speak to myself, the words spilled out naturally.

[I don’t understand … … Something feels wrong … …]

(TLN:Might be I don’t feel good not positive)

Repeating the words my heart rate changes greatly. It rises.

I literally don’t understand. I can’t understand this situation.

I went to sleep, didn’t I?

(TLN:not positive one this one it could be more like “I’m not asleep, am I?”)

However, there is no warm bed here, neither is there a noisy mechanical alarm clock nor any morning sunlight spilling through the curtains or light from a lamp’s light bulb.

Only a cold, unsanitary stone floor. A stench that hurts the nose and a few creepy stones that faintly emit light.

I feel sick … …

I covered my mouth and waited for the nausea to pass.

I heard a roaring sound in the distance.


It was a senseless wailing.

It seemed like a sound a wounded beast filled with killing intent would make.

[– Wait, wait, wait.]

I remarked unable to understand. Because I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t even know what I’m saying. (Maybe I don’t know what to say.)

In a panic, I begin to run in the direction opposite to which roar was heard.

I run through the stone corridor.

I turned several times, annoyingly the scenery doesn’t change no matter how far I run away.

Along the way I feel something strange and hear a squishing sound.

I feel something squish into the tread of my shoe, so I check the sole of my sneakers.

There is a fist sized insect in it’s death throes —

[U, Uaaa tsu!](3)

I cry out at the terrible sight.

It’s not that I am especially afraid of insects. But in a city surrounded by concrete I have never run into such large ones, so I retreated from such a viscerally disgusting insect.

The insect cries out. In the same way a dolphin cries out for help.

I feel a chill and look up. My gaze turns towards the next corner.

Something with the visage of a person sized insect peeks around the corner.

A size common sense says is impossible.

It’s body makes a ‘gichi gichi’ sound, as it’s angular insect-like limbs move. At first sight it’s near a stag beetle in appearance. However it’s abnormal size and shape push my sanity to the edge.


I can’t make another sound. If I do, the monster is likely to jump me, my only choice is to run the other way immediately.

I run and run and keep running.

Without thinking about where I am going I just keep moving.

I keep running until I run out of stamina and breath.

Then I come to my sense a little.


A beast’s angry roar.

It’s closer this time. I had foolishly returned to where I had escaped from.

I suddenly go pale, as my body stiffens.

However, being closer to the roar, I was able to pick up other sounds too.

It was the sound of people speaking.

[– tsu, — tsu!!](1)

As though walking towards an invisible light I headed towards the source of the voice.

My mind spun, another person, [People] I hoped.

The sound of the beast is also getting louder, but by approaching I become able to hear the person’s voice clearly

[Close in! Close in, it’ll work this time.]

It’s the low voice of a mature man.

A man giving orders to people who are nearby.

The scene was like one from a fairy tale.

a person wearing leather armor, like those in museums, wielding a bow. A rustic person swinging an iron sword forcefully. A person firing fire from an untechnological wooden staff.

Such unrealistic people were fighting a roughly 2 meter tall wolf.

I didn’t have enough courage to join the battle.

So I stopped in the distance, but I couldn’t stop looking at the fight.

[This time we’ll make, we’ll succeed somehow! Persist!]

The man who seems to be in charge gives directions to the warrior with the large sword.

The warrior drew back his large sword, and tried to slash it down. But the large wolf expected it, and rammed into him with frightening speed. The warrior was blown away like a rubber ball.

Because it avoided the sword blow the wolf turned it’s attention to the female wielding the wooden can that produced fire. Noticing this the other man broke formation in order to defend her.

The wolf followed his movement.

The fight had drawn closer to me.

I became panicked. I was also terrified.

If I had remained calm, it’s possible that I could have moved.

But I could only just stand dumbfounded.

And, my eyes met those of the leader, who was wielding a short sword.

[N~tsu, you, who are you!?](4)

The man shouted at me looking terribly surprised.

[I, lost my way– , please help!]

I promptly requested assistance.

And I slowly stepped towards the man.

My speech was broken, but the meaning should have gotten through.

It should have, but the man’s response was terribly cold.

[Help, thats –. You stupid?]


It wasn’t exactly an acceptance or a refusal.

The contempt that said that such a request was outrageous was basically the answer.

The usual me would notice that was the case.

That these people can’t afford to. That their character doesn’t possess such kindness. It was impossible not to notice this because of the dangerous beast, or from their equipment and the weapons they held.

Presently, I wasn’t able to think that far.

[It’s a Labyrinth, in the ‘Lawless Area’ even. Prepare on the surface, brat.]

(TLN:lit. unmanaged/unrestricted area, I may need to come back and fix this as the story goes on.)

The man continued with words that were even colder.

And the man coldheartedly cut my leg with a stroke of his short sword.

Many thanks to Indra for helping me with all of these onomatopoeias!

(1)tsu:SFX/Onomatopoeia. I think it’s like letting out a deep breath

(2)Uoaaa:SFX/Onomatopoeia. Seems to be a howl or roar of some kind

(3)Uwaa:SFX/Onomatopoeia. Small cry of shock or disgust I think

(4)N~tsu:SFX/Onomatopoeia. Not positive, a grunt followed by a ‘tsu’?

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 10

Takami no Kago Episode 10

*100% completed*

In the morning of the next day, Mr. Kuresuto and a woman who already finished the traveling preparations were waiting for me in an open space close to the east gate of the meeting place.

“Good morning. I’m sorry to have kept you all waiting.”

Since we decided that we would leave in the morning, we just didn’t set an exact time. In the first place owning a watch is very expensive, so only rich nobles and merchants can afford one. Mr. Kuresuto looked over at me and smiled before he was about to say something.

“Don’t worry about it, we only arrived a short while ago. It’’s not a problem. Thank you in advance from today onwards.”

“Likewise, Thank you as well.”

“So, she’ll be the guide from this point on. ”

“Hello my name is Poroia [ポーロイアです].”

“Hi, I’m an adventurer. My best regards. And this is Aria another member of my party.”

“My best regards.”
-TL: I think this is Aria who said this, since there was no subject specifically mentioned, and she was mentioned in the previous line.

Aria quickly finished her greeting in a few words. It seems that her communication with others is still a bit weak. It seems that she seems comfortable with talking to me and Lily. After all she would seems a little tense when meeting someone else for the first time.

“So will we be leaving now? Yeah, I already have the carriage waiting for us outside of the East Gate.”

Looking at the carriage by the East Gate, it seems that there is no one in the driver’s seat. It seems that Mr. Kuresuto himself will be driving us.

“Doing business in Wereo Village has to be done directly and I can’t bring that many people with me.”
-TL: This dialogue confused the hell out of me?

[Jade Fabric] tends to generate tons of wealth. That’s why he is trying to limit the information surrounding it. We’ll probably be have to be very careful even after the request is finished. I still think that it’s very mysterious how all of the previous people to do this ended up dying.

“Why did you make a request such as this so last minute. Why did you want to employ us adventurers who have very little experience act as you gaurds.”

I try questioning Mr. Kuresuto a little bit.

“Hmm. Because unlike the people before you I can trust you.”

“Why would you say something like that?”

“Merchant’s intuition. If I had to say something, its because I don’t feel your desire in having the [Jade Fabric] from you as much as the others. Normally such a narrow minded person is only thinking about making short-term profits. But I have already confirmed your intelligence just from talking to you.”

“I will try to fulfill your expectations of me.”

Its not that I particularly want to have the [Jade Fabric]. I thought about what he said about me as the type of person who doesn’t really care about the value of it. I think its probably due to my nature. After a while we were finally out of the city, and currently heading towards the forest Aria and I always go to. As we slowly approached the familiar forest Aria opened her mouth as if she wanted to say something.

“Master, it appears that someone is being attacked by monsters ahead.”

It makes sense that there would be monsters in this forest. I don’t know if the person being attacked is a merchant or a traveler. I should probably inform Mr. Kuresoto about this and see what he was to say.

“It looks like it can’t be helped. Im sorry about this but I’m going to fight that monster.”

“Are you sure?”

I usually wouldn’t put myself in harms way just to help someone else being attacked. Considering I was requested by the Adventurer’s Guild to be this merchants bodyguard it can’t be helped.

“I think this would be a perfect opportunity to see the extent of your abilities. Of Course I will give you an additional reward if you battle it.”

“Fine. Aria do you know the number of opponents we’ll be facing?”

“There are most likely 5 of them.”

“Alright then, if thats the case you should guard the carriage then. I’ll come back when I’m finished with them.”


I walked forward alone leaving guarding the carriage to Aria. The horse drawn-carriage greatly reduced its speed. Leaving the number of people guarding the carriage dropped to zero would seem unacceptable. Aria should be able to tell if the course of the battle changes to my disadvantage, and only then would she step in to help. I discovered the group of monsters around what I presume is an abandoned carriage.
Goblin Lv.4
Standard variation

Its a [Goblin]. It seems that the things that attacked that person were these fellows. There was equipment scattered everywhere in tatters. It looks like he is a situation where he couldn’t escape even if he wanted to being surrounded by 5 goblins. Is that a woman I see. Their skin color was green and stood about 120cm in height. They have a tattered cloth around their waists. It looks like that’s the standard for them. In this fantasy world I would compare them to slimes. Goblins are by no means strong monsters. If someone fought them alone they would probably win, even if they weren’t adventurers. However Goblins are not monster to be reckoned with. That’s because they’re almost never alone, they fight with elementary strategies such as decoy and pincer attack while fighting as a group. In addition they tend to prefer human females over their very own females of the same race. Their gestation is extremely quick, as well as their fast growth. It takes them roughly 2 weeks to reach adulthood. Meanwhile, I proceeded to cut down one goblin from its backside, since it’s a monster disliked most by the female adventurers.


There were three left after my surprise attack. Of course I don’t stay in one place after being detected. The second goblin charges at me from its previous position. I cut off one his arms as he charged at me, and then avoided the rest of his attack by quickly maneuvering my body in time to doge. Now there are only two left. Now the fight is two against two, although it would be cruel if they attacked the female near me. Immediately the Goblins who were taken back by my surprise attack quickly try to recover themselves.

“Aria now!”
-TL: Where did she come from? I thought she was guarding the carriage, unless I miss translated that part?

I quickly look behind the goblins. The two quickly look behind themselves. I can’t overlook such an opportunity. I quickly seized my sword with both hands, as I quickly stepped forward, and sweaped my sword from one side to the other, ending up decapitating both of their heads at once. One can force their way through a fight relying on stats alone, but I used my experience from fighting monsters in the forest. Using a feit as an attack is very effective for monsters that have the same level of intelligence of Goblins. I could have fought a little better if Aria was here and we worked together instead.

“Are you okay?”
“Y, Yes. Thank you for saving me from them. Wait, Its you!?”

“Um? Do I know you from somewhere, oh you’re that female in the Adventurer’s Guild from yesterday.”

Whoops, I remember that it’s the mysterious alchemist I checked that stats of.  But this is an unnecessary thing to say so i’ll withhold that piece of information.

“Ah, yes. I remember you now.”

“Its probably because you’re a cute girl. But didn’t I remind you to be careful last time?”

Emily tried to explain while her face became extremely red.

“You, you think I’m cute!? Oh, I am sorry. I absolutely needed the money…”

“For the time being do you want to head back to your wagon.”

Just as I was talking to her the wagon I’m being paid to guard pulls up.

“Are you alright master?”

“Yeah, there were five goblins. Aria you were right.”

Aira’s ability to accurately detect and predict roughly the number of enemies is amazing. Oh but, there are a few marginal errors in the identifying the exact number, though she wasn’t able to detect if it was a human, demon, or another beastman. It still is very beneficial when you’re searching in the woods.

“I dealt with the 5 goblins easily. I used my experience and abilities.”

Kuresuto looked very impressed as I spoke.

“I was only able to make a surprise attack, since she was being attacked by them.”

I tried telling them about what happened in as much detail as possible.


Poroia seems to be worried about Emily since she was attacked and is a female as well.

“Ah, err… I’m fine. Thank you for having you help me.”

Emily bowed her head slightly as she spoke.

“This far is good enough. I will be alright…”

She began to head back into town after she finished talking. Surely Emily will be able to make it back into town after only an hour of walking since she didn’t get any major injuries from the attack. It will talk her 15 minutes to get out of this dangerous forest. After all this is supposed to be a highway even in the forest or out of it monster rarely appear let alone attack people. I was able to confirm the short sword Emily was using crumbled into pieces.  It looks like Emily was not accustomed to fighting with a sword. Since walking alone without a sword is rather dangerous, I gave her one of my spare swords instead. She still wouldn’t readily accept it without some persuasion.

“I don’t need it you should keep it.”

“Then this is a loan, Swords are very expendable so you don’t need to necessarily return it. You can give me something else in return. I’m an adventurer. I usually head to the Guild just about everyday. Contact me when you’re ready to repay your debt to me.”

In the long-run gain favor with an alchemist goes a long way.

“Yes, sir. I’ll return it without failure.”

Emily says that as she heads back into town.

“Then, shall we continue our departure?

The carriage began to move due to Mr. Kuresuto’s command.

Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 9

Takami no Kago Episode 9

TL note: The dialogue and some of the translations in here are a bit rough, so please forgive me for that. I did the best with what the MT gave me. Other than that Enjoy!

The next day, I went to the Adventurer’s Guild receptionist desk to confirm that I will accept the previous request, but found a strange guy. He kept walking back and forth between the request board and the receptionist desk, he also wore a slightly dirty robe that hid his face.

“Who is that person?”

After staring at this person for a while, I decided to look at their status.


Emily [emī]  Lvl. 3  Alchemist  Age: 14

Endurance: 200

Strength: 35

Agility: 45

Intelligence: 90

Luck: 75

『Curse of Production Obstruction(or)Inhibition』

Effect: A curse is applied to the things produced from this individual.

Target: Herself (Manufacturing)


Ara, it’s a 『Curse』.

However the job category of an Alchemist is rarely seen in the Adventurers Guild. An Alchemist is a type of job that allows them to create anything. Alchemist can make necessary [Potions] which every adventurer needs whether its to cure an abnormal state or a buff, and it’s possible for them to create accessories with special effects. Alchemists can’t make weapons or armors because that is the job of a『Blacksmith master』or just old plain             『Blacksmith』. Alchemists are able to give weapons and armors special effects after they have been made. Needless to say, the effects you get are only slightly better than the ones you already get if they were made by a 『Blacksmith master』.

“However, having a [Curse] that affects production quality seems to be fatal.”

Initially an Alchemist is not a combat related job, but since that curse affects their livelihood it would help explain why they’re currently at the Adventurers Guild. But then again those with a [Curse] are rarely seen at an Adventurer’s Guild.

“Excuse me, are you an adventurer?”

“Indeed I am. Are you different?”

Emily seemed to be surprised by my response. I don’t know why she thought I wasn’t an adventurer.

“If you end up exhibiting such strange behavior in the Adventurer’s Guild, one would think you’re a suspicious person.”

“But, might you perhaps be an adventurer from another town.”

“I don’t look like an Adventurer since I came from another city. With that being said I probably look like a rookie adventurer.”

Usually adventurers start “adventuring” in the place they were born in. They do this on purpose because they usually don’t get any benefits starting out in another town anyways. Also if they do their adventuring near the town they were born in most of the monsters have already been seen or heard of at least. Then in order to test their skills when they become full fledged adventurers they go to other towns and try their luck. In other words the person in front of me can’t be an adventurer from somewhere else. I decided to talk to Emily, while thinking that it has only been about 1 month since I became an adventurer.

“Oh is that so. Well I’m not technically an adventurer yet since I haven’t finished my registration yet.”

“Really? If that’s the case then you can go register yourself at the receptionist desk, because you won’t be able to choose a request until you join.”

I feel like an annoying person trying to tell her what to do.

“Thank you very much. Where is the registration desk ?”

“Over there by the receptionist desk.”

I pointed over to the counter where Lily was at.

“You’ll need to pay 10 Gale [Yen] for the registration fee, so be prepared to do so.”

“But I don’t have any money!”

Wait a minute, what kind of country-bumpkin sheltered female are you. Wait, isn’t it rude for me a person from a different world to think like this ?

“You only have to pay for the registration fee. There is no end to the people who end up registering half-heartedly, even the guild card isn’t free.”

I think that it’s a fair price to only pay 10 yen for both registering and getting a guild card. But if you want to get your card reissued it will cost 100 yen(Gale).

“It can’t be. Even with all the money I have on me I only have 10 yen(Gale).”

Don’t junior high school students carry roughly 1,000 yen on hand.

“Well, you could give up on a request if you find it impossible to complete.”

“I, I absolutely need the money!”

“How much?”

“…15 Gold coins.”

“Well, that’s impossible. As far as I know the only way you could get 15 gold coins fast will have to be if you were able to complete a dragon subjugation, since that is the only request with 15 gold coins as the reward.”

“I heard that Adventurers could earn money. Its okay if I don’t earn all of the money at once!”

This girl, dreams of being an adventurer.

“Even if you compare the earnings of first-rate adventurers to average ones, they certainly make more. But, that isn’t the only reason they earn that much money.”

Even though I have just started adventuring, my body still aches from it. The most I can make a day even with my “cheat” abilities is about 1 gold.

“B,but, I know I will.”

“Well, in the case of killing monsters, its feasible if you claim the reward and sell off any loot you gain from killing them.”

But I think 15 gold is too much.

“I understand. Thank you very much.”

Emily turns and walks toward the receptionist desk looking uneasy. Is she alright ?

“This might sound unreasonable. I won’t be back here for about 10 days due to work, when I do come back I would like to make arrangements with you.”

I faced her, and waved my hand towards Emily where she lowered her head, and I left the Adventurer’s guild. I’ll be leaving for Wereo village tomorrow. It is necessary to begin making preparations. I already made previous arrangements with Aria, in order to hasten our travelling.


Divine Protection of Many Gods Episode 8

Takami no Kago Episode 8

The merchants office was located near the West Gate of the city, just off the main street.

『Kuresuto Company』

“Is this it ?”

The town of Brett is in the center of the Angle continent, but the capital city of the Angle kingdom is on the west side of the continent.

The East side of the Angle kingdom is treated as a frontier, so it clearly has more monsters inhabiting this side as well has far more monster’s surprise attacks. The west side of Brett is mostly where all of the noble live in.

I don’t see anything wrong with the high-class [Jade Fabric] goods.

“Master, the guard in the merchant’s office is glaring at us.”

Aria looks like she was half-crying when she said that. I have never set foot in the West District where nobles live in. Probably because of anxiety Aria grabbed my sleeve and didn’t let go of it.

“It’s all right. we are probably stronger than that guy over there anyways.”

I confirmed the guards stat’s, and their levels are 2 and 3.

If they had such strong guards in the first place, why would they request the Adventurer’s Guild for help. Do I have to make a request to the guards in order to speak with the merchant.

“Um, we’re the people sent from the Adventurer’s Guild. Is Mr. Kuresuto home?”

The clients name was Kuresuto from the Kuresuto Company. In other words he would be the owner of this place, and the guards employer.

“Why do you need to speak with Mr. Kuresuto?”

Guard A seems to be looking down on me with a very condescending attitude. Guard B is only glaring at me with his eyes, what’s up with these hostile guys.

“I am here about the request Mr. Kuresuto made to the Adventurer’s Guild. I asked you if I could see him because I wanted to confirm this matter.”

From a civilian’s standpoint, this merchant is very wealthy and does business with prominent aristocrats. I should listen to what he has to say before I open my mouth. I shouldn’t really worry about this, except I need to be polite when I have to get my point across. In a very Japanese-like manner Hibiki politely spoke to the guards.

“I didn’t hear anything about a visitor coming. Go home.”

Guard A is trying to force me to comply using his intimidation. I’ll go home if they continue to be this persistent.  I decided that would be the best course of action.

“Anyway, since I just rushed over here, you might have not been informed that I was coming. I’m sorry, but could you please check again?”

I can only hope that they pass this on to Mr. Kuresuto if they refuse to check, because I’m going home if they refuse. In a moment guard A declared without any hesitation.

“I won’t do it now. Come back later.”

“I see well then, please forgive my impoliteness for today.”

Since he said so, I turned around and was about to head home.

“Wait a minute. Are you the adventurers sent by the Adventurer’s Guild?”

There was a stout man around the age of 40, with nicely tailored clothes on, standing at the entrance of the building.」

“I’m sorry about what happened to you earlier. Even though you’re an adventurer you’re as polite as a noble. On the contrary, as for our guards.”

This man was glaring at guard A while he said that. When guard A noticed the glare his face went pale.

“I, I’m very sorry sir!”

“I’ve had enough already. You will receive your punishment later. I was almost about to lose this relationship with this adventurer directly because of your actions.”

“Th, This can’t be!?”

“Shut up. Be silent and go stand over there until I say otherwise!”

After that guy said that, he urgently welcomed Hibiki into his mansion.

The inside of this house seemed to be overflowing with expensive furniture and priceless goods. However, that way it was all arranged inside made it not look distasteful. The inside of this house almost give off a feeling of nobility in it. Just like that Aria and I were guided down the hallway into the meeting room, and were quickly prompted to sit down on a sofa to begin the interview.

“This is the Kuresuto Company’s chamber of commerce. First of all, I have to apologize about the way you were treated earlier.”

“Er, don’t worry about it. He was just doing his job properly.”

“I’m happy when you say it like that.”

“I would like to talk about the matter you were making a request about more than that.”

I said that, and Kuresuto[Crest] nodded.

“The request states that we have to guard your wagon carrying your goods. Which will take approximately 3 days for us to reach Wereo village. We’ll stay in Wereo village for 2 days, while you purchase the good, and escort you back to Brett.

It’s about 6 days long round trip. Making it 8 days if we included the 2 days we stay there. It’s our first time traveling, but I think we’ll be alright.

“I understand what the request is saying. Although there are things I would like to confirm with you, the most important being. We are looking forward into making Brett our base of operations. Even if we go with you to Wereo village, we don’t know anything about it, or even where it’s even located.”

Mr. Kuresuto [Crest] made a gesture as if he was thinking, then slightly nodded. I don’t think he’ll have any problems.

“I have someone from Wereo village right here in my chamber of commerce. We could ask her to guide us while we are traveling so there wouldn’t be any problems.”

“I understand. But so far you have judged 4 pairs of adventurers so far and they have all failed, but how would you say we did?”

I only said that because I hate being rejected. And I would rather confirm it ahead of time as opposed to waiting.

“Of course. If an adventurer has a [Divine Gift] and acts just like nobles, then there’s no problem.”

Hmm, looks like the four set of adventurer’s that came before me were all disqualified for arguing with the guard outside. I think the test was to see if you could act like a nobleman instead of acting like a barbarian, while talking to the guard. It is also most likely that the guards outside were deliberately instructed to act like that to any adventurers coming for this request. Looks like they really don’t want anyone to be causing problems for them in Wereo Village. Even though Mr.  Kuresuto [Crest] seems like a good person, he is still a very wealthy merchant, who also deals with a lot of prominent noble figures, so he obviously doesn’t want anyone causing trouble for him.

Throughout this discussion Aria hasn’t said one word, except for when she made a difficult face.

“Are you okay Aria?”

When I talked to her, she made a relieved face and affectionately clung to me.

“What a relief. You’re still the same as ever master.”


She seems to have been confused because of the way I was talking drastically changed especially when I was speaking to the guards. It seems my humble way of talking looked rather ridiculous to Aria. I thought about what happened and decided to explain to Aria that depending on the person I was talking to, I had to adapt my speech to fit them and the conversation. Looks like she still doesn’t understand, looks like we should go to bed soon.

“At times it is necessary to humble oneself!”

The next morning I could see Aria talking to Lily about what I explained to her last night. I told you, it was a secret last night.