Chapter 1 Magical Beast Link

You can read the chapter below by clicking on the word “Enjoy”. Now that summers here and I have a lot more free time on my hands expect more releases. All I got to do now is figure out a schedule and stick with it.

*Also I have a few question for you guys the reads in my TL Note so please take the time to read them and answer them in the comments below.*

-Just a quick question: Anyone know how Ren on wuxiaworld does his releases with the initial post, which includes a link to the actual post. Kind of like of GGP does on Gravity?



8 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Magical Beast Link”

    1. 1. Create ‘Pages’ with title ‘Janitor-san’, insert toc in this page and publish.
      2. Create ‘Pages’ with title ‘Chapter 1 – title chapter’, insert the chapter post, select parent page with ‘Janitor-san’ and publish.
      3. You can post the link with ‘Posts’ from dashboard.
      The link will be ‘’


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