Prologue 2- One Person Alone Rises Up

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MC name is Hasebe Kurando

2- One Person Alone Rises Up

The Kurando noticed that he was standing somewhere else as the wind passed by his cheek. I opened my eyes, and immediately found myself in a cave due to the light shining. A white and blue world extended as far as my eyes could see, coming from the direction of the light. The Kurando ran up to the entrance of the cave unintentionally, as he tried to witness the spectacle before him.

I felt in the depths of my nose, there was an irritatingly strong and unpleasant smell, the cold air pricked my skin, but in the back of my mind I paid no attention to it. There was endless sky and peerless white mountains. Something crossed the sun, as I looked up, something that was very big flew that didn’t look like a bird. A white creature that looked like it belonged to the cat family, had a strangely long tail, as it strode along  a ridge on an opposite mountain.

It felt like I was relinquished from all my past obligations. There was the deep emotion that everything was able to have abandoned even the pride, even the prejudice, even the salary, even the decency, even the position, even from it even, although even the inconvenience was able to imagine the trouble.

Kurando felt cold. Kurando still had on the clothes he was wearing from when he was working as a janitor. A long sleeved black v-neck shirt, with gray working pants, a white towel to wipe things, a cheap analog watch, dark blue boots, aside from them he wasn’t dressed for a snow-covered mountain top. Kurando went back to the depths of the cave while having the feeling that it was going to be hard to leaving this place.

kurando found a big moss-green rucksack laying down in the passage when he returned. Kurando remembered that the mysterious voice told them to prepare. When he remembered the scenery outside, the white space where he heard the mysterious voice, only then at the moment he finally understood that he did indeed travel to a different world.

Kurando decided to sit down for the time being. He decided to casually stick his hand into the rucksack, and found that it was empty. He figured that there might be enough food or water rations for at least one year, surely enough there was no food, but there was even a knife,and a basic magic textbook there even as he continued to rummage through the bag. Kurando has sudden thoughts as he rummages through the bag. What is food exactly? Is it rice, or is it a biscuit? Or is it bread? Just as he thought about that something similar to a long stick suddenly hit his hand. When he reached in and took it out it was something similar to a loaf of French bread. He was able to guess that this was his portable ration.

[TL Note: Yeah the author right here uses a weird sentence structure to describe food. Also it threw me off when it said he couldn’t find any food or water in the bag, yet finds a loaf of French bread? lol wut…]

[I need to eat]

Kurando’s slightly depressed voice echoed throughout the cave. As he looked at the bag he deduced that contrary to its outer appearance, this bag could probably hold a ton of items within it.

Kurando put everything else away in his bag besides his knife, swung it around his shoulder and stood up. It looked like daylight was running out outside as it proceeded to gradually become darker. Before it became absolutely dark he needed to find a bed. He proceeded to walk through the cave with his knife ready in his hand. The width of the dim cave is about 2 people wide, as for the height of the cave Kurando had an over head margin of about 30 centimeters considering he is a little below 170 centimeters in height. The walls in the cave did not have moss growing on them at all almost as if they were brand new, and there was no smell except for the smell of soil.

There were some signs that Kurando didn’t notice either. Still he advanced to the depths carefully as far as he could do it. Fortunately he arrived at the innermost part of the cave without encountering someone or something else inhabiting this cave as well. There was nothing but an empty space back there, which was about the size of a  6 tatami mat room. That night he went to bed once the dim light from the sunset no longer entered the cave. He might have been defenseless at night, but Kurando sleep in a serious manner.

Kurando awoke to what sounded like roaring at dusk. It seems to be a little chillier than last night, even though it was cold last night I was able to sleep more or less comfortably. Kurando stood up slowly opening his sleepy eyes, as he stared at the light coming into the cave. From what he could see at a distance looked to be that of a blizzard outside. Besides that, the morning light definitely made its way into the cave slowly. The temperature began to fall as he made his way to the entrance of the cave, ironically helping wake Kurando up even faster. After taking 10 step outside the cave, Kurando became extremely cold and decided to turn around and head back into the cave.

He quickened the pace of his steps and he scurried back into the cave. Kurando had learned the hard way. That if he wants to live, he will have to preserve in this environment where death lurks at every corner. Also that there was no way to avoid this, unless he wanted his final outcome to be a miserable death. Kurando returned to the small room in the back of the cave, reached into his rucksack, and took out the magic textbook, which was thick as an encyclopedia, as he began to hungrily devour the knowledge within it. Fortunately the quality of the paper is comparable to that of an encyclopedia, not the number of pages. The letters within were pretty easy to read and understand as well. Kurando then began to study, since his very life did indeed depend on it.



16 thoughts on “Prologue 2- One Person Alone Rises Up”

    1. He doesn’t get paid for it though.

      But I agree, keeping the original structure, no matter how weirdly one it is, is better. Third person speech usually describes things that are outside of the MC’s POV and vice versa, so it’ll be even more confusing if you force one into the other.

      There’s only two choices in the poll though, does that mean “sticking to the author’s design” isn’t an option?


      1. Sometimes things don’t translate well across languages in ways that make logical sense. A story is made for entertainment and I personally like to understand what is meant rather than what is said. I think TL should have some degree of control over how they structure and interpret the story. If you want to stick with the Author’s design then read it like it was intended to be read… In there language…


      2. If you want to know what it meant instead of what it said, try the spoilers in Animesuki forum. I prefer the story as intended to be told by the author, and since the option of reading from the original lamguage is off the table, I take the next best thing: Direct translation with little to none of the translator’s creativity mixed in. The obvious reason is that an intepreted version is little better than a detailed summary, especially in this particular case where the understanding of the character is changed by narrative POV.


  1. After reading this chapter, I realized this work must be a pain in the ass. The author keep using ‘Kurando’ and ‘I’ in one paragraph. I don’t know whether I should laugh or cringe.

    Uuh…. Otsukare.


  2. “Do you guys want me going forward to translate the MC point of view in First or Third-Person, in the raws the author switches between the two frequently and it”
    You’re machine translating this aren’t you?
    A mere glance at the raw tells me that the author isn’t switching between third and first at all. And when people make this kind of mistake it’s because they are using a machine that infers a sentence must be in first person when there’s a lack of a pronoun.


  3. I have already realise by now that the novel is machine translated and the quality of the translated novel have nothing to do with the author. The bad english, grammar, sentence structure,etc is most likely the translator’s fault so there is actually no point for the people who read this to actually bash the novel’s story and the author.


  4. "This is true for the majority of the world's female population. Basically everyone except for Europeans and Americans… and it really doesn't matter how dark they are to begin with, they fear that they will turn even da.rtrk&quoe; – Men like lighter skinned women on average, still not having rickets is probably more attractive than any percieved loss of lightness.


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