Monster Musume Harem o Tsukurou! Chapter 3 “Girl, Skill, Magical Power Quantity”

Edited Version

Translated by : Afro (Me) & Indra13 (Senpai)

Editied by : Mimi-dono


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Girl, Skill, Magical Power Quantity

Actual Author’s note: Anyway, today rest
“Well then once more, I am the Headmistress Ivory Maxwell. Nice to meet you, Tsuchio-bou

The headmistress is a grandmother who wears a large robe and put up her hair together. Because there is a cane leaning on the desk, she must be able to use magic is what I’m thinking.

“Uh…. What kind of person enters this academy?”

“Anyone can join as long as they don’t have any sort of criminal record. Well, they also have to be at least 13 years old, Now that you mention it Tsuchio-bou, how old are you?”

“I am 16 years old according to the olden ways.”

“Oh, that fell short of my expectations, I thought you were about 14.”

Apparently since I’m Japanese, I seem to have a baby face. If I went to a foreign country, they probably wouldn’t sell me liquor.

“The entrance examination is in two days. Oh dear, there no need to be so worried, they’re only an inspection of your magic and skills.”

“I understand. That reminds me there was a rule stating that all students are required to stay in a dormitory right? So where will I be staying?”

“Until you get accepted, is it possible for you to stay somewhere else, considering you are getting quite a lot of money from Kisato-bou?”

“Yeah, but….do you know any inn where I’ll be able to stay together with Ruu?”

“Several places will do it. if you give them my name, they will give you various accommodation. The thing that I can help Tsuchio-bou with are just something like that, for the rest of it, please do your best.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”


It seems that the inn the Headmistress introduced me to was an inn for a tamer, you could see a lot of magical beast in there. However there were quite a lot of people that look at Ruu too.

It seems that there are Stone Coin, Copper Coin, Silver Coin, Gold Coin, and White Gold Coin in the Kingdom currency. It seems that the exchange rate is 100 pieces lower coin to 1 pieces upper coin. Since staying in the inn cost 10 piece of copper coin, I think that each coin value are 10 yen; 1000 yen; 100,000 yen; 10 million yen; and 1 billion yen. It’s japanese yen exchange rate though.

For two whole days, I flew through the sky earnestly, while I practiced my magic diligently. I myself am unsure if I possess any magical capabilities, but I wont find out unless I try.

After the two days had passed, once again, I stood in front of the large gate. Besides me standing here, are many other children as well, who also passed through the gate. I also immediately go to take the examination. Alright! But I wonder, can I do it?

Even if I use a false name it would get found out, magic is really awesome thing, huh? By the way, when I read the words of this world they were automatically converted into Japanese language inside my head. And when I wrote in Japanese, the words automatically changed into the characters of this world. Hurray, for convenient-ism!

“Please wait in the lobby, until your number is called.”

My number is… 143 huh? Is that mean I’m the 143th person? Shall I wait in the bench? When I sit down in a bench, Ruu also sits near me and then she put her head in my knee. Because recently I always caressing her head all the time, she seems to like it. Oh well, since she is cute when she close her eyes and *purrr* her throat rumbling so it’s fine.

T/N: she really likes a cat huh? – indra13

While waiting for my turn leisurely, the people in here are increasing one by one. While the bench around me keep on being filled with people chattering happily making an acquaintance, I keep on caressing Ruu. ……Why no one coming to the bench that I sitting on huh?…… Maybe because Ruu are scary huh?….. Just why?




A small girl is intensely staring at me and Ruu from some time ago. Her abundant hair are being let out in front of both of her shoulder and it’s tied up with a black ribbon. Her height is quite short, It’s not even 140cm I guess huh?

“…Do you want to touch her?”

“Is it fine dearimasu!?”

T/N: “dearimasu” is “dear master”

T/C: no, dearimasu is a habit ending sentence like degozaru, gozaru, nyaa, etc^^ – indra13

…..huh? she says -dearimasu? Which genius professor chief inumimi girls are you?

T/N: any idea from what anime, manga, novel, or games all the character that he said came from? – indra13

“Ye, yeah. Don’t touch her head ok? Or she will bite your hands off. It’s better to caress her back from top to the bottom ok?”

“U, Understood-dearimasu…”

The girls caressing Ruu timidly. Though Ruu want to move away when the girls hand touch her, I stop her intention with my eyes. If she act violently right now, my academy live will surely become grey.

“Oooh! It’s so smooth-dearimasu.”

“That’s because I washed her yesterday.”

“It’s warmer than I though-dearimasu.”

“Is, is that so? that’s compared with what?”

This girl keeps patting Ryuu frantically. Gradually Ruu’s moods starts to worsen. If I don’t stop her soon, things could get bad.

T/N: Ruu didn’t like anyone besides her darling touching her body ^^ – indra13

“Ok, that’s the end of it”


The girls hardly separated from Ruu. *reluctantly* She separate herself from Ruu in reluctance. Ruu come to me rubbing her head to mine as if to say “praise me pra~ise me!”.

T/N: kuh… what kind of things she is? soo cuuute – indra13

“She is really tamed huh-dearimasu!”

“That’s because the way we encounter each other are intense…”

“Is that so-dearimasu? …ah, I haven’t introduce myself yet-dearimasu! I am Triss-dearimasu! A dwarf-dearimasu!”

“I am Tsuchio. Nice to meetcha.”

It looks like everyone here is only giving their basic name. I too will do the same.

“It’s my pleasure to meet you-dearimasu, Tsuchio-san!”

“Eh, -san! Isn’t it supposed to be a -dono!”

“hm? is it better to use -dono-dearimasu?”

“Well, it’s better like that I think.”

“Is that so-dearimasu? Then, from now on I will use -dono-dearimasu! It’s my pleasure to meet you Tsuchio-dono.”

T/N: I’ll explain a bit if you’re new to japan. Basically it’s a pattern for anyone that talking with -dearimasu or -degozaru as it’s ends word to refer to someone as -dono, hence Tsuchio is surprised when Tris called him “Tsuchio-san” instead of “Tsuchio-dono”.- indra13

Alright! I don’t know how, but I made it to make the honorific change into -dono. After all, if your end sentence is -arimasu, then the honorific that you should use are -dono right?!

Or rather, did she just say a dwarf right now!? Usually Dwarf girl have a small stature, an abundant hair, and well mannered, but even in this world it was also like that huh?

“Is Tsuchio-dono a tamer-dearimasu?”

“Yeah, since Triss is a dwarf, do you aiming to become a master blacksmith?”

As soon as the topic became master blacksmith, Triss face suddenly became gloomy ……Was it a taboo topic?

“…I came to learn martial arts.Because dwarves posses incredible strength.”

Her gloomy face were last only in a moment, immediately Triss was back to her smiling face. It’s likely that smithing is kind of skill that a talent let us learn I guess huh?

“I still do not know what kind of skill that I have you know. Though I think that I have [Tame] as my skill, I’m really looking forward on whether I have or not any skill other than that you know.”

“Is that so-dearimasu? …Then I will also looking forward to it-dearimasu!”

『Person with number 143rd, please go into room 11th』

It’s my turn. At last I will be able to find out my magical power amount and skill.

“Well then, I’m off. See you later, Triss. Ruu, come.”

“Ah, yes. Do your best-dearimasu, Tsuchio-dono!”

“There is nothing to do my best for, you know. Oh well, you too do your best Triss.”

With Ruu, we head towards the door with 11 on it. Everyone that sees Ruu’s distanced themselves from us as they pleases. I must do something about this, it’s not that important, but it’s for our own comfort.

T/N: I guess Tsuchio think that he must do something to make them not afraid of Ruu so that they don’t suddenly attacking that lovely Wyvern out of fear. – indra13

Because the door is only at the size of a person, I decide to have Ruu waiting for me in front of the room. Since I said to her that it’s okay to threaten anyone that come to touch her, I think no one would dare to make a move on her.

T/N: Overprotective husband, aren’t you? – indra13

When I knock the door,

“Please come in”, a young woman voice came out of it. When I enter the room, A beautiful woman-san who  wear a glasses and gathered her hair in the rear side with a barrette sitting across the desk on the opposite sides. There were a big crystal and A4 sized paper on top of the desk.

“Please sit here.”

I sit down in the chair that’s in front of the desk. What’s this?, this somehow looks similar to a job interview. I could feel the tension.

“First, I will examine your skill, please place your hand on this piece of paper.”

I placed my hand on the paper as previously instructed. After waiting a short while, a figures one after another began to appear on the piece of paper.

“Thi, this is?”

“Because the figures order in which they came out are fast, this means that your talent are still sleeping inside you. In addition to that, the figures color are thick, this means that the talent that sleeping in you are great. We should know what skill you have by the figures shape. This is…. [Tame] huh. Since the colors are thick, it seems to be quite strong huh.”

“Is that so?. Ah, the next one is coming out.”

A different figure came out this time. The color this time is surely lighter than [Tame].

“This is…. [Caress]?”


“It seems that you’re skillful in caressing. Are you skillful in it?”

“You might say it like that ….Since I caress quite well.”

“It’s like that. Skinship is also important if you want to tame a magical beast, so I think it’s a convenient skill you know.”

[Caress] she said…. Something like that are also a skill huh? ….Nah, probably I grind it too much that it became a skill right?

“Are there still any skill that not yet show up?”

“There are a talent sleeping in everyone you know. The average is three talent for each person I guess?”

“Haaah…. Then with this I’m done huh?”

The figure that came out was slightly lighter than [Caress]. No matter how I caressed something it will feels good you know….

“This is… [Magical Hands]”

“[Magical Hands]? What is that?”

“You will be able to manage magical power with your own hands. Have you experience it?”

….When Ruu use [Body Enhancement Magic], I was able to move her magical power and further strengthen her enhancement power. That must be it.

“Perhaps, I have experience it.”

“That’s good if you have. Since if you aware of it then it won’t become a problem when you want to use it.”

“Is, is that so?”

“…..but, [Caress] and [Magical Hands]? …I can say that it’s quite a brutal, ah, no, a powerful combination.”


“It’s only a slip of tongue ok?”

“Ah, there seems to be more skill shown up. Several of the talents are no more than average.”

“Don’t say it like the rest of all of my talents are below average please….”

“Excuse me, it’s my habits. The next one that came out are [Support Magic]. Since the colors are not that thick, it’s better if you not expect it too much.”

“Just like I said before, why the heck did you have to say it in the way that could crush my heart huh! Did I ever hurt you or something!?”

“Excuse me, it’s my habits.”


“Cli… what?”

“N,no. It’s nothing.”

T/N: This conversation are referencing to all the scene where the mc are talking with a girl’s that love talking mean to him, the only example that I can tell you right now are in LN titled Bokushinu v1 ch1 translated by Heretic Translation and the conversation exchange between Ms. Clarisse and Regis from Altina by Skythewood translation – indra13

Do the earth specific phrase won’t get through to the people here? I need to pay attention to what I say because it’s a bother to treated like some oddball.

“With that it’s the end of your skill examination, let’s move on to your magical power quantity examination. Please put your hands on this crystal ball.”
I take out my hands to put them on the crystal ball. I guess if this is a novel story then this is the time that show up that I got an absurd amount of magical power and the crystal ball will be broken up, but…. I don’t have any expectation for such thing to happen you know. After all, there are no magical power in earth right? And also I’m an earthling. Therefore I don’t have any magical power. What a magnificent syllogism!

In the first place, it was a miraculous thing for me to be able to tame Ruu. The next thing that make me able to tame her are my effort.

T/N: This is a novel though, Tsuchio ^^ – indra13

I placed my hand on the crystal ball, after a while the center of the crystal ball began to shine dimly. The light is so weak that it’s like it can disappear at any time. A~h, as expected huh? Live won’t always go smoothly you know.

“…It’s quite scarce, I guess it’s better to say that it’s 0 huh? My condolences.”

“Thanks for your sympathy.”

“You are not surprised by it huh? For it to be this scarce, it’s actually an abnormal thing you know. If your magical power quantity are like this then it will be hard for you to master even a shabby support magic you know. Moreover, it will be considerable harsh for you to use magical beast in a fight with only this few magical power…”

“That’s alright, since I already expected it to be like that.”

“Is that so? Well, since it’s not exactly 0 then you will still be able to use [Magical Hands]. Please do your utmost best from now on since there is also a possibility for it to increase.”

“I will surely do my best since I want to get stronger after all you know. I won’t be able to become a tamer if I’m not strong, even if by chance I become a tamer, but if I were to be a weak person then it’s gonna be an inexcusable thing for me. I will become a worthless master if that were to happens.”

“I will give up on it if it’s me.”

“Right? That’s why I will do my best to become stronger. And I also want to know what I can do in here.”

“(In here?) ….What do you mean by that?”

“It’s a secret. I’m too embarrassed to say it. Well then, thank you very much for your help.”

I said that and leave the room. Well then, since I have made Ruu waiting for me I’d better caress her a lot. Since it seems that I have it as my talent you know. Caress, caress, and keep on caressing so that my talent will grow! If I caressing them even a magical beast will be madly in love with me! …Maybe a girls will to huh?

T/N: You wish! -_- – indra13


Tris wasn’t in the Lobby. Probably, it’s likely for her to be called for an examination. When I returned to the reception desk, I was given a dormitory key and a metal plate that have some number written on it. I’m told to let Ruu live at the Magical Beast Hut.This metal plate seems to be the key for the Hut. Perhaps it was made by a magic. Convenient huh.

First I must take Ruu to the Magical Beast Hut. While I searching for a plank that have the same number with the metal plate, I saw a wolf and an enormous snake in the corner of the Hut. Ah, this is huh?

“Ruu from now on this is your nest. When I am not around, you will spend your time here.”


Ruu obediently goes inside the room. Oh, I thought she would show more resistance… It’s good for her to be unusually obedient.

“Well then…. are you going to obediently lie down and sleep?”


When I’m about to go out, Ruu bite my clothes hemp to stop me from doing that. Just like that *drag* she pulled me in to the center of the room to coil me. This fellow, she won’t let me leave her huh? ….Because we always sleep together until now, for Ruu it’s an obvious thing that we would also sleep together now. However!

T/N: is that mean both of you sleep together in the inn before? – indra13

“Hear me Ruu. I won’t sleep in here. Ruu are the only one that will sleep here.”

“Guru!? Gurururu!”

“Noo, Noooo!”, even if you say it like that… It’s already been decided, I’m also want to sleep at some soft bed…. Though Ruu is soft, she is still lose to a bed.

“Gururu …”

“This is just a place where you’ll sleep at night. During the day we’ll be together…. it should be. So from now on please sleep here, okay?“


Though she considerably reluctant to it, it seems that she is more hate to trouble me than be separated from me for awhile. She separate herself from me while almost cried ….Somehow, I’ve become a detestable guy huh….

T/N: Damn you Tsuchio! How dare you to make that lovely wyvern cry! – indra13

“Once I put my baggage in the dorm, I’ll come back here, ok? I’ll come to see you first thing in the morning, ok? That’s why, please wait for me in here for a while ok?”


When I locked the door, a transparent film like membrane covers the entrance of the room. When I try to touch it *ZAP* it shocked me. The heck, is this an electric fence or something!?…..

“I’ll be back soon. So behave yourself while I’m gone.”


T/N Awww….. poor girl.-afro

Ruu turns around, and begins coiling herself. I will come back as soon as possible……

Note from the Actual Author:

I re-wrote the currency value in this chapter on 11/21/13. Because I wrote this half-asleep, I made various mistakes. I’m sorry.


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