3. Alternate World’s System

After defeating the wolf, I examined my surroundings.

There were a 2 corpses that looked as if wolf had torn them up.

Searching the bodies I obtained some food and utensils.

There was no sense of guilt. I could say it was necessary to survive, but it’s more like my feelings were numb. My thoughts were abnormal. My body trembles, while I think of nothing, but doing my best to survive.

I took everything I could take.

Perhaps, because they were all things that this corpse felt were necessary to have [here].

I put on the gloves, I also replace my shoes with the corpse’s leather ones. I put the cloak over my sweatshirt and hung the waterskin at my waist.

I stuck some oddly shaped knives (they are probably for throwing) between my belt and jeans, and held a one handed sword in my hand.

(TLN/NOTE:the brackets are the author’s here not mine. In the future I won’t comment on when this happens and I’ll try to tag all my comments)

But, while there were two corpses I was alone. There were many things I wouldn’t be able to take.

When I thought I was all set, I gave a short prayer to the dead.

(TLN:lit. I put my hands together towards the corpse(s))

With unburned shoes I was able to move better, my eyes pass where the wolf suddenly vanished.

The large sword is lying unceremoniously where it fell.

There would be uses for the large sword, but as it weighed around two times as much as the one handed sword, carrying it around was not pragmatic.

When I had given up on the large sword, a strong glitter reflected across my eyes.

It was a green jewel that was glittering with green light.

(TLN:seems weird to me but it’s what it seems to be saying. ie, it is a green stone giving off a green light)

Among the corpse’s belongings, there were many such gems.

Currently as my things were heavy enough as is, I decided the package would endanger my life needlessly, so I didn’t take it.

However, this stone’s color, it resembled the color of the wolf’s fur.

In the back of my mind I thought: In this world there a things that remain after the creatures disappear, I guess this stone is one of them.

It was sentimental.

Perhaps there was a sense of affinity was created because we were both attacked by the same people.

I picked up the stone, shoving it in my pocket.

[So, What to do?]

Everything was ready.

Even if a hostile creature appears, there is a way to fight back.

I needed to decide whether I would [wait] or [move].

The cut on my leg was shallower than I had thought (I probably reflexively pulled my body back). But even though the pressure stopped the bleeding to some extent, it would still be troublesome to walk.

If I moved, the bleeding would no doubt increase, and I would lose a considerable amount of strength. In addition it would be putting my life in danger.

Only, it’s certain waiting would be terrible.

My recent experience was too terrible to wait for someone to help me.

Monsters, as well, but more than anything what took root in my heart was having been attacked by those people I’d asked for help.

Therefore, I decided to move.

[Can I use the sword like a cane as I walk?]

I take the sword and check to see how it feels.

(TLN:Saying “I tried it out” would probably still be correct, but when I’d like to remain closer to the original wording when possible)

It’s not very suitable as a cane.

[I wonder if there isn’t something better, meaning a [tool]]

While I said so, I also looked around and —



(TLN: –Items Empty– was like that from the start.)

I saw a [Display] in the air.

[Eh, what … …, Eh?]

My confusion increases.

The sense of unreality increase.

A dry laughing voice comes forth.

Like an afterimage stuck to my retina, it is clearly a [Display]. Even changing my line of sight doesn’t cause the [Display] to disappear from my view.

[Ha, hahaa, Just — ]

Just like a [Game].

It definitely seemed a little like that, after all. (TLN:kept getting ワード as word, but I think that what I have is right.)

Fantasy. Labyrinth. Monsters. giant insects, a giant wolf. Adventurers, the swordsmen, the magician’s flame. Post Death’s, the light and gem.

All fantastical things, but things that can certainly be found easily in a game.

My complexion had inverted, ashen faced I surrendered clinging to such a delusion.

I accepted it immediately.

I found it easy to accept it at this point. Like in a dream, I felt far away from that point of view. Even though my fear had lessened, I still wanted to run away.

[I, If it’s like that, first, my status. Please [Display] it]

For now, I hoped the words were appropriate.


Name: Aikawa Kanami HP:04/51 MP:72/72 Class:None

Level 1

Str: 1.01 Vit: 1.03 Dex:1.01 Int:4.00 Mag:2.00 Nat:7.00

State: Confusion:1.01 Bleeding:0.52

Experience Points:805/100


Iron one-handed sword

Clothes from another world

Elven Cloak

Leather Gloves

Leather Shoes

7 Enchanted Throwing Knives —

(TLN:Okay this was half easy half painful. Mag could be Charm, and Nat is Nature or character so it could be Willpower or Spirit. At this point I just can’t be sure.  As to the throwing knives, it seems to be something like spell mark containing throwing knives. Spell-marked or Curse Marked could work and might be a better choice, still roughly the same.)

[Oh, It became Japanese.]

For some reason or another the [Display] somehow managed to respond to my muttered complaint.

It’s a little more awkward than it was in English, but it’s more important that I understand it, so I kept reading it in Japanese.

First and foremost I was concerned about the [Items Empty] from earlier. Taking it frankly, currently, it’s perception was that I did not have anything.

[U~n. I’m carrying things like dried meat and water among other things … …]

Nevertheless, It was like this.

— Item

Empty —

(TLN: property/belonging/baggage but as it was written Item in English earlier I am sticking with that.)

I checked it again, however it seems I still have nothing.

[Well, I get the general idea. As a game enthusiast … …]

In short the point is whether or not the conditions are met.

Like a game from my youth, there was an inflexible condition for it to be there, and I have not met it.

[Equipment are probably those I’m wearing directly and that can influence a fight. So to speak, things that influence parameters … …]

Then, things aside from those, should not be considered equipment. In other words, wearing, is not what I should have done to have them.

[I wonder if there isn’t an infinite bag or something like that?]

I checked the things I was carrying again.

A bag ..? I try putting things in and out of my empty pockets in various ways.

Nothing happens.

[Well then … …]

Insert Insert Insert e~ … … .

I tried holding up the dried meat in the empty space, as an experiment.

The space easily distorted and bent, swallowing the dried meat.


I withdrew right away.

It was a viscerally terrifying sight to bear. However, I fear that it’s likely that this is the correct answer.

[Okay, [Items]]


Dried meat 1 —

[Hahaa, Yeah, what an amazing game.]

The laughter, was half in fear and half because of the success.

However, with this I was able to grasp the rule of [Items].

It was possible to store things somewhere by holding them up in the air with the intention of putting them in.

[With this it will be much easier.]

I decided to scavenge for food and tools a second time.

[Items] other rule’s are checked through trial and error, as I hold the objects in the air one after the other.

Incidentally, the adventurer’s corpses, and small insects didn’t go in.

Whether it was too big, or a living thing, it seemed to reject on some sort of condition.


3 Dried Meat

2 Waterskins

2 Hemostatic Medicine (TLN:I very much want to use Coagulant.)

3 Oil

1 Numbness Needle (TLN: I get this most often but I can’t help but think Anesthetic Needle or something like that)

2 Antidotes

1 File

1 Large Sword of Oria (TLN:オーリアの大剣 might be O’leary’s Large Sword)

1 Leather Gloves

1 Leather Shoes

1 Cloth Clothes

1 Wooden Bow

1 Iron Knife

1 Unmarked Arrow

1 Lighter

1 Smartphone

4 Pebbles

1 Branch

12 10th Rank Magical Stones

3 9th Rank Magical Stones —

Incidentally, the lighter and smartphone I inserted into [Items] after confirming the safety of depositing and withdrawing things, were from the jeans I was wearing. Immediately after finding it I tried communicating with the smartphone, but naturally it could not connect. Even so, the time has deviated several years from the last time I checked, so it was probably broken by an impact. However, the light and clock functions worked, so it was saved.

[ It accommodates various … … . Above all, it helps that it names things that I don’t understand well. As a game the degree of difficulty may fall, it helps, but … … ]

Although there was dissatisfaction that the unit was ambiguously represented by a “1-9”, when it displayed as [Antidote] to that which I could only see as a powder, my face spontaneously relaxed.

[Still, there are many things to try SO–]

[―― ~Tsuu~uu~agaaaaaaaa!!]

When I thought I would seriously try it out from now on, a beast’s roar echoed through the corridor.

[That, I’ll test it out later.]

As the circumstances had been too good I had forgotten, I was still in a maelstrom of danger.

Using the high priority [Hemostatic Medicine] ( as I didn’t know it’s usage I smeared it on the rinsed wound. ), I began walking away from the roar using the sword as a cane.

I did not hurry, so as not to burden my body, listening attentively to the surroundings, I advanced.

When reviewing my status it seemed the bleeding has eased and HP is recovering naturally.

Feeling like the danger to my life had passed a little, I felt relieved as I continued to walk.


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